How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime? (A Guide)

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Amazon Prime is one of the best premium streaming services out there, so it’s no wonder people subscribe to it. However, because it provides premium content, the company does place limits on what accounts can do. More specifically, they place restrictions on the maximum concurrent viewers on one account. How many devices can use Amazon Prime? Here’s a rundown of how many devices you can use and what your limitations are.


How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime?

how many devices can sue amazon prime
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If you’ve availed of an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you may want to make the most out of it. After all, it’s not exactly cheap to pay for, especially if you’re alone. Hence, you may want to share your account with multiple people and split the bill.

However, is this allowable? How many devices can use Amazon Prime Video at the same time, and is there a restriction? If we’re talking about profiles within the account, then you can create up to six in total.

This allows you to share your Amazon Prime account with six people within your home. Moreover, this also means you can have six profiles with different watch histories and personalized content recommendations.

However, despite allowing six profiles, not all six devices are free to use the account simultaneously. How many users can use Amazon Prime at once? Unfortunately, you can only have three devices using the same account simultaneously.

This means you can’t have all six family members watching at the same time. The other people will need to wait for someone else to stop using the account. In addition, only two Amazon Prime devices on the same account can watch the same video simultaneously. If three people want to watch the same show, one of them will have to watch it later.

When your Amazon Prime membership expires, you cannot view any video from Amazon Prime or Prime video unless you reapply. Alternatively, you can also purchase or rent the title if it’s available.

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Are There Restrictions on Video Downloads?

On a different note, how many devices can I use with Amazon Prime if I want to download the same title? Not all Amazon Video Prime content is available for download. However, you will find a few that do allow for offline viewing. You can download these temporarily on any compatible device like iOS or Android devices or Fire tablets.

However, do keep in mind that there’s also a user restriction when it comes to downloads. How many devices can use Amazon Prime and download the same title at once?

The answer is two. You can only download the same show or movie on two devices at once. If you want to download the same content on another phone, you’ll need to delete your previous downloads on one of the other two devices.

In addition, Amazon sets a time limit for every video you download. You only get 30 days to begin viewing each. Moreover, you have to finish watching the show or movie 48 hours after you begin.

Finally, remember that Amazon restricts the number of titles and videos you can download. This restriction will vary by country and other factors that Amazon does not mention. However, the number of titles you can download will fall between 15 to 25.


How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition?

An Amazon Prime Video account may be a little costly for some. That’s why Amazon also allows users in select countries to avail of the Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition. Through this subscription, you can access all the content you would on regular Amazon Prime streaming.

However, the catch is you need to view all of the content through the Amazon Prime Video app. You can only download the app on Android and iOS, so it’s not accessible through Fire tablets or TVs.

In addition, you can only stream one Amazon show at once on one device. Hence, you cannot share this account with anyone else. The same limitation applies to downloads. You may only download available videos on one Android or iOS device at once. If you want to download it on another phone, you’ll need to delete your previous download on your original device.

Finally, you also only have 30 days to start watching the video you downloaded on your mobile device. Upon beginning the show or movie, you only have two days to finish the title.


What Are the Consequences of Exceeding Allowed Devices?

how many devices can use amazon prime
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When using Amazon Prime, how many users can use the same account at once? We’ve already answered how many profiles and concurrent viewers can use the account. However, are there truly any negative consequences you’ll need to face if you exceed the limit?

For the most part, you shouldn’t have to concern yourself too much about fines or punishments. That’s because Amazon Prime will simply send you a message that too many people are using the account simultaneously. Apart from this, Amazon may prevent you from using the service altogether if it’s already at maximum device capacity.


How to Work Around the Amazon Prime Device Limit


1. Stream Different Titles

How many devices can use Amazon Prime while streaming the same video? There is a two-device limit to this action. As a result, the most straightforward way to circumvent the issue is to coordinate with your fellow users.

Make sure you are all streaming different things if you all watch during similar hours within the day. You can start a group chat and talk to your fellow users about what you’re watching to avoid clashing. This way, you can ensure that three people can use the account simultaneously.


2. Watch the Same Title with Other Users

If you have family or friends that insist on watching the same title, we recommend watching the title together. This way, you can watch the show you want without limiting the number of devices using the account.


3. Share Your Account with Users in Varying Time Zones

Having only three users be able to watch Amazon Videos at once is restrictive. That’s especially true considering Amazon has allowed users to create six profiles per account. Thankfully, there’s a good way to get around this issue without worrying about being forced out of your account.

How do you do this? By simply sharing your account with people who live in different time zones. It doesn’t have to be someone who lives halfway across the world. You can also easily share it with someone in a different state.

The important part is coordinating the hours of the day you and the other users are most likely to watch. This can help you avoid clashing with those you’re splitting the bill with. By using this method, you might not even reach the maximum number of devices if your hours are flipped.


4. Use Other Accounts to Subscribe to Free Trials

Amazon Prime Video allows users to subscribe to a 30-day free trial before they commit to the service. You can take advantage of this fact by using a different email account (with different payment methods) to subscribe.

This way, you can have two accounts that can access Amazon Prime Video, extending the maximum device limit. You can create 12 profiles, watch on 6 different devices, and watch the same show on 4 devices simultaneously.

However, do note that doing this is a little risky. That’s because Amazon can consider it an abuse of their services and policies if they detect what you’re doing. Moreover, this solution is temporary as you will be required to subscribe to a legitimate membership after 30 days. Hence, we don’t recommend using it unless you need to.


5. Subscribe to Amazon Prime with Another Amazon Account

If you have a big family, then the limit to how many devices can use Amazon Prime is especially restrictive. Three devices aren’t a lot if you want concurrent viewing for a family of 6-10. Therefore, if this is the case for you, we recommend using two Amazon Prime Video subscriptions.

Yes, this means you’ll have two pay for two Amazon Prime subscriptions so it’s more costly. However, it’s better in the long run for your family, especially if you like watching concurrently on your phones. This will double the number of concurrent devices you can view on.

Moreover, you can even watch the same title simultaneously on four devices and have 12 different profiles. You can allot one of those profiles to general viewing for whenever guests come over. It may be a costly way to work around the limit, but it will certainly be worth it.


6. Use a Different Account to View Free Content

Sure, there’s a restriction to how many devices can use Amazon Prime at once. However, did you know that Amazon puts out some videos for free? The company does this from time to time as part of its promotions. They also provide free videos with ads to earn alternative income.

What makes this a good workaround is that you can use a different Amazon account to stream the free videos. This will leave your paid Amazon Prime account free to be streamed on three other devices simultaneously. Then you can use another separate, non-paid account to watch free videos.

Of course, this is only applicable if one of the videos you want to watch is available for free. Moreover, it’s only a good option if you’re not planning to view the video offline. That’s because you cannot download free content.

The good news is that people can also use the same account on three devices simultaneously to watch free videos. Hence, you don’t need to create multiple accounts to let three users watch these free titles.

However, do note that you cannot view the same video concurrently on multiple devices. Therefore, each person must be watching different videos if they want to share the same account.


Amazon Prime Alternatives with More Allowed Devices


1. Netflix


Netflix is one of the best video streaming sites you can use as an alternative to Amazon Prime. It’s a great option because it allows for more concurrent users compared to how many devices can use Amazon Prime.

The Standard subscription costs only $14 monthly and allows for concurrent viewing on two devices. However, you can extend that limit to four if you choose the Premium subscription. This costs only $18 and isn’t too high compared to Amazon Prime.

Moreover, the videos you find on Netflix are diverse. In addition to the average American show or movie, it also has everything from anime to Kdramas to documentaries. Of course, the platform has been facing setbacks because some titles have been pulled out of the platform. That’s because production studios have been taking their content to put on their streaming services.

Nonetheless, Netflix still has a plethora of great content from various studios. Moreover, it even has games and famous Netflix Originals like Squid Game. It’s sure to be entertaining to use and watch.


2. Hulu


Hulu may not be the first alternative you think about if you want multiple concurrent users. After all, the platform only allows for two concurrent viewers on different devices. This is true even though you can log your account into an unlimited number of devices.

However, there is a silver lining to this, and that is the Hulu + Live TV bundle. If you’ve subscribed to this bundle, you can opt-in for the Unlimited Screens Add-on. This allows you to access one account on an unlimited number of devices.

As a result, you don’t have to concern yourself with device limitations or coordinate viewing schedules with your family. It’s perfect for large households. However, it will cost you an extra $10 monthly — and that’s on top of your regular bundle costs.

Moreover, the add-on has a few irksome restrictions. For example, the add-on is limited to one home network. Hence, if you’re watching outside your house, you can only have three streams simultaneously. In addition, certain premium channels like HBO still have device limitations.


3. Disney+


Disney isn’t exactly the king of generosity as a company. That’s why it might be surprising to you that it beats how many devices can use Amazon Prime. By default, you can stream Disney Plus on up to four devices concurrently. Moreover, it allows accounts to create up to 7 profiles for families.

This makes it a strong contender, considering the wealth of content Disney provides. You can even access the latest popular Marvel movie once it stops streaming in theaters. Disney is the king of original content and you certainly will not exhaust its library quickly. That’s especially true since the platform has even varied its content to include non-Disney titles.


4. Apple TV Plus


Apple TV Plus is generous regarding simultaneous streams. It completely blows how many devices can use Amazon Prime out of the water.

That’s because you can have 6 devices stream from the service simultaneously. Of course, this only applies if you purchase the standard plan. If you got it for free in a bundle, then you’re limited to only one device.

However, Apple TV Plus does feel kind of lackluster compared to other streaming services. That’s because its library of content isn’t competitive enough. Nonetheless, it is a good alternative if you and your family want to watch its available shows simultaneously.



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Now that you know how many devices can use Amazon Prime, you may feel dispirited. After all, three concurrent streams aren’t always enough, especially for big families. Nonetheless, there are ways you can get around the problem. Hopefully, they’re good enough to serve you and your household’s needs.

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