Concerts in Virtual Reality: Post Malone To Stream Via VR

Virtual Reality headsets will now stream live concerts

Remember the time when we only see virtual reality in sci-fi movies? Fast forward to this decade and the emergence of VR is reaching new heights. Not only is virtual reality present in gaming but it has now become a platform for other forms of entertainment. Movies have adopted a VR approach and are now available in a compatible format. However, what would it feel like to experience a concert via a VR headset?

We might soon find out as reported by the New York Post’s website, one famous rapper might stream his concert via VR. Speaking of post, that rapper is none other than Post Malone, one of the most relevant artists of this generation. Malone is currently touring to promote his “Hollywood Bleeding” album which came out earlier this year.

This concert will be on October 17 in  Raleigh, North Carolina according to the same article. This venture will be following in the steps of the NBA and singer Billie Eilish providing live footage that streamed via a VR headset.



Concerts and Live Events in VR


So how will they conduct the streaming via virtual reality? This whole experience can be accessed through the Oculus Venues app. This app allows users to experience live events happen in from of their eyes. This application is compatible with Oculus Quest and Go headsets. This whole event will be for free and VR streaming will be handled by Supersphere.

Malone followed in the footsteps of another young blooming artist. Billie Eilish performed a concert last month and streamed it live via virtual reality headsets. This event was also handled by the company Supersphere.



The Future of VR

Virtual Reality headsets will be the future of live events
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Virtual Reality might just be the next best thing if you can’t attend events live. Unlike seeing a game on an Ultra HD TV, virtual reality allows a first-person perspective. Also unlike television broadcasts, VR headsets allow users to experience a 180-degree view. This is especially helpful in watching concerts and live sporting events.

Speaking of live sporting events, virtual reality technology is also seeing an uptick in showcasing major events. In the past, virtual reality was used to broadcast the biggest annual game in football. This happened in 2017 when Real Madrid faced off against Juventus in the UEFA Champions League finals.

Aside from football, virtual reality will now see use in streaming NBA games. You will now be able to see your favorite team play basketball as if you’re in the arena. Not only will this option be available in VR but it will also be available in a mixed reality format. To watch NBA games live via a VR headset, you’ll need the Oculus venues app or Next VR. VR streaming will be available at the start of the NBA season. To see the schedule of VR supported NBA games, you may check their website.

VR might truly be the future of live events streaming. This experience might just phase out traditional television broadcasts once the majority can own a virtual reality headset.

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