6 Best Threadripper CPU Cooler For 2024


Are you in search of the best Threadripper CPU coolers for 2023? Look no further! In this article, we will explore and analyze the top six options available on the market today. With the constant evolution and advancement of computer processors, it's essential to have an efficient cooling system to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance. Whether you are a gamer, professional content creator, or a technology enthusiast, finding the perfect cooler is crucial. Join us as we dive into the details of the 6 Best Threadripper CPU Coolers for 2023 and discover the one that suits your needs and requirements.

Overall Score: 8/10

The Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET X9 CPU Cooler is a high-performance cooling solution designed exclusively for AMD Threadripper 3rd Gen processors. With its attractive design and addressable RGB lighting, it not only keeps your CPU cool but also adds a stylish flair to your custom setup. The cooler features 9 tuned copper heat pipes and dual towers, ensuring maximum efficiency in heat dissipation. It also comes with IceGALE ARGB fans that provide a balance between performance and noise level. The cooler has automatic start/stop functionality, creating a quiet environment and reducing power usage. Overall, the Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET X9 is a powerful and efficient CPU cooler for AMD Threadripper processors.

Key Features

  • Attractively designed cooler with addressable RGB lighting
  • Automatic Start/Stop for a quiet and energy-efficient operation
  • Ice GALE ARGB fans with a rigid brass housing for extended lifespan
  • 9 tuned copper heat pipes with complete bond soldering for maximum efficiency
  • Built exclusively for AMD Threadripper 3rd Gen processors


  • Dimension: 5.31Lx5.91Wx6.54H


  • Attractive design with addressable RGB lighting
  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient cooling for AMD Threadripper processors


  • May be bulky and require additional space in the PC case

The Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET X9 is a powerful and efficient CPU cooler designed specifically for AMD Threadripper processors. Its stylish design and addressable RGB lighting make it a great addition to any custom PC setup. The automatic start/stop feature ensures a quiet working environment while reducing energy consumption. With 9 tuned copper heat pipes and dual towers, it offers excellent heat dissipation and maximizes cooling efficiency. However, its size may be a drawback for some users who have limited space in their PC cases. Overall, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line cooler for your AMD Threadripper processor, the Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET X9 is a great choice.

Overall Score: 8.2/10

The Thermaltake Pacific W6 is a high-performance CPU water block designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper TR4 processors. It features a large copper base plate for superior IHS coverage and comes with a built-in temperature sensor for real-time monitoring. The water block is engineered with a nickel-plated copper base to provide excellent heat transfer and anti-corrosion protection. With the patented TT RGB Plus software and app, users can easily customize the lighting effects with 16.8 million colors. The water block is also compatible with Razer Chroma lighting, offering synchronized gaming and RGB lighting effects. Additionally, it works with Alexa-enabled devices for convenient control of lights and fan speeds. Overall, the Thermaltake Pacific W6 is a durable and customizable CPU water block that enhances both performance and aesthetics in any system.

Key Features

  • Designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper TR4
  • Temperature sensor with real-time monitoring
  • Nickel-plated copper base for heat transfer and anti-corrosion protection
  • Customizable lighting effects with 16.8 million colors
  • Syncs with Razer Chroma lighting
  • Works with Alexa-enabled devices
  • 2-year warranty


  • Size: TR4


  • Superior IHS coverage for Threadripper TR4 processors
  • Real-time water block temperature monitoring
  • Exceptional heat transfer and anti-corrosion protection
  • Wide range of customizable lighting effects
  • Syncs with Razer Chroma lighting and works with Alexa
  • 2-year warranty


  • No RGB lighting on the water block itself
  • Software and instruction could be better
  • LEDs are dim
  • Limited control over fan speeds and software integration

The Thermaltake Pacific W6 is a high-performance and visually appealing CPU water block designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper TR4 processors. It offers excellent IHS coverage, real-time temperature monitoring, and exceptional heat transfer. The customizable lighting effects and compatibility with Razer Chroma lighting add a vibrant touch to any system. However, the lack of RGB lighting on the water block itself and the software’s limitations in terms of fan control and integration with other software are minor drawbacks. Overall, the Pacific W6 is a reliable and efficient choice for users looking to enhance their CPU cooling and aesthetics.

Overall Score: 9/10

The Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE V2 CPU Air Cooler is a high-quality cooling solution for your computer. It features a compact design and is compatible with both Intel and AMD platforms. With four heat pipes and a TL-C12C-L V2 PWM Quiet ARGB fan, this cooler provides excellent cooling performance while keeping noise levels low. The S-FDB bearings ensure long-lasting reliability, and the AGHP technique prevents the inverse gravity effect. The cooler also comes with a high-brightness LED atomizing ARGB fan blade that adds a stylish lighting effect to your system. Its compatibility and detail adjustment make it a versatile option for various computer cases. Overall, the Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE V2 CPU Air Cooler offers a great balance of performance, reliability, and aesthetics for your PC cooling needs.

Key Features

  • -[Product specification] Thermalright AX120R SE V2; CPU Cooler dimensions: 120(L)x71(W)x148(H)mm (4.92×2.8x 5.83 inch); Product weight:0.63kg(1.39lb); heat sink material: aluminum, CPU cooler is equipped with metal fasteners of Intel & AMD platform to achieve better installation
  • 【Quality Bearings】The carefully developed quality S-FDB bearings solve the problem of pc cooling fan blade shaking in lifting mode, keeping fan noise to a minimum while providing maximum cooling performance when needed and extending the life of the fan.
  • 【AGHP technique】4×6mm heat pipes apply AGHP 3th technique, Solve the Inverse gravity effect caused by vertical / horizontal orientation. Up to 20000 hours of industrial service life, S-FDB bearings ensure long service life of air-cooler radiators.
  • -[Excellent LED light] The high-brightness LED atomizing argb fan blade can effectively reflect the light, making the ARGB lighting effect softer, and it matches the cooler and case more perfectly. Up to 17 modes of light effects with ARGB support, color can be managed and synchronized through the port on motherboard.
  • 【Detail adjustment】UL class a safety insulation low-grade, industrial strength PBT + PC material to create high-quality products for you. The height is 148mm, Suitable for medium-sized computer case, no blocking of the overall memory installation, self-luminous fan power supply and lighting interface share a common interface, once plugged in, lights up
  • 【Compatibility】The CPU cooler Socket supports: Intel:1150/1151/1155/1156/1200/1700/17XX AMD:AM4/AM5; For different CPU socket platforms, corresponding mounting plate or fastener parts are provided


  • Dimension: 2.80Lx5.83Wx4.72H


  • Compact design and high-quality materials
  • Excellent cooling performance with low noise levels
  • Stylish LED lighting effects with multiple modes
  • Versatile compatibility for different CPU platforms


    The Thermalright Assassin X 120R SE V2 CPU Air Cooler offers an impressive cooling solution with its compact design, high-quality construction, and excellent performance. It effectively keeps the CPU temperature in check while maintaining low noise levels. The LED lighting adds a stylish touch to your computer case, and the compatibility with various CPU platforms makes it a versatile choice. The build quality and attention to detail are commendable. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and efficient air cooler for your PC, the Assassin X 120R SE V2 is definitely worth considering.

    Overall Score: 7.5/10

    The Vetroo M2 CPU Cooler is a powerful and aesthetically pleasing cooling solution for your computer. With a 120mm fan, it improves airflow and enhances CPU cooling performance. The black aluminum fins efficiently dissipate heat away from the CPU, while the cowling design allows for faster evacuation of hot air. This CPU cooler is compatible with both Intel and AMD sockets, making it versatile for different systems. The direct contact technology ensures excellent heat dissipation, and the RGB LED ring adds a colorful touch to your setup. Although it may not offer top-tier performance, it is a reliable and affordable option for basic systems.

    Key Features

    • Colorful Cooling Solution
    • Aesthetic Design
    • Improved Aluminum Fins
    • Compatible with Intel and AMD Sockets
    • Direct Contact Technology


    • Color: Black
    • Dimension: 5.04Lx5.04Wx2.95H
    • Size: M2


    • Affordable
    • Attractive design
    • Good performance for basic systems


    • Limited control over RGB lights
    • May require rearranging RAM slots for installation

    The Vetroo M2 CPU Cooler offers a cost-effective cooling solution with its attractive design and reliable performance. While it may not match high-end coolers in terms of performance, it is more than capable of cooling basic systems effectively. The RGB LED ring adds a colorful touch to any setup, although the lack of customization options is a drawback. Additionally, users may need to rearrange their RAM slots to accommodate the cooler’s size. Overall, the Vetroo M2 CPU Cooler is a solid choice for budget-conscious users looking for an affordable and visually appealing cooling solution.

    Overall Score: 8/10

    The Thermalright Assassin X 120 SE White CPU Cooler is a high-quality cooler designed for efficient cooling with low noise levels. It is equipped with a 120mm white PWM fan and 4×6mm heat pipes that apply AGHP technique to solve the inverse gravity effect. With a height of 148mm, it is suitable for medium-sized computer cases and supports various CPU socket platforms. The CPU cooler dimensions are 125(L)x71(W)x148(H)mm, and it is made of aluminum for optimal heat dissipation. This cooler is compatible with Intel (1150/1151/1155/1156/1200/1700/17XX) and AMD (AM4/AM5) platforms. It has received positive reviews for its cooling performance, value for money, and easy installation.

    Key Features

    • Brand Overview: Thermalright – A Taiwan brand focused on computer accessories
    • Product specification: Dimensions 125x71x148mm, aluminum heat sink
    • PWM Fans: 120mm white PWM fan with low noise level
    • AGHP technique: 4×6mm heat pipes for efficient cooling
    • Compatibility: Supports various Intel and AMD CPU socket platforms


    • Dimension: 4.92Lx2.80Wx5.83H


    • Efficient cooling with low noise levels
    • Easy installation
    • Value for money


    • Fan is RGB, not ARGB
    • May be slightly difficult to align during installation

    The Thermalright Assassin X 120 SE White CPU Cooler is a reliable and efficient cooling solution for medium-sized computer cases. It offers excellent cooling performance with low noise levels, making it suitable for both gaming and general use. The easy installation process and value for money further enhance its appeal. The only minor drawbacks are the fan being RGB instead of ARGB and the slight difficulty in alignment during installation. Overall, this CPU cooler is a great choice for users looking to upgrade their cooling system without breaking the bank.

    Overall Score: 8.9/10

    The ID-COOLING SE-207-XT Slim Snow CPU Cooler is a dual-tower air cooler designed for efficient heat dissipation and extreme CPU cooling performance. With 7 heat pipes and a 120mm PWM fan, this cooler ensures excellent heat transfer while keeping noise levels low. It is compatible with Intel and AMD sockets and can fit most tower cases with its 135mm height. The flexible fan configuration allows you to achieve the desired cooling performance. Overall, this CPU cooler offers great value for its price, providing effective cooling for gaming and heavy loads.

    Key Features

    • 7 heat pipes and 120mm PWM fan for better heat dissipation
    • Highly efficient fan with improved air flow and low noise
    • RAM compatibility with most current motherboards
    • 135mm height for easy fit in tower cases
    • Supports Intel LGA1700/1200/1150/1151/1155/1156 and AMD AM5/AM4 sockets
    • Flexible fan configuration for desired cooling performance


    • Color: Se-207-Xt slim snow
    • Size: Se-207-Xt slim snow


    • Great heat dissipation and cooling performance
    • Quiet operation
    • Compatible with most motherboards and tower cases
    • Flexible fan configuration for desired performance
    • Affordable price


    • Thermal paste may be subpar
    • Fan cable may require additional cable management

    The ID-COOLING SE-207-XT Slim Snow CPU Cooler offers exceptional value for its price. With its dual-tower design, efficient heat dissipation, and flexible fan configuration, it delivers excellent cooling performance for gaming and heavy workloads. The CPU cooler fits most tower cases without interfering with RAM or PCIe slots, making it a convenient choice for various setups. While the thermal paste provided may not be the best, it can easily be replaced with a higher-quality option. Overall, this ID-COOLING CPU Cooler is a solid choice for those looking for an affordable and effective cooling solution.

    Threadripper CPU Cooler Buyer's Guide

    Looking for the perfect CPU cooler for your Threadripper? Look no further! We've got you covered with this comprehensive buyer's guide. Whether you're an overclocking enthusiast or a gaming aficionado, finding the right cooler can make all the difference. Let's dive in and explore the wonderful world of Threadripper CPU coolers.

    Things to Consider

    Before making a decision, keep these factors in mind when selecting a cooler for your Threadripper:

    • Compatibility: Ensure that the cooler is compatible with your specific Threadripper model and socket.
    • TDP Rating: Threadripper CPUs tend to have higher thermal design power (TDP) ratings, so make sure the cooler you choose can handle the heat.
    • Cooling Performance: Look for coolers with a high level of cooling performance to keep your Threadripper running smoothly.
    • Noise Level: Some coolers are quieter than others. Consider your preference for noise levels when making a decision.
    • Size and Clearance: Threadripper CPUs are larger in size, so it's important to check if the cooler will fit within your case and alongside other components.
    • Installation: Consider if the cooler's installation process is easy or might require additional tools or expertise.

    Types of Threadripper CPU Coolers

    There are various types of CPU coolers available in the market. Here are the most common ones suitable for Threadripper CPUs:

    1. Air Coolers: These coolers use fans to dissipate heat and are generally more affordable. However, they can be bulkier.
    2. Liquid Coolers: These coolers use liquid to cool the CPU and offer excellent thermal management. They are typically more expensive than air coolers.
    3. All-in-One (AIO) Coolers: AIO coolers combine the benefits of liquid cooling with the simplicity of air cooling. They are easy to install and come in different sizes.

    Cooler Setup Considerations

    When setting up your Threadripper CPU cooler, here are some important points to consider:

    • Orientation: Ensure that the cooler is properly oriented for optimum cooling efficiency. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for installation.
    • Thermal Paste: Apply an appropriate amount of thermal paste between the cooler and CPU for effective heat transfer.
    • Airflow: Consider the overall airflow within your system to maximize cooling performance. Proper cable management and fan placement can make a significant difference.

    Frequently Asked Questions about 6 Best Threadripper CPU Cooler For 2023

    Can I use a regular CPU cooler with my Threadripper?

    No, Threadripper CPUs have a larger size and different socket requirements. You need a cooler specifically designed for Threadripper CPUs to ensure proper compatibility and cooling performance.

    Are liquid coolers better than air coolers for Threadripper CPUs?

    Liquid coolers generally offer better cooling performance for overclocking purposes and produce less noise. However, high-end air coolers can also deliver excellent results. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences.

    How can I check if a cooler is compatible with my Threadripper model?

    Refer to the cooler manufacturer’s specifications and ensure that your specific Threadripper model and socket are listed as supported.

    Will a larger cooler always provide better cooling performance?

    Not necessarily. While size can play a role in cooling performance, other factors such as heat pipe design, fan quality, and the overall cooling solution also impact performance. It’s important to consider the entire cooling system rather than just size alone.

    Do I need to overclock my Threadripper CPU to benefit from a high-performance cooler?

    No, even at stock frequencies, Threadripper CPUs can generate a significant amount of heat, especially during demanding tasks. A high-performance cooler can help maintain lower temperature levels and increase the longevity of your CPU.