6 Best LED TV Lights For 2024


Introducing the 6 Best LED TV Lights For 2023! In this rapidly advancing era of technology, LED TV lights have become an essential accessory for enhancing the visual experience of our favorite television shows, movies, and games. These innovative lights offer a stunning backlighting effect that not only adds a touch of elegance to our living spaces but also reduces eye strain, making our viewing sessions more comfortable. With an array of options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect LED TV lights. Therefore, we have curated a list of the top 6 LED TV lights for 2023, encompassing cutting-edge features, optimal performance, and exceptional durability. So, keep reading to find the ideal LED TV lights that will revolutionize your home entertainment setup!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Enhance your entertainment and gaming experience with the GIPOYENT TV Light Strip. This 16.4ft strip of colorful LED lights can be installed behind your TV, providing 16 million colors and customizable lighting effects. The strip can be controlled via the app, allowing you to adjust brightness, color, and speed. With music sync capabilities, the lights can create an amazing lighting effect that syncs with the content on your TV or the music you're playing. Made of high-quality materials, these lights are soft, eye-protecting, and have a long service life. Perfect for the living room, home theater, or festival decoration, the GIPOYENT TV Light Strip is a must-have for any tech enthusiast.

Key Features

  • 16 million colors for customizable lighting effects
  • APP application software control for easy customization
  • Music sync capabilities for enhanced entertainment experience
  • High-quality material with long service life
  • Suitable for living room, home theater, and festival decoration


  • Color: RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
  • Size: 16.4FT for 45"-75" TV


  • Customizable lighting effects with 16 million colors
  • Easy to control via app with various modes and functions
  • Soft and eye-protecting lighting
  • Long service life of over 50,000 hours
  • Suitable for different applications


  • Not as bright as advertised
  • Lights may turn on randomly when TV is off
  • May require additional connectors for installation

The GIPOYENT TV Light Strip is a great product for enhancing your entertainment and gaming experience. With its customizable lighting effects, music sync capabilities, and easy control via the app, you can create a captivating ambiance in your living room or home theater. The high-quality materials ensure a long service life, and the soft, eye-protecting lighting adds a touch of elegance to your space. Although some users mentioned that the lights were not as bright as expected and had occasional issues with turning on randomly, these drawbacks can be outweighed by the affordable price and overall performance of the light strip. If you’re looking to add a stunning visual element to your TV setup, the GIPOYENT TV Light Strip is a fantastic choice.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The Daymeet TV Led Lights is a colorful backlight strip designed to enhance your TV viewing experience. With high-quality LED light beads, it provides a purer and brighter lighting that reduces eye fatigue. The strip features various preset LED TV light scene modes to create a warm and romantic home theater ambiance. Moreover, it includes a music sync feature where the color of the LED backlight changes automatically with the beat of the music or your voice, immersing you in an exciting and intense experience. The TV led light strip can be easily controlled through a remote control, Bluetooth app, or controller box. It is versatile in use, suitable for TVs, computer monitors, bookcases, bedrooms, and more. The strip is easy to install, made of strong self-adhesive tape, and powered by a 5V USB port for safety. Overall, it offers dynamic lighting effects and is a perfect addition for decorating and illuminating any space.

Key Features

  • RGB 5050 TV Led Backlight
  • Music Sync TV LED lights
  • Easy Operation
  • Wide Application
  • Easy Installation & Security


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Dimension: 6.50Lx5.00Wx0.50H
  • Size: 9.84ft for 32''-43'' TV


  • High-quality LED light beads for pure and bright lighting
  • Variety of preset LED TV light scene modes
  • Music sync feature adds an immersive experience
  • Multiple control options for easy operation
  • Versatile application for various spaces
  • Easy installation with strong self-adhesive tape
  • Safe to use with 5V USB power


  • No instructions provided
  • May need to adjust positioning for optimal brightness

The Daymeet TV Led Lights provide an excellent way to enhance your TV viewing experience with vibrant and dynamic lighting. With high-quality LEDs and a range of customizable features, it creates a captivating ambiance for your home theater. The music sync feature and easy operation add to the immersive experience, while the wide application allows you to decorate any space. The strip is easy to install and provides a secure fit with its strong adhesive tape. With a 5V USB power source, it ensures safety while delivering stunning lighting effects. Although the lack of instructions may be a minor inconvenience, the overall value and performance make these LED lights worth considering.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Enhance your TV viewing experience with the KANTUTOE LED Lights for TV. This 16.4ft strip of LED lights is designed to provide a stunning visual display behind your TV, creating a more immersive atmosphere in your bedroom, gaming room, or home theater. With its Bluetooth app control and music sync feature, you can easily customize the lighting modes and have the lights change according to the rhythm of your favorite songs. The LED lights are also perfect for various holiday decorations and can be easily installed. Enjoy vibrant colors and unique scenes with the KANTUTOE LED Lights for TV.

Key Features

  • 16 million colors mood light
  • Bluetooth app control
  • Sync with music
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Easy installation


  • Color: APP and Remote Control
  • Dimension: 4.72Lx4.53Wx0.87H
  • Size: 16.4FT for 45"-75" TV


  • Vibrant and dimmable lights
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting
  • Includes a mobile app for control


  • White light appears more blue
  • Remote response time could be improved
  • Limited charging cord length

The KANTUTOE LED Lights for TV provide an excellent way to enhance your TV viewing experience. With its vibrant colors, dimming capability, and music sync feature, these lights can transform your room into an immersive visual spectacle. The included mobile app adds convenience to control the lights, while the easy installation process ensures a hassle-free setup. While the white light may appear more blue, and the remote response time could be improved, the overall performance and quality of the product are commendable. Whether you’re hosting a party, watching a movie, or simply relaxing at home, the KANTUTOE LED Lights for TV will create an ambiance that’s tailored to your preferences.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The Govee TV LED Backlight is a smart lighting system designed for 55-70 inch TVs. With RGBIC technology, it creates dynamic and gorgeous lighting effects that enhance your viewing experience. You can control the lights through the Govee Home App or via voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant. The built-in microphone allows for music sync, creating lighting effects that dance to the rhythm of any audio. The 12.5ft strip can easily cover all four sides of your TV, and the included clips ensure a secure fit. With 99+ preset scene modes and 11 music modes, you can choose the lighting effects that match your mood or the atmosphere in the room. Overall, the Govee TV LED Backlight is a versatile and visually stunning addition to any home entertainment setup.

Key Features

  • A Symphony of RGBIC Lighting
  • App & Voice Control
  • Multiple Preset Scenes
  • Music Sync
  • Flexible Installation


  • Color: Multicolor


  • Vibrant and dynamic lighting effects
  • Easy control through app or voice commands
  • Built-in mic for music sync
  • Flexible installation for any TV size


  • Adhesion may not be strong
  • App required for most features
  • Not suitable for larger TVs

The Govee TV LED Backlight is a fantastic addition to any home theater setup. With its RGBIC technology, it creates stunning lighting effects that enhance your viewing experience. The app and voice control features make it easy to customize the lighting to match your mood or the atmosphere in the room. The built-in mic allows for music sync, adding an extra layer of immersion. The flexible installation ensures a snug fit for any 55-70 inch TV. However, the adhesion may not be strong, and it may not be suitable for larger TVs. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Govee TV LED Backlight is a top choice for those looking to elevate their home entertainment experience.

Overall Score: 8/10

The DAYBETTER LED Lights for TV 65 Inch is a versatile and dynamic lighting solution for your TV and room. It enhances the viewing experience by reducing eye strain through increased ambient light. The built-in mic allows the lights to sync with music, providing an exciting and immersive entertainment experience. With the timming mode, you can conveniently schedule the lights to turn on or off and change colors at specific times. The USB-powered design makes it easy to connect to your TV or even use with a power bank for portability. Installation is quick and easy with the strong adhesive. Add a touch of vibrant lighting to your TV and room with the DAYBETTER LED Lights.

Key Features

  • -Upgraded Controller— TV LED Backlight can increase ambient light to reduce the contrast the brightness between the TV and dark environment and relieves the eye strain
  • -Music Sync— With a built-in mic,whether you want to get party started or indulge in the exciting, intense computer game playing, the brightness and color of the LED lights for TV would change simultaneously while the USB input ambient music tempo shifts.Diverse lighting color and exciting music beat bring you to a real entertaining world
  • -Timming Mode—A very well-designed sleeping mode with the ambient light, the rgb TV led strip lights allow you to pre set time to turn on off led lights and change color at certain times, just enjoy it in a smart way
  • -USB Powered— TV backlight was powered by TV USB port, can be turned on/off synchronously with most TV models. You also can use the power bank to light it up, portable, that you can use it easily out doors. This version is Non-waterproof, extremely low-heat
  • -Easy Installation—15FT TV led lights 65-75 inch is long enough to light up every side of your TV. USB powered light strip can be easily installed behind TV. The receiver can be well to hiden behind your TV. Unique stronger adhesive make sure the led strip better fixation on your TV


  • Color: Multicolor
  • Size: 15 ft


  • Enhances viewing experience by reducing eye strain
  • Syncs with music for a dynamic and immersive environment
  • Timming mode allows for smart scheduling
  • Can be powered by TV or power bank, portable
  • Easy installation with strong adhesive


  • Plastic smell initially due to disposable wheel
  • No remote control, only app control
  • Some issues with brightness reported
  • Confusing installation process

The DAYBETTER LED Lights for TV 65 Inch is a solid choice for those looking to enhance their TV viewing experience or create an immersive gaming environment. With its music sync feature and timming mode, it offers a dynamic and personalized lighting experience. The USB power option adds convenience and portability. While some users reported initial plastic smell and issues with brightness, overall, it provides a great value for the price. Installation may be a bit confusing, but once set up, it delivers impressive results. Whether you’re hosting a party or enjoying a quiet movie night, these LED lights will elevate your entertainment space. Transform your TV and room with the DAYBETTER LED Lights.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Enhance your TV viewing experience with the Daymeet LED Lights for TV. These RGBIC LED lights can display multiple colors in one line, creating a stunning rainbow effect with over 160,000 color changes and 200 dynamic patterns. The lights sync with music and have a built-in microphone, allowing them to change automatically with the beat or your voice. Perfect for parties, gaming, or creating a romantic atmosphere. With easy installation and three control methods, including Bluetooth app control, these TV lights are versatile and can be used for various applications. The self-adhesive tape and low voltage USB power ensure convenience and safety. Bring a unique and immersive lighting experience to your TV and home decoration.

Key Features

  • Rainbow Color Led Lights for TV
  • Music Sync TV Led Backlight
  • Wide Application
  • Bluetooth APP Control
  • Easy Installation & Security


  • Color: Dreamcolor
  • Dimension: 5.71Lx3.35Wx6.10H
  • Size: 9.8ft for 32"-60" TV


  • Multiple colors and rainbow effect
  • Syncs with music and voice
  • Versatile for various applications
  • Easy installation and control
  • Convenient and safe to use


  • No instructions for remote

The Daymeet LED Lights for TV are a great choice for enhancing your TV viewing experience. With their vibrant colors, multiple patterns, and music sync capabilities, these lights bring a unique and immersive atmosphere to any room. Whether you’re hosting a party, gaming, or simply creating a cozy ambiance, these TV lights deliver outstanding performance. The easy installation and various control methods add convenience, while the self-adhesive tape and low voltage USB power ensure safety. The only downside is the lack of instructions for the remote, which may require some experimentation. Overall, the Daymeet LED Lights for TV provide a fantastic way to make your TV and home decor stand out.

LED TV Lights Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the ultimate LED TV Lights Buyer's Guide! Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a movie buff, or simply looking to upgrade your TV viewing experience, LED TV lights can add a whole new dimension to your entertainment setup. Before you dive into the world of LED TV lights, here's everything you need to know:

Benefits of LED TV Lights:

  • Enhanced Viewing Experience: LED TV lights create a captivating ambiance around your television, making your movies, shows, and games more immersive.
  • Reduced Eye Strain: Watching TV in a dark room can strain your eyes, but LED TV lights provide a soft backlight that reduces eye fatigue.
  • Stylish Aesthetics: LED TV lights come in various colors and designs, allowing you to personalize your setup and add a touch of style to your living room.
  • Easy Installation: Most LED TV lights are easy to install and can be easily attached to the back of your television using adhesive or clips.
  • Versatile Lighting Options: LED TV lights offer customizable features such as brightness control, color modes, and even sync with music or on-screen content for a dynamic visual experience.

Factors to Consider:

1. Light Strip Compatibility:

  • Ensure that the LED TV lights you choose are compatible with the size and shape of your TV. Measure the dimensions of your television and check the specifications of the light strip to ensure a perfect fit.

2. Light Strip Length:

  • Consider the length of the LED TV light strip you need in order to fully cover the edges of your TV. You can measure the circumference of your TV or opt for adjustable light strips that can be extended or cut to size.

3. Color Options:

  • LED TV lights come in a variety of colors, from vibrant hues to warm and cool tones. Choose a color that suits your personal preference and complements your existing room decor.

4. Lighting Effects:

  • Some LED TV lights offer pre-programmed lighting effects, such as gradients, pulsating patterns, or even the ability to synchronize with on-screen content. Explore the available options and decide what lighting effects would enhance your viewing experience.

5. Brightness Control:

  • Consider whether the LED TV lights offer adjustable brightness levels. Being able to adjust the brightness allows you to create the perfect ambiance, whether you're watching a movie or gaming in a dimly lit room.

6. Power Source:

  • LED TV lights can be powered through USB, batteries, or a wall outlet. Choose a power source that is convenient for your setup and consider any additional adapters or cables that may be required.

7. Remote Control and Connectivity:

  • Check if the LED TV lights come with a remote control for easy operation. Additionally, some models offer wireless connectivity, allowing you to control the lights via smartphone apps or voice commands.

8. Installation and Durability:

  • Look for LED TV lights that are easy to install and have a reliable adhesive backing. Consider the durability of the light strip, ensuring that it can withstand prolonged usage without overheating or fading.

9. Price Range:

  • Set a budget for your LED TV lights purchase. Prices can vary depending on the brand, features, and quality of the light strip. Determine how much you're willing to invest to find the best option within your price range.

Frequently Asked Questions about 6 Best LED TV Lights For 2023

Are LED TV lights compatible with all TV brands and models?

LED TV lights are generally compatible with most TV brands and models. However, it’s recommended to check the product specifications and dimensions to ensure a perfect fit.

Can I cut an LED TV light strip to size?

Some LED TV light strips are designed to be cut to size to fit different television dimensions. However, not all LED light strips offer this feature, so check the product details or consult the manufacturer before attempting to cut them.

Do LED TV lights consume a lot of electricity?

LED TV lights are energy-efficient and consume significantly less electricity compared to traditional lighting options. They are designed to provide vibrant lighting effects while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

Can LED TV lights be used for gaming setups?

Absolutely! LED TV lights can greatly enhance your gaming experience by creating an immersive atmosphere. Many LED light strips also sync with on-screen content, reacting to in-game actions or shifting colors.

Can I install LED TV lights on the front of the TV instead of the back?

While LED TV lights are primarily designed to be installed on the back of the TV, there are some options available that can be installed on the front as well. However, it’s important to note that they may affect the picture quality if placed directly on the screen.