5 Best 3D Scanner Printer For 2024


Introducing the most innovative technology of 2023: the 5 Best 3D Scanner Printers. As experts in the field, we understand the importance of having an efficient and reliable 3D scanner printer for all your creative needs. Whether you are a professional designer looking to bring your ideas to life or a hobbyist wanting to explore the endless possibilities of 3D printing, these top-notch devices are bound to exceed your expectations. Stay ahead of the game and discover the cutting-edge features and exceptional performance of these 3D scanner printers, ensuring a smooth and precise printing experience like never before.

Overall Score: 8/10

The Shining 3D Einstar Handheld 3D Scanner is a high-quality scanner that offers detail-oriented enhancement technology, allowing it to scan hair and body with ease. It has a scanning speed of up to 14 FPS, providing a smooth and fast scanning experience. The scanner collects high-density point cloud data with a point distance of 0.1mm. It is equipped with 3 Infrared VCSEL Projectors, 2 Stereo Depth Cameras, and 1 RGB Camera, ensuring clear scanning data and stable outputs, even outdoors. The Einstar scanner supports multiple data format outputs and is compatible with 3D printers and 3D design software. It is widely used in various fields such as 3D printing, designing, digital archiving, education, culture and art, VR & AR.

Key Features

  • High Quality 3D Data collection with point distance of 0.1mm
  • Intelligent Algorithm Software with detail enhancement technology
  • Streamlined User Experience with scanning speed up to 14 FPS
  • Stable Outdoor Scanning with multiple cameras and projectors
  • Variety Applications with support for multiple data format outputs


  • Color: Blue


  • High-quality scanning results
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Clear and elegant workflow
  • Compatible with various 3D design software


  • Requires account creation and device registration
  • Some users experienced difficulty connecting the scanner
  • Software UI could be improved

The Shining 3D Einstar Handheld 3D Scanner is a powerful and versatile scanner that delivers high-quality scanning results. With its detail-oriented enhancement technology, it can accurately capture hair and body scans. The streamlined user experience and fast scanning speed make it convenient to use. The scanner’s stable outdoor scanning capabilities and compatibility with various data formats and software make it suitable for a wide range of applications. However, the requirement for account creation and device registration may be inconvenient for some users, and the software UI could be more user-friendly. Overall, the Einstar Handheld 3D Scanner is a reliable choice for those in need of a professional-grade scanner for 3D printing, designing, and other fields.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

The Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan Ferret is a portable handheld scanner that offers high-quality scanning for 3D printing and modeling. It is cost-effective and provides dual mode scanning for wide range and high precision. With a high scan speed of up to 30 FPS, it ensures smooth and accurate scans. The built-in high-resolution color camera captures real-world images with advanced optical technology. The compact design makes it easy to hold and carry, weighing only 105 grams. The scanner is suitable for various scanning needs such as human body, furniture, cars, and medium-sized statues. Despite some mixed reviews, it is considered a great entry-level 3D scanner with impressive performance for its price range.

Key Features

  • Cost-effective
  • Dual Mode scanning
  • High Scan Speed
  • Full-color Scanning
  • Compact Design


  • N/A


  • Affordable price for a high-quality scanner
  • Dual mode scanning for different needs
  • Fast scan speed for improved accuracy
  • Built-in color camera for realistic scans
  • Compact and portable design for convenience


  • Mixed reviews and some negative experiences
  • Requires optimal lighting conditions for best results
  • Lack of i Phone support
  • May require some time and practice to optimize usage

The Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan Ferret proves to be a cost-effective solution for 3D printing and modeling enthusiasts. It offers impressive scanning capabilities with its dual mode functionality and high scan speed. The built-in color camera ensures realistic scans, while the compact design adds to its convenience. While there are mixed reviews and some drawbacks, such as the need for optimal lighting and limited iPhone support, the overall performance and affordability of this scanner make it a great choice for entry-level users. With some patience and practice, it can unlock endless possibilities for creative projects. If you’re looking to elevate your 3D printing and modeling endeavors without breaking the bank, the CR-Scan Ferret is definitely worth considering.

Overall Score: 5/10

Upgrade your 3D printing experience with the Official Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan Ferret. This handheld scanner provides effortless scanning with a quick 30fps scanning rate, allowing for faster scanning and improved efficiency. It features a high resolution color camera to capture full-color textures, even in bright sunlight. With its small size and low power consumption, it's perfect for on-the-go scanning. The dual mode scanning offers both high-accuracy mode for dimensional accuracy and detail capture, as well as wide-range mode for larger objects. Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan Ferret brings powerful, portable, and easy-to-use technology to enhance productivity and creativity in 3D printing.

Key Features

  • Effortless scanning with quick 30fps scanning rate
  • Captures full-color textures even in bright sunlight
  • Small size and low power consumption for on-the-go scanning
  • Dual mode scanning for dimensional accuracy and larger objects
  • Powerful, portable, and easy-to-use technology



    • Efficient and quick scanning process
    • Captures full-color textures with high resolution camera
    • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
    • Offers both high-accuracy and wide-range scanning modes
    • Enhances productivity and creativity in 3D printing


    • May not work with all smartphone models
    • Limited reviews and ratings available

    The Official Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan Ferret is a versatile and efficient tool for 3D printing enthusiasts. It provides effortless scanning with its quick scanning rate and high resolution color camera. The compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for on-the-go scanning. The dual mode scanning offers flexibility for different objects. While it may not work with all smartphone models, it offers a powerful and user-friendly scanning experience. Overall, the Creality 3D Scanner CR-Scan Ferret is a valuable upgrade for 3D printing enthusiasts who want to enhance their productivity and creativity.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10

    The 3DMakerpro Lynx 3D Scanner is a portable scanner designed for 3D printing and 3D printers. It offers high precision scanning with an accuracy of up to 0.1mm, ensuring detailed and accurate scans even for large objects. The scanner features a fast scanning speed of 10 FPS and a scanning width 1.5 times larger than traditional scanners, making the scanning process faster and smoother. It also utilizes a high-precision matching algorithm based on color and structure features, allowing for automatic synthesis of multiple scans. With its optical stabilizer and advanced visual tracking, Lynx eliminates the need for manual mesh alignments or marker points, making it beginner-friendly and time-saving. The scanner is equipped with a flexible handheld mode and a one-click automatic scanning mode, supporting objects of different sizes and providing a more complete model. It has a user-friendly UI design and supports powerful modeling processing methods, ensuring a great scanning experience. The scanner is compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems and can be used with a Lynx connect kit, making it compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. With the purchase of the Lynx 3D Scanner, you will receive a turntable tripod kit and a 360-day warranty from 3DMakerpro.

    Key Features

    • High precision scanning with 0.1mm accuracy
    • 10 FPS scan speed for fast and smooth scanning
    • No marker scanning with optical stabilizer and visual tracking
    • Handheld and turntable modes for scanning objects of different sizes
    • User-friendly UI design with powerful modeling processing methods


    • Color: 2 – Premium Version


    • High precision scanning for detailed and accurate results
    • Fast scan speed for efficient scanning process
    • No need for manual mesh alignments or marker points
    • Flexible handheld mode and one-click automatic scanning
    • User-friendly UI design with powerful processing methods
    • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS systems
    • Can be used with Lynx connect kit for Android and i OS smartphones
    • Comes with a 360-day warranty


    • Limited information on other technical specifications
    • Premium version may be more expensive

    The 3DMakerpro Lynx 3D Scanner offers high precision and fast scanning capabilities, making it a great option for 3D printing enthusiasts. Its advanced features, such as no marker scanning and automatic synthesis of multiple scans, simplify the scanning process and save valuable time. The scanner’s flexibility in scanning objects of different sizes and its user-friendly UI design further enhance the overall scanning experience. However, potential buyers should consider the limited information on other technical specifications and the potential higher cost of the premium version. With its 360-day warranty, the Lynx 3D Scanner provides confidence and peace of mind to its users.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10

    Introducing the advanced Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner, a handheld device that combines superior precision and stability with high-fidelity color scans. With a rapid scanning speed and exceptional point distance precision, you can capture intricate details with ease. The enhanced color scanning capabilities deliver vibrant and realistic full-color 3D scans. Enjoy seamless connectivity with Type-C USB or Wi-Fi 6 connections. The POP 3 caters to various industries and applications, making it a valuable tool for professionals. Designed for user-friendliness, it integrates effortlessly with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. Get ready to experience the next level of 3D scanning!

    Key Features

    • Superior Precision & Stability
    • High Fidelity Color Scans
    • Advanced Connectivity
    • Versatile Applications
    • User-Friendly


    • Color: Advanced
    • Dimension: 1.76Lx6.02Wx1.14H


    • Seamless frame stitching and fast marker tracking
    • Vivid and realistic full-color 3D scans
    • Swift and stable data transfer and operation
    • Caters to various industries and applications
    • Effortless scanning experience with touch-sensitive buttons
    • Compatible with multiple operating systems


    • Challenging to scan certain objects that require preparation
    • Additional expense for 3D scanning spray

    The Revopoint POP 3 3D Scanner is an impressive device that offers superior precision and stability. With its advanced color scanning capabilities, versatile connectivity options, and user-friendly design, it caters to the needs of professionals in various industries. While it may require some preparation for scanning certain objects, the overall performance and functionality of the scanner make it a valuable tool for those in the market for a 3D scanner. Whether you’re an industrial designer, an art professional, or a medical practitioner, the Revopoint POP 3 has the potential to enhance your scanning experience and deliver exceptional results. Embrace the future of 3D scanning with this advanced handheld device.

    Buyer's Guide: 3D Scanner Printer

    Are you intrigued by the fascinating world of 3D scanning and printing? From creating intricate prototypes to personalized gifts, a 3D scanner printer can open doors to endless possibilities. But with numerous options available in the market, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Fear not, though, for we are here to guide you to make an informed decision!

    Benefits of a 3D Scanner Printer:

    1. Versatility: A 3D scanner printer combines the functionality of both a scanner and a printer, offering a complete package for your creative endeavors.
    2. Time-saving: By integrating scanning and printing capabilities, these devices allow you to swiftly turn real-world objects into digital files and then produce tangible replicas in no time.
    3. Cost-effective: Investing in a 3D scanner printer eliminates the need to purchase separate scanning and printing equipment, ultimately saving you money in the long run.
    4. Enhanced precision: The advanced technology of 3D scanner printers ensures accurate replication of intricate details, resulting in high-quality and precise prints.
    5. Unleash your creativity: Whether you are an artist, engineer, designer, or simply curious about the world of 3D printing, a 3D scanner printer empowers you to bring your ideas to life.

    Key Considerations when Choosing a 3D Scanner Printer:

    Before diving into the world of 3D scanning and printing, take a moment to consider the following:

    1. Technology Type: There are several types of 3D scanning and printing technologies available, such as laser, structured light, and photogrammetry. Research and understand the pros and cons of each technology to determine which one best suits your needs.
    2. Resolution: The resolution of the 3D scanner printer determines the level of detail it can capture. Higher resolution ensures more precise scans and finer prints.
    3. Scanning Volume: Consider the size of objects you'll be scanning and ensure the 3D scanner printer can accommodate objects of your desired size.
    4. Printing Material Compatibility: Different 3D scanner printers support various printing materials, such as plastics, resins, or metals. Ensure compatibility with the materials you intend to use.
    5. Software Integration: Evaluate the software provided with the 3D scanner printer. User-friendly and feature-rich software can significantly enhance your overall experience.

    How to Make the Most of Your 3D Scanner Printer:

    Ready to embark on your 3D scanning and printing journey? Here are some tips to maximize your experience:

    • Experiment with different materials: From basic plastics to exotic filaments, try printing with a variety of materials to unlock different textures, colors, and functional properties.
    • Calibrate regularly: Regular calibration of your 3D scanner printer ensures accurate prints and prevents potential issues down the line.
    • Respect the limitations: 3D printing is a remarkable technology, but it has its limitations. Be aware of the restrictions of your particular 3D scanner printer and adjust your expectations accordingly.
    • Join online communities: Engaging with online communities, forums, and social media groups can provide valuable insights, troubleshooting tips, and inspiration for your 3D printing projects.
    • Embrace trial and error: Don't be afraid to experiment and iterate on your designs. 3D printing is a learning process, and every print brings new knowledge.

    Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Best 3D Scanner Printer For 2023

    Can I scan and print human body parts using a 3D scanner printer?

    While 3D scanning can capture the shape of human body parts, printing them may require specific legal and ethical considerations. Medical professionals and institutions should adhere to applicable regulations.

    How long does it take to print an object with a 3D scanner printer?

    The printing time varies depending on the size, complexity, and resolution of the object being printed. Smaller and less intricate objects may take a few hours, while larger and highly detailed prints can take several days.

    Are 3D scanner printers suitable for beginners?

    Yes, some 3D scanner printers are designed with beginner-friendly features and user interfaces. Starting with a user-friendly device can help beginners learn the basics of 3D scanning and printing.

    Can I use a 3D scanner printer for industrial purposes?

    Absolutely! There are 3D scanner printers available specifically designed for industrial applications, enabling the production of functional prototypes, custom parts, and even finished products.

    Can I print objects in multiple colors using a 3D scanner printer?

    Some 3D scanner printers support multi-color printing using different filaments or by incorporating color during the printing process. However, not all devices offer this feature, so it’s important to check the specifications of the model you are considering.