30 Must-Have Online Sources To Master Python Programming Easily

Python programming

Dig into the world of software development using these 30 Python online sources. Yes, we diligently listed the best reliable online sources because of the massive demand associated with Python programming. Which facet of Python’s attributes is most appealing? The answer to this question will be revealed once you are done reading this article, plus you will have an insight into what sources to use in starting a career with Python.

With that, we divided these online sources into three categories – credible websites, video, and interactive platforms, and ebook resources for your ease of reading. So, enjoy and start mastering python programming easily!


Python programming
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15 Python Websites – The Best Way to Learn

1. – Work Quickly and Integrate Systems Effectively

As an open-source programming language, it is best to skim the official documentation of Python online. Hence, this comprehensive documentation offers a complete reference to the language with the constant updates, latest features, and release notes. For beginners and advanced programmers, it covers installation guides, library references, and all the inside out of Python programming.


2. – Free Interactive Python ProgrammingTutorials

This website offers interactive python tutorials to learn the syntax of Python programming language. It explains the basics such as of the variables and types – lists, basic operators, string formatting, basic string operations, loops, functions, classes and objects, dictionaries, modules, and packages.

Though the current interpreter runs Python 2, it highlights the key differences between Python 2 and Python 3. There are also exercises at the end of each chapter to help you gain momentum with Python programming.


3. – Find the Right Python Course for You

With Udemy and its vast resources of Python courses and tutorials, you are on the right track. It offers Python for beginners as well as expert levels. Remember that Python 2 and Python 3 varied in most aspects, but with Udemy you can learn both versions. Plus, competent lecturers also teach you about the advanced features of Python. It includes collection modules, decorators, and timestamps. Another advantage with Udemy is the certification once you complete an entire course. There are free and paid tutorials, and a free code editor to practice coding for beginners.


4. – Learn To Code for Free

Complex things need to be done in a fun way and Code Academy achieved it flawlessly. Its interactive tutorials for Python let users write code in the browser and see the results in real-time. Its interactive Python tutorials for beginners covers the basics of Python programming such as syntax, strings, and console output, conditional and control flow, functions, lists and dictionaries, loops, file input, and output. As you move along, advanced Python options are readily available to enhance your learning experience.


5. – Detailed Programming in Python

Tutorials Point presents the dynamic attributes of Python programming language through free and good quality tutorials. The Python code examples are best suited for beginners as they explore the multiple exercises, both theoretical and practical problems. Python’s simplicity offers an easy understanding of its various coding options. This platform can help you transition from beginners to an expert level. Needless to say, for Python professionals, it also provides an opportunity to prove their troubleshooting and coding skills.


6. – Find or Become a Mentor in Python Programming

The best way to learn Python programming is to become a teacher. This applies to all fields but with this tutorial website, it allows intermediate and experienced programmers to share their knowledge and expertise. As for the aspiring Python programmers, this website has a unique and easy navigation pane for ease of accessibility. It primarily answers the question, “What is Python?” and offers good quality content about Python code structures created by experienced professionals or developers. Just remember that this is quite complex than the traditional step-by-step websites. Expert developers will enjoy the advanced Python tutorials solving specific development tasks.

7. – The Best Way to Learn Python Programming

Python practice starts at the basic structure of the language, but if you prefer complex challenges, then this website is for you. Learn the in-depths of Python programming language through The Python Challenge. As mentioned, this is not for absolute beginners as it is a mind-boggling game using the advanced features of Python. As of the moment, there are 33 levels of the game. However, if you happen to be an expert in Python, join the hype and let your coding fangs solve every game level.


Python programming guide for beginners

8. – Learn to Program for Free

This is a free Python tutorial website that helps beginners in learning the Python programming language. Despite the simplicity of Python coding, it needs Python code examples where beginners can comprehend. When you invent something, such as games, using any programming languages, the retention and attention given are remarkable. Thus, learning programming by building games is an absolute way to start a career in Python coding.

This website offers a simple approach as each chapter has step-by-step instructions to build a small game. To make it interesting, the level of complexity keeps on increasing as you move from one chapter to another. You can also purchase the e-book if you wish to learn remotely without an internet connection.


9. – Learn the Fundamentals, Not Just Programming

Learn Python online through this website as it follows the concepts of teaching the basics, increasing the complexity, and users will then engage in quizzes to test their learning. Unlike other online python courses, it is a dedicated portal providing tutorials and reference materials to Python beginners and developers. It starts with an easy introduction of “What is Python programming” and its related concepts.

The best part is its interactive approach for beginners to use a code simulator to test their created code in the browser. Starting with Python fundamentals, you will then build interactive web applications. This serves as your motivation, and tests and quizzes at the end will help you assess your knowledge level with Python programming.


10. – Specialize with Python Programming

Coursera offers online classes from known universities, and of course, it offers Python programming lectures. It offers a vast selection of programming languages both free and paid online courses. Just like any other portal, Python is one of the in-demand tutorials offered by Coursera. It offers ease of learning with topnotch lectures from known institutions such as the University of Michigan. For Python courses, there are vast options to choose from such as specialization in Python. In this course, you will learn to code and analyze data with Python. Just visit the website and check on the availability of the schedule. You can register for the online classes for free but with a minimal charge for certificates once you complete the course.


11. – Learn Python Inside a Code School

Being free is an attractive opportunity to learn Python and its different topics. You can find different topics posted by developers from beginners to expert level. PluralSight is an avenue that allows developers to thrive starting with the common application of Python programmings such as Web Development, data science, Artificial Intelligence with its subsets — machine learning and computer vision.

Digital classes are its biggest asset and it incorporates a code simulator. This makes learning Python easy and users are able to write and deploy their code right away in their web browsers. The course is organized according to the difficulty level. Obviously, users will learn about beginner-level concepts as it moves to advanced topics.


12. – Easy to Understand Tutorials

When you become interested to learn a programming language such as Python, this website is for free. It helps to better understand the basics of programming. It was developed with the mindset that learning Python should be easy to understand. Hence, the website provides no-nonsense video classes along with easy-to-understand content.


13. – From Basics to Advanced Topics

To fuel your Python programming curiosity, this platform helps you start with the basics. This website offers a free programming course coupled with free examples and practical applications. The practical problems or exercises promote excitement among users for the direct implementation of what they have learned. Just like the Python community, it has a dependable Q&A forum that is the avenue for discussions and queries among novice and expert Python developers.


14. – Python-centric Tutorials and Resources

Learning Python the easy way is what Pythonspot offers. This website offers high enthusiasm and zeal to overcome the beginner stage with its free tutorial and good quality content. It advocates that learning to program is like learning a new language and eventually will lead to a career transition from beginners to experts.


15. – The Best Way to Jumpstart your Python Career

This website helps users to better understand Python programming. It has an easy-to-navigate platform that offers complete course content to learn and practice. Python 3 is its main focus of teaching and provides references to understand the difference between Python 2 and 3. To learn this powerful language is to have access to different exercises, audio, and video lectures, and you can find it here at Python Learn. Plus, you can also download the available audio and video lectures as well.


Django in Python Programming

8 Video and Interactive Platforms

1. – Getting Started with Django

Django framework contributes to the unprecedented fame of Python programming language. Since Django became synonymous with Python coding, it’s a great choice if you seriously want to master Django or even to get started. Video tutorials are available that cover multiple aspects and best practices of the framework. So, let’s start transforming from novice to competent developers.


2. – Get a Python Help Live and Visualize your Code Execution

This website discusses the basics of Python setup, Python practices and fundamentals such as strings, lists, sorting, regular expressions, utilities, etc. It also offers an in-depth theoretical approach. Plus, the Python exercises is surely here to make Python learning more interesting. Its best feature includes the ability to collaborate with other students and seeks help from experts through groups. Also, you can download your code and run it on your own machine.


3. Python Fundamentals Training – Video Tutorials for Beginners

This is a video channel called theNewBoston from Youtube that offers videos for programming, Web design, and networking. It offers beyond the basics of Python coding as it incorporates experiences while teaching the Python fundamentals. Just watch all the videos from start to end and jumpstart your career in Python programming.


4. – Coding in Python the Fun Way

Python interactive websites are also known as Python online playgrounds. Its tutorials are based on interactive coding playgrounds that allow users to learn the language without the hassles of setting up a system for development. Though you think you might be playing around, you’ll get a good grip on the basics and its core concepts of the language more than you expect.


5. – Learn, Build, and Collaborate

This website promotes high usability as you don’t waste your time setting up a Python software development environment. It has an instant IDE to learn and explore. You can start to build, collaborate, and host your codes right away.


6. – Demos and Docs in One Platform

You can start coding right away with this interactive website. Besides, the website’s design is sleek, easy to navigate and use. This entire Python setup is organized into two sections – the codes and the results. Plus, demos and documentation are readily available.


7. – A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

A successful Youtube channel that offers in-depth tutorials in all Web development technologies especially Python programming. Owned by Brad Traversy, this channel is undoubtedly an intensive way to jumpstart your career in Python programming.


8. – Write and Run Your Code in Any Device

This interactive website allows you to write and run your code in any browser and on any device. It works flawlessly and it’s user-friendly because it did not need to have login credentials, download plugins, or software installation. With Trinket, you can easily code, edit, share and embed the code once you are done.

Programming Script

7 Ebook Resources

1. Think Python – Free Ebook for Python Tutorial

Let’s admit that this is not the easiest to understand guides. So, make sure to have some basic programming background before reading this book. The basics can help you to digest the fundamentals of computer science with the use of Python programming language easier with its examples. Hence, for those students who are enrolling in computer science disciplines and aims for Python programming as a career, this online python program is the way to go.


2. A Byte of Python – Free Ebook for Python Tutorial

This online source is a good read for absolute beginners in the world of Python software and programming. It is written by Swaroop and is loved by beginners because of the simplicity of the approach. Python practices are neatly organized and the contents are easy-to-understand.


3. Google’s Python Class – Python Tutorial for Intermediate learners

Google’s share of tutorials is well written and cleanly organized that focused on theories. It helps the analytical and logical side of the programmers. Google developers created documents that’ll help you gain insights on the latest Python approaches and updates. Though it lacks practical step-by-step instructions to build projects, it is still a good read.


4. Learn Python the Hard Way – Python Tutorial for Beginners

This is arguably the best tutorial for beginners in the Python world. What you’ll expect here is the ability to master python from scratch — from level zero to expert levels. Besides, it simplifies the process to help a beginner understand and code in a more interactive and easier way.

Its intuitive approach allows users to test and implements their knowledge more precisely. Don’t worry, coding exercises are included. You can practice accordingly and check the result or output of the respective codes within the exercise sheet.


5. Dive into Python 3 – The Beginners Guide

The author clearly highlights the differences between Python2 and Python 3. It is very important as the two are quite different in concepts and features. It helps the readers to cite the difference using relevant examples. This guide is especially helpful for those who have the intention to switch from Python 2 to Python 3. Otherwise, it’s simply useful if you just want to gain some insights about Python 3.


6. Python Crash Course – Online Source for Intermediate Learners

This online source is for intermediate level programmers that have a background in object-oriented programming (OOP). Besides, it’s also a hands-on project-based ebook that highlights how to make things work inside the Python software. Plus it brings on the table the of Python practices based on your prior knowledge of programming.


7. Learning Python Magic Methods – Advanced Topics for Experts

Rafe Kettler created this collection of tutorials/blogs that is intended for advanced level Python programmers. It introduced the Magic methods inside the Python language and everything to do with OOP. Furthermore, it also has good coding examples for anyone who wants to master the magic methods of Python programming.



The interest in Python programming drastically changed the landscape of software development. Hence, this article presents the tip of the iceberg of online resources to jumpstart your career in Python programming. Either way, choose any of these Python online sources and start studying the core philosophies of the language.

Not convinced? We have exactly what you need to decide on Python, Java, or Ruby programming.

30 Must-Have Online Sources To Master Python Programming Easily

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