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Should Time Doctor Be Used By Your Team Today? (Review)

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A lot of business owners today are facing a lot of struggles to boost their businesses. A common problem they encounter daily is how to handle their employees and ensure their effectiveness is high. They find it hard to track the time that their employees are spending on doing their jobs. With that, they tend to look for time tracking software to help them boost their employee’s productivity and ensure that they are not wasting their valuable time on unimportant things. Time Doctor is one of the time tracking software that business owners can depend on. In this article, we will discuss what the platform is, the features that it offers, and the pros and cons of using it as part of our Time Doctor Review.


In This Article

  1. What is Time Doctor?
    1. Operating Systems Capability
  2. Pros and Cons
  3. How to Register to Time Doctor
  4. How to Download Time Doctor
  5. Time Doctor Pricing Plans
    1. Basic Plan or Solo Plan
    2. Standard Plan or Custom Plan
    3. Premium Plan
    4. Free Plan
    5. Special Discounts
    6. Payment Methods
  6. Time Doctor Features
    1. Dashboard
    2. Time Tracking
    3. Employee Monitoring
    4. Website and Apps Monitoring
    5. Periodical Screenshots
    6. Efficient Solution to Improve Productivity
    7. Payroll Dashboard
    8. Distraction Alerts
    9. Integrations
    10. Productivity Reports
    11. Payroll
    12. Client Login Access
    13. Customer Service and Support
  7. Time Doctor vs Similar Platforms
    1. Rescue Time
    2. TimeCamp
    3. Toggl
  8. Should Your Team Use Time Doctor Today?


What Is Time Doctor?

TimeDoctor App
Photo from Time Doctor


Before we start our review of Time Doctor, it is is better to introduce the service itself before we move forward.

Launched in 2012 by, Time Doctor is a time-management and time-tracking software that makes sure business owners have a team that can work anytime, anywhere. It also helps them track how much time their employees are spending on different tasks or projects. TimeDoctor helps lessen maintenance costs without worrying about profitability and facilitates time management, increasing productivity.

In addition to this, Time Doctor monitors not only applications but also websites that you visit while you are working. Aside from tracking time, it provides an accurate breakdown of how much time is spent and where exactly the time is spent. With that, you can be sure that you can reduce your wasted time by focusing on the more important tasks. Also, as you will be able to know when you are less productive, you can keep them in mind and try to improve.


Operating Systems Compatibility

Time Doctor is compatible with Mac OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. You can also enjoy its app by using your Android device and downloading it from the Google Play Store and iOS devices by downloading it from the Apple App Store.


Pros and Cons of Using Time Doctor

Time Doctor offers a lot of positives, let us now review what they are as well as the cons when you sign up.


  • It tracks employee activity in real-time
  • Multiple methods of tracking the time and monitoring the employees
  • Records time accurately
  • The mobile app allows GPS tracking
  • Excellent customer service
  • Integration with a wide range of software and different project management tools
  • Simple and intuitive user-interface
  • Provides notifications
  • Client login
  • Different customization options
  • Simple pricing plans


  • Expensive optional features
  • No live chat support
  • Lack of attractive plans
  • Expensive for large businesses
  • Not easy to hide personal information
  • May encounter bugs and glitches
  • Every user needs another payment


How To Register To Time Doctor

  1. Go to the TimeDoctor website.
  2. Select how you are going to try Time Doctor out and click on the Try it Out button.
  3. Enter your name, company email, and password.
  4. There will be a new page where you have to enter your Full Name, Card Number, Expiration, and CVC.
  5. Enter your company name and determine the number of employees you wish to register.
  6. Click on what challenge you want Time Doctor to solve for you.
  7. After that, enter your phone number.
  8. Choose if you want to have a visible or silent app.
  9. Click on the features that you prefer.
  10. Click on how many you want to invite to Time Doctor.
  11. After that, click on Next.
  12. You will then see Time Doctor’s dashboard, and you can finish setting up your account there.


How to Download Time Doctor

  1. Go to the Time Doctor Download page.
  2. Select the Operating System that you are using. You can click on Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  3. For Windows, click on the green button that says “Download TD2 App for Windows.” It will then be saved automatically to your Downloads page.
  4. For Mac OS, click on the green button that says “Download TD2 App for MAC OS X.” After that, save the installation file and double-click it when you finish the download. After you install the app, grant the app permissions for Mac.
  5. As for Linux, you have to go to Properties and then click on “Permissions for the File.” After that, click on “Allow executing file as a program.”


Time Doctor Pricing Plans Review

Screenshot from Time Doctor


Here are Time Doctor’s different pricing plans that you can choose from.


Basic Plan or Solo Plan

This will cost $7 per month and is ideal for individual users such as freelancers and consultants. The user of this plan can add clients at no extra charge. The user can also enjoy:

  • Tracking of time and activities tracking
  • Tasks and projects
  • Three-day support
  • One group or department
  • One month data storage


Standard Plan or Custom Plan

This costs $10 per user per month and is ideal for small business owners to monitor their employees. The user can also enjoy:

  • Time and activity tracking
  • Tracking
  • Wide range of tasks and projects
  • Track apps and websites
  • Payroll timesheets
  • Data Storage for Six Months
  • More than 60 integrations
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Can be used by up to three groups or departments


Premium Plan

The Premium Plan will cost around $20 per user monthly. It is a great choice for users who want to enjoy its full features.


Free Plan

Time Doctor comes with a 14-day free trial for every subscription. After this trial, you can enjoy this free plan. This serves as a test plan, which will give you limited features. You just need to enter the essential information, and no credit card is required. Moreover, it only applies to a single user and can only be accessed on desktop software.


Special Discounts

Time Doctor gives discounts to a company of more than ten employees. Also, you are entitled to a 20% discount if you pay for one full year in advance. However, it doesn’t give refunds for one-year prepaid plans.


Payment Methods

Time Doctor accepts payment through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Review of Time Doctor Features

As we continue our review of Time Doctor, let us now take a look at what this platform offers.


Employee Tracking
Photo from Time Doctor



This is accessible through the web-based client. You can see all the reports not only the employee monitoring reports but also the project management. These are what you can see on your dashboard:

  • What the employees are looking at
  • The time is spent on each task
  • The time spent taking breaks
  • If employees signed late
  • Keyboard and mouse activity
  • Productivity
  • Employees with the highest productive time
  • Used websites and apps
  • Top projects
  • Productivity breakdown
  • Screencasts
  • The total time worked for the day


Time Tracking

Time Doctor lets you keep track of the total time spent working and the total time spent on a particular task. If you want to start tracking time, just click on the Start button on the app. When you finish the task, you can click on the Stop button.

Moreover, if you want to sit for a while and take a break, just click on the Break button. With that, you can do the things not included in the tasks given to you. If you forget to click either the Stop or Break buttons, you will receive notifications once you become idle. You can edit or add time manually as well as view all the information on reports. Furthermore, you can use what is written on the reports to improve productivity.

This will help you gain deeper insights into how your team members are working on a project to achieve your goals. You can also create Folders to categorize their tasks.


Employee Monitoring

Photo from Time Doctor

With Time Doctor, it will be easier for you to monitor your employees or team members. You can easily remind them if they are still paying attention to the task given to them and see how poor they are using their time. Also, this feature helps you see how efficiently the employees are using their time to work and complete the tasks.


Website and Apps Monitoring

This feature lets you track all the websites and apps that are visited while you are working. You can receive a weekly report of the visited websites and apps and the duration of time spent on every website and app. This can help you have a deeper insight into where you are spending most of your time. Also, you will know if those sites you visited were helpful or not. You will then have a chance to fix your productivity issues by studying your working habits. When you are with a team, you and your employee can see the same report about your work, discuss what is written on the report, and make plans to improve their productivity.


Periodical Screenshots

This feature lets you capture your employee’s screen. It helps you monitor what he has been doing. The screenshots will help you to have a closer insight into the progress your employee is doing on the tasks given to them. You can set time intervals, so the screen will only be captured at the time set. However, you should be mindful of your employee’s privacy. That is, if there’s a work agreement saying that you are not allowed to capture the screen, you should disable this feature.

Also, if a screen can invade the employee’s privacy, it can be deleted. Nevertheless, the time associated with the deleted screenshot will be deducted from the working hours of the concerned employee. Time Doctor also has the webcam shot feature. This feature does not only collect images of the employee’s screen but also the employee himself.

To activate this feature, go to Settings on the dashboard. Navigate to User Options and select the time interval that you want to have your employee’s screen be captured.


Efficient Solution to Improve Productivity


As employees are aware that they are being monitored, they are exerting much effort to become productive. Also, as you can track how much time these employees are spending on each task and you can view them in real-time, you can talk to them and direct them on what to do and what needs to be improved. Additionally, Time Doctor has additional project management tools to help you in your goal for growth and success.


Payroll Dashboard

This feature helps you easily pay your employees. Once you activate the payroll option, you can automatically calculate the payroll. You can set and initiate the number of hours the employee worked and put their hourly rates. Moreover, you can customize the payroll setup and choose the payment method and the payroll period. At the end of the payroll period, you will receive an email and see the amounts due to your employee.


Distraction Alerts

This feature lets you stay on track as you will receive alerts once you have gone off. As it monitors web and app usage, you will receive a pop-up message once it detects that you are focusing on non-work-related sites. This feature is of great help in reminding you to stay focused and pay much attention to important tasks. And if your computer sits idle for a long time, you will also be alerted.



You can integrate Time Doctor to different project management tools, payments and invoicing, help desk, communication, and CRM software for increased efficiency.


Productivity Reports

Time Doctor provides daily, weekly, and monthly summary reports for easy reviews. This helps to have deeper insights into the things that need to be improved and accomplished. Moreover, it lets you monitor the progress of the project and your employees’ productivity. The productivity reports include:

  • Activity Summary
  • Hours tracked
  • Project and tasks
  • Timeline
  • Web and App usage



This feature lets you convert all the hours that you tracked into payroll timesheets. With that, you can accurately compensate your employees with their pay rates and hourly limits. It supports all currencies and different payment methods, including PayPal, Payoneer, and Wise.


Client Login Access


This feature lets you give login access to clients at no cost at all. This way, he can monitor what’s going on with his project. You need not worry about your privacy because the client will only see the data relevant to his project. However, this feature will help build trust between the client and the team members.


Customer Service and Support

Time Doctor provides customer service and support through email, in-software help, help center, video tutorials, social media, and blogs.


Time Doctor vs Similar Platforms

Up next on our Time Doctor review, let us now take a look how it matches up against its competitors.



RescueTime Twitter
Photo from RescueTime’s Twitter page


This is a silent time tracking and productivity tool. It runs in the background and uses an automatic time tracking system. Also, it provides weekly reports which contain where you are spending your time. You can set goals, make alerts and make your reports personalized. These let you provide a definite time for a specific project. It categorizes apps and websites to help you analyze your productivity.



This is a decent time tracking software both for teams and freelancers. You can also use it with different project management tools and payroll apps.



This is a powerful and versatile time tracking app. It provides an accurate time of how much you spend on a specific project. It is simple and provides data that gives you insights on how you can be productive, and it can help you manage your time effectively.


Should Your Team Use Time Doctor Today?

Time Doctor plays an important role in identifying causes of inefficiency among employees. As a member of a team, it is a wise decision to try Time Doctor. This is because it can help you have a deeper insight into how your team members do their part of the job. Moreover, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can look after every member even if they are not around. You can also have information about who needs to work hard and what needs most of your attention.

Time Doctor may not be the best time tracking software, but it is worthy enough to be tried. Given a 14-day trial, you will have enough time if it’s a go or a no. That wraps up our Time Doctor review, if you like what you’ve read, why not sign up for one of their plans today?

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