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12 Best Wired Earbuds for Music Streaming

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Amazon Basics In-Ear Headphones

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Symphonized NRG 3.0

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Shure SE215 CL Wired Earbuds

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Best Wired Earbuds

Wired earbuds may be less popular than wireless earbuds nowadays, but they still have a lot to offer. The best wired earbuds can offer better sound quality and are less susceptible to interference than wireless earbuds. They are also much cheaper, more durable, and affordable than wireless pairs.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the very best wired earbuds available and their features.

Best Wired Earbuds
Photo by Rupixen via Amazon


The Battle of the Buds

Most people are already very closely acquainted with wired earbuds. These compact and wired listening apparatuses have been available since forever, and they only started to wane in popularity when wireless earbuds came along. But even when wireless earbuds seem perfectly primed to take over the audio industry one day, that doesn’t mean you have to surrender your love for wired earbuds.

In some cases, a wired pair may be a wiser choice than a wireless one. If you are very conscious about sound quality and continuity, for example, then wired earbuds may be better. There are so many reasons to use wired over wireless earbuds and just as many options out there to choose from.



12 Best Wired Earbuds for Music Streaming in 2021

Best Wired Earbuds
Photo by Charlotte May via Pexels

Just like with any gadget, finding the best pair of wired earbuds can be difficult. There are too many brands, designs, sound drivers, specs, and price points to choose from. With that many options available, it can be very easy to suffer from the buyer’s regret. Fortunately for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best options, so you can avoid spending on something that isn’t worth your money.



The Samsung EO in-ear headphones are a lightweight and professional-looking pair of earbuds. The device weighs a meager 18.5 grams, no heavier than a couple of sugar packets. The cable is composed of a combination of plastic and rubber and is flat and smooth, which helps to keep it tangle-free. The cable leads up to in-line controls that diverge into two plastic earbuds with silicone ear tips.

The silicone ear tips are ultra-soft but offer a tight in-ear fit. The package comes with extra ear tips of different sizes, in case the ear tips don’t fit. The ear tips also have “wings” that protrude upwards and towards the back of your ears to offer extra support for in-ear stability.

The cable has in-line controls with buttons for managing volume and playing and pausing music. A small microphone is hidden underneath the in-line controls to allow you to be heard during phone calls. The in-line controls work with most Android devices.

The device is available in four different colors: black, blue, red, and white.


Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the Samsung Active in-ear headphone supplies good output. The tight in-ear fit not only keeps the earbuds in place but also reduces ambient noise. You will still be able to hear some low-frequency sounds like the sound of cars passing by or a distant neighbor’s dog barks. But the frequencies are reduced, which causes them to sound muffled. The highs and lows of the beats were evident, though we would have liked to hear more punch in the bass.



The Samsung EO in-ear headphones have a universal plug that’s 3.5mm in size. The plug fits into sockets of the same size and most phones, tablets, and computers.



Beats has always stood out for its unique designs, and the same focus is evident with the urBeats 3. The headphones use a flat, tangle-resistant cable that leads downwards into a rectangular-shaped connector containing the in-line controls.

The urBeats 3 earbuds magnetically clasp together through the magnets located at the back of each earbud. These magnets are meant to hold your earbuds together so that it would be easier to manage the cables. Moreover, the flat design of the cables is also specially designed to prevent the wires from getting tangled.

Beats is known for offering vibrant color options for their products, and the same applies to the urBeats 3 earbuds. A few color options include black, grey, blue, white, and pink.


Sound Quality

The urBeats 3 got its name for a reason, and that has to do with the earbuds being very bass-focused. The bass is sharp and controlled, making these earbuds the ideal pair for listening to EDM and rap. At some points, you can even feel the drivers physically move along with the beat, which may be a good thing. The sound clarity is also great, just not exceptionally so. It would have been nice to see more distinction between the highs and mids, but then it could be a matter of taste.


The Beats urBeats 3 makes use of a lightning connector. This means that it’s exclusively compatible with Apple iOS devices with a Lightning connector, but not Android devices. More specifically, it works well with iOS 10 or later.




The Panasonic Ergofit is probably one of the most inexpensive pairs of earbuds you will ever own, but it may also be one of the best. The earbuds have a thin, circular cable leading to two elongated, circular earbuds with silicone ear tips. There’s a tiny in-line remote with a single button to control the mic and play and pause music.

The earbuds are meant to sit lightly inside your ear canals. But if that doesn’t happen with the default pair, you can always switch them out with any of the three pairs of ear tips included in the package. The silicone material of the ear tips can block out most ambient noises, such as the sound of passing cars to people chatting.

The Panasonic Ergofit comes in various vibrant colors: blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, white, and black.


Sound Quality

Much like the Beats urBeats, this pair of earbuds is very bass-centric. Most of the tracks will have very deep lows and bass with extra thumps, while the vocals may appear a little far off. The mid-range notes and the highs mesh together harmoniously, but not in any way that stands out. Take everything together, and you have a decent-sounding pair of earbuds with that extra thump.



The Panasonic Ergofit makes use of the universal 3.5 mm connector with nickel plating. The nickel plating is presumably there to help maximize the performance and durability of the earbuds. The earbuds should be able to connect to any phone, tablet, or computer with an audio port.



The KLIM Fusion earbuds were designed as a gaming headset, but that shouldn’t stop you from using them for more casual listening. The earbuds are designed in a very simple fashion, with a thin plastic cable leading out into two metal earbuds with foam ear tips. Meanwhile, the backsides of the earbuds containing the KLIM logo are magnetized, so you can clasp them together when not in use. The earbuds come with their special case to carry with you on trips.

The earbuds make use of memory foam tips, and you get three extra pairs of different sizes. You also get an extra cable in the box to switch out with the default cable. Now, one of the most significant advantages of foam earplugs is comfort. Foam is softer and lighter than silicone, so it provides more comfort and cushion inside the ears. In addition to that, they also provide better noise cancellation than silicone ear tips.

The earbuds have an in-line remote that’s very useful for taking normal calls and video calls. You can take and end calls with a simple press of a button and control video and audio volume. However, it may not work as well for vlogging, game streaming, and other forms of content creation.

The KLIM Fusion earbuds are available in the following colors; black, blue-green, orange, and pink.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is excellent and much better than you’d expect for its price point. It delivers a powerful, balanced sound with an emphasis on bass notes. The mid-range and lows are perfectly balanced and extended. Meanwhile, the bass notes are extra deep and punchy, which is expected from a gaming headset. Overall, this is a high-quality pair of earbuds offering an immersive gaming or music streaming experience.

KLIM is also offering a five-year warranty for this product, which is quite rare for this category.



The KLIM Fusion earbuds are wired with a standard 3.5 mm connector that gives it extensive compatibility with phones and computers with similar-sizes ports.



The Sony MDRXB50AP is an affordable pair of earphones with impressive sound quality. The earphones have a very robust built quality and sleek and modern design. It has a thick rubberized cable that funnels out into two earbuds with a uniquely shaped rounded base and silicone ear tips. The best way to describe the earbuds’ shape would be like the upper half of a pawn chess piece.

It’s worth noting that these earbuds are a little bulkier than normal, and they certainly stick out of the ears, which may not be appealing to some. On the other hand, they are tilted horizontally to an angle, so you immediately know which bud is for which side of the ear.

The cord was specially designed to resist tangling. But if it does tangle, then it should be pretty easy to untangle. The cord also comes with in-line controls with a single button that’s used mainly to pause and play songs, as well as a microphone for making voice and video calls.

The earbuds are available in three different colors: red, blue, and black.

Sound Quality

Sony has always prioritized sound quality in its products, and it shows in this particular model. Its 12mm dynamic driver units deliver extended frequencies of bass, lows, and trebles. The bass notes are delivered deep and punchy, which rap and DMX fans might appreciate. On the other hand, their bass-heavy sound might not appeal to people looking for a flatter frequency response.



The Sony MDR-XB50AP has a 3.5 mm connector at the other end, providing the universal compatibility of wired technology. They can be connected to MP3 players, phones, and computers with an audio port.



The Skullcandy Punk’d 2.0 earbuds are an affordable pair of earbuds with a unique design. These wired earbuds have the standard components, including a cable, two plastic earbuds with silicone ear tips, and in-line controls. But the one aspect that makes the Skullcandy stand out is its colorful, youthful design. The design uses color pairs (e.g., black and white, grey and mint) and distributes them across the different components. You will also find the Skullcandy logo printed outside the earbuds, as well as on the in-line controls.

The in-line controls have a single button that you can use to pause or play tracks, take calls, and operate the microphone. The microphone offers excellent sound reception, and both parties should hear each other clearly during phone calls. Other than that, it blocks off some of the ambient noise as you talk.

The earbuds are not particularly large nor small, and they’re also lightweight. The silicone ear tips are accompanied by two other pairs, one larger and one smaller. These alternatives are important since a secure fit is necessary for getting the best level of noise cancellation.

The Skullcandy Punk’d 2.0 wired earbuds are available in four color combinations: green and white, black and red, grey and mint, and street grey and chrome.

Sound Quality

The Skullcandy Punk’d 2.0 is a bass-centric type of earbuds. The 11 mm dynamic drivers give the bass notes a lot of power and a lot of punch, which is great for listening to songs with many beats. However, you may not enjoy the experience as much when listening to classical music with flutes, guitars, and pianos. That’s because the trebles and midrange notes are not well-defined. However, the good thing about its sound quality is that the sounds are never distorted, even at high volumes.


The Skullcandy Punk’d 2.0 contains a universally compatible 3.5 mm connector. It can be connected to MP3 players, phones, and computers with an audio port.



The Amazon Basic in-ear headphones are perhaps the most affordable pair of earbuds you could ever get. The earbuds cost only a fraction of what most premium earbuds cost, which is great for people on a strict budget. Besides that, it’s also one of the few earbuds in the market to offer a very minimalist design. It has thin rubber cables connected to a pair of plastic earbuds smaller than the usual size.

Midway through the cord are in-line controls with a single button for answering or hanging up calls, as well as pausing or skipping tracks. Built into the in-line controls is a microphone that’s useful for making voice or video calls.

The earbuds are meant to sit inside your ear canals. The silicone material of the ear tips makes for very comfortable wear, and it also offers a form of passive noise cancellation. It’s also lightweight and soft to the touch, which adds to the in-ear comfort of the earbuds. The package also comes with two extra pairs of ear tips, one smaller and one larger than the default pair.

The Amazon Basics in-ear headphones are available in multiple colors: black, white, pink, red, green, and red.


Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Amazon Basic in-ear earbuds is pretty solid for its price point. It doesn’t go overboard with the extra loud thumps of bass notes. Instead, it offers the right balance between the frequency bands, including bass, mid-range, and trebles. The volume on this pair of earbuds is a little on the higher side, but then again, you can always adjust the volume using in-ear controls. Of course, you can hardly expect these earbuds to match the quality of earbuds that are twice or thrice their price point, but it still offers a decent sound quality.



The Amazon Basic in-ear headphones are equipped with a 3.5 mm cable connector that fits most devices with equivalent audio ports.



The Symphonized NRG 3.0 is a budget-friendly pair of wired earbuds with a unique design. The earphones are pretty standard, with thick cables that diverge onto earbuds with silicone ear tips. But a single design aspect is different, and that’s the fact the earbuds are made out of wood. The wood component comes with acoustic sound quality, and it’s also very environmentally friendly.

Despite having wooden earbuds, the Symphonized is relatively lightweight and comfortable to wear. The in-ear fit of the earbuds prevents them from sliding off your ears, and it also assists with passive noise cancellation. The silicone material of the earbuds, along with its in-ear design, blocks off just the right amount of ambient noises to let you focus on the music.

There are also in-line controls for managing volume, audio playback, and call management. A microphone is hidden inside the in-line control unit, which functions as a hands-free alternative to handling voice and video calls.

The only aspect you can customize with the Symphonized NRG earbuds is the ear tips, which are available in brown, black, or transparent colors. The transparent design has different colors for its interior lining, and you can choose from black, red, and blue.


Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Symphonized NRG is excellent, and it owes this to its wooden earbuds. Wood has natural acoustic properties that allow it to channel resound in a clear and concentrated manner. This explains why many musical instruments, such as guitars, flutes, even beatboxes, are made out of wood. Symphonies has tried to recreate the acoustic effect by encasing the electronic components of the earbuds in wood. The result is clear, crisp, and powerful acoustics.



The Symphonized NRG in-ear earbuds support most MP3 players, phones, tablets, and computers. It doesn’t matter if you’re using an Android or ISO device for as long as the device has a 3.5mm jack. A carrying case is also included for convenient storage.



SoundMAGIC’s E11C is an affordable pair of stylish and high-quality earbuds. The earbuds cable is manufactured from top-grade oxygen-free copper coated in silver before being covered in a TPE sheath. The cable terminates to a metal jack plug with a reinforced shaft to take the stress off the cable when plugging and unplugging into your phone.

Near the top of the left cable is an in-line remote control covered in silicone to make it waterproof. The remote has a multi-function button that lets you pause/play music, skip tracks, and answer/end phone calls. Long-pressing on the same button allows you to summon voice commands.

The earbuds are ergonomically angled as well as specifically designed for in-ears fit. They are also marked with indicators to help you figure out which is for the right or left ear. Also included in the package are three extra pairs of earbuds of different sizes to help you find the right fit.

The SoundMAGIC E11C earbuds are available in a single color called silver gunmetal.


Sound Quality

SoundMAGIC’s E11C earbuds are equipped with dynamic drivers that are 10 mm in diameter. These drivers deliver a mature and wholistic sound image with highly detailed reproduction for all three frequency bands. You can hear the distinction between kick drums, bass notes, and other lower-frequency thumps. It delivers well on the mid-range notes, and you can listen to vocals with perfect clarity. Finally, it delivers a clear and crisp treble that you can hear the harmonious flow of cymbals and guitar strings.



The SoundMAGIC E11C connects to devices through its 3.5 mm connector. It automatically detects and switches between Android and IOS devices.



The Shure SE215 is a premium pair of earbuds offering high-quality music and design. The earbuds make use of highly textured, rubberized cables that were specially designed to be tangle-resistant. Additionally, the cables are reinforced with kevlar for superior durability.

But that’s not even the most impressive aspect about the cables, because the cables can detach from the earbuds. An internal mechanism at the base of the earbuds allows the cables to detach from it, but you need a good pull to get it out. Nonetheless, detachment is only necessary when it’s time to replace the cables or when you need to attach the earbuds to a plane apparatus.

The earphones come with extra ear tips as well, three pairs to be exact. The ear tips are made from silicone, which helps to cancel out low to high-frequency ambient noises.

Shure SE215 earbuds are available in transparent plastic or shiny black designs. The former exposes the internal cables of the earbuds and the gold-colored detachment mechanism through a clear plastic case. This transparent casing gives the earbuds an “Ex Machina” feel, which is strangely fascinating and is part of the justification for the price.


Sound Quality

The Shure SE215 makes use of single dynamic drivers, which is pretty common amongst mid-priced earbuds. The dynamic drivers give extra weight and richness to the bass frequency. But other than being bass-focused, it also manages to offer excellent detail and warmth to mid-range notes. Additionally, the sound stage provides the impression of depth and direction to the sounds.



The detachable cable has a 3.5 mm connector tip. This provides wide compatibility with a selection of MP3 players, CD players, phones, and laptops. Besides the six extra pairs of earbuds, you also get a carrying case to protect the earbuds during travel.



The Bose QuietComfort 20 is a stylish pair of earbuds offering great sound quality coupled with active noise cancellation. The earbuds have a rubberized cable designed with alternate swirls of blue and black. Near the end portion of the cable is a flat, rectangular component called the noise isolation generator. It contains a pair of microphones, one internal and another external.

The earbuds are not designed to enter into your ear canal like most other headphones. Instead, the earbuds are meant to rest lightly on the exterior portion of your ear, and it makes use of a pair of “wings” to keep it in place. Its silicone ear tips are also very lightweight, making them very comfortable to wear over extended periods. Two pairs of replacement silicone ear tips are also included in the package.

An in-line control module provides most of the essential shortcuts for track selection as well as volume. A second module is located right underneath the first module, and it contains a microphone for making phone calls. The same button toggles between normal noise-isolation mode and an “Aware” mode. Both modules are highly responsive and easy to operate.

The Bose QuietComfort 20 earbuds are available in the colors black, white, or a combination of black and white.


Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Bose QuietComfort 20 is excellent for its price point. The driver delivers on-point with very deep thumps and rumbles and a good quality treble with very clear and refined transitions. Meanwhile, the mid-range frequencies are slightly exaggerated, with the vocals sounding a bit off-kilter at times. But this is only a minor weakness that it entirely makes up for with great noise cancellation. The actual levels of noise reduction fall between 23 to 28 dB, which should be enough to muffle distracting sounds.



The Bose QuietComfort 20 has a universal 3.5mm connector that works with most Android devices. The earbuds are also compatible with iOS devices, but you’ll need an Apple Lightning cable adaptor. Included in the package is a soft fabric case that will protect the earbuds from scratches and accidental pulls.



The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS QuietPoint wired earbuds are an affordable pair of earbuds with a simple yet functional design. Each earbud is lined with standard cables that lead outwards towards a pair of plastic earbuds with silicone ear tips.

The earbuds are ergonomically angled, and they offer a deep fit in-ears. However, they have a rather bulky appearance, and they tend to stick out from your ears. The left cable has an in-line control center for managing volume and playback.

Somewhere along the cable is a rectangular-shaped unit that makes up the active noise cancellation unit. At the back of the noise-cancellation unit is a clip that you can attach the unit to any pocket.

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS QuietPoint is available only in black.


Sound Quality

Audio-Technica has a long-established reputation for its sound profile, and the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS QuietPoint earbuds do not disappoint. The earbuds offer every note from every frequency spectrum the chance to shine. The notes simply flow harmoniously and complementarily without tumbling over each other. There is even an audible distance between the instruments and the vocals, so they blend without sounding jumbled.

The earbuds also feature active noise cancellation, which relies on circuitry to block off ambient signals. With noise cancellation on, the effect is immediately perceptible and comfortably consistent. It feels as though you have created a separate room right between your ears to enjoy music.



The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC33iS QuietPoint earbuds work with all phones, tablets, and computers equipped with a 3.5 mm audio jack. Also included in the package is a soft carry pouch, an extra battery for the active noise cancellation unit, as well as two extra pairs of ear tips.


What to Look Out for When Buying Wired Earbuds

Best Wired Earbuds
Photo by Lilo via Pixabay

There are various features that you may want to consider when shopping for a pair of wired earbuds. While you may have a different priority, a few basic design aspects could affect the overall experience. Here are a few of the key design aspects to look out for when shopping for a wired pair of earbuds:



The first design aspect that you need to inspect when buying wired earbuds is comfort. Earbuds come in different shapes and sizes, and you have to find a pair that feels comfortable enough to wear for long periods. However, humans naturally have varying sizes of ear canals, which is why most manufacturers throw in extra ear tips of varying sizes.

The material of the ear tips also plays a role in how comfortable the earbuds are to wear. Most ear tips are made out of either silicone or foam material. Both materials offer low levels of passive noise cancellation, although foam tends to block more signals than silicone. The overall levels of noise reduction also depend on the shape and in-ear fit of the earbuds.



Water-resistance is another key feature to look for with wired earbuds. Most people nowadays wear earbuds everywhere they go, which puts the earbuds at risk of getting exposed to water. Waterproof earbuds are built with a special nano-coating that offers protection from rain, sweat, as well as minor dunks into water. These types of earbuds are safe to wear outside for basic exercise but not for diving or swimming.



Another key feature to consider is compatibility. Most wired earbuds fit just fine with laptops, tablets, and phones from the past few years. However, upcoming models may not be as accommodating as older models because device manufacturers have a lot of wireless products that they’re eager to promote. If you’re using a new phone or tablet, or plan to buy one soon, then you’ll need to confirm if it contains a headphone jack or not.


Noise Cancellation

Another key feature that some, not all, wired earbuds have is noise cancellation. Most people wear earbuds to listen to music, and naturally, we want to hear more of the music and less noise. This is where noise-canceling earbuds come in.

There are two types of noise cancellation available: passive and active. Most wired earbuds offer passive noise cancellation by default, which it owes to its silicone-based ear tips. These ear tips are also designed for an airtight fit in-ear, which subsequently reduces the level of external noise.

On the other hand, you have earbuds that offer active noise cancellation. The setup of active noise-canceling earphones is a bit more complicated because they rely on electronics to cancel out noise. Most wired setups have two microphones on each earbud, and they usually work together. One earbud intercepts external signals while the other inverts the soundwaves to cancel out noise.

Earbuds offering active noise cancellation tend to be more expensive than your typical pair due to their complicated setups. However, you may not have to choose between active or passive noise cancellation because plenty of earbuds already offer both. Given the option, these types of devices offer better value for your money.

Also, read about the best noise-canceling earbuds and earphones in the market.


Wired vs. Wireless Earbuds: Pros and Cons

Wired vs Wireless Earbuds
Photo by Stocksnap via Pixabay

Wired earbuds have been around for a very long time, and they continue to evolve even now. The technology has gone through every phase of the product life cycle, though it has yet to reach the point of complete obsolescence. Even though wired earbuds don’t always meet consumer expectations, that doesn’t mean that they have lost their competitive advantage. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when using wired earbuds:



The all-too-familiar wired earbuds may be declining in popularity nowadays, but they still carry a few advantages over wireless earbuds. Here are some of the benefits that make wired earbuds better than wireless earbuds:


Easier to Setup

Wired earbuds connect directly to the audio source via a headphone jack. This makes it a much more straightforward setup compared to Bluetooth. While Bluetooth may not be the most complicated topic in tech, those unfamiliar with the concept will have a bit of a learning curve ahead of them. In that case, it’s great to have an alternative that is both easy to understand and simple to use.


Build Quality

Wired earbuds are also more durable than wireless earbuds. These wired solutions have long cables that take on most beatings, so the earbuds don’t have to. Because let’s face it, we tug and pull at those cables all the time, which may be a good thing since at least it’s not the earbuds.

Wired setups are also generally less fragile, not to mention easier to find than wireless setups. Wireless earbuds come with special cases where they have to stay all the time they’re not in use. In contrast, wired earbuds don’t require a particular case for storage, and you can put them anywhere you want. Wired earbuds are also tethered with cables, so they’re easier to find.



Wired earbuds tend to be cheaper than wireless earbuds because they also offer a simpler setup. Wireless earbuds usually cost anywhere between USD 10 to 100. USD 100 is already the upper range of the cost, and you can already get a pair with active noise cancellation for this price. On the other hand, wireless earbuds can cost you anywhere between USD 100 to USD 500, depending on the brand.


No Charging

Another key advantage to wired earbuds is that, unlike wireless earbuds, they don’t require charging. They do not have battery packs and simply plug into the audio source to play music. On the other hand, wireless setups need to be charged regularly for at least two hours, and a special charging case is required for the purpose. In addition, wired earbuds don’t need to pair or synchronize with the audio source to work.


Sound Quality

Audiophiles have been saying this for a long time: wired earbuds offer better sound quality than wireless earbuds. Because in reality, wireless earbuds still cannot keep up with the bandwidth requirements for high-fidelity music streaming.

Wireless earbuds are Bluetooth-based, which means they naturally compress audio signals during data transfer. This results in a significant reduction in output quality. On the other hand, you have wired earbuds that use analog signals, which are far less complicated than digital signals like Bluetooth and can deliver audio data straight to your ears without compressing it. The result is that you’re able to receive high-resolution data that are as close to the original in quality. Wired earbuds are also less prone to interference, due in part to the presence of cables.

The difference between digital and analog becomes clear when you consider their respective bitrates. Bitrate is a measure of the volume of data that can pass through a channel at any given time (kilobits per second). Wired systems can accommodate a maximum of 768 kbps, while wired systems can accommodate up to 2300 kbps. Special codecs may accept higher bitrates, but some form of compression would still be necessary.



Wired earbuds aren’t perfect, of course, and they also present a few weaknesses where wireless earbuds are the better option. Here are some areas where getting a wireless pair may be a better idea:



Wireless earbuds have a distinct aesthetic appeal, mainly owed to their futuristic image. Most wireless earbuds come in gorgeous and sophisticated designs, and it’s impossible not to look at them. These devices have also evolved from something of a simple device into something of a fashion statement. People wear them not just for their function but for aesthetics. While many wired earbuds are just as impressively designed, wireless earbuds have that edge that people associate with being futuristic and cool.



Wired earbuds are also not as portable as wireless earbuds. There are situations when the cables could get in the way of a task, especially tasks that require both hands. It would be a little hard to manage if you’re listening to music while doing chores, for example. On the other hand, wireless earbuds are handy for these exact situations since there are no cables to get in the way.


If convenience is your main focus with your listening apparatus, you may want to look into some of the latest releases like the Amazon Echo Buds (2nd Gen) and the Microsoft Surface earbuds.


Wireless Functionality

Wired earbuds are great, but they don’t offer the same level of hands-free convenience that wireless earbuds offer. Most earbuds have universal touch controls that allow you to perform multiple tasks. These tasks include receiving and making calls, sending text messages, and playing music. Most also offer the services of a digital assistant that can execute tasks based on voice commands. While a few wired earbuds carry the same functions, they don’t do it quite as well as wireless earbuds.


Final Thoughts on the Best Wired Earbuds

Best Wired Earbuds
Photo by hudsoncrafted via Pixabay

Wired earbuds have been around for a long time, and practically every company in the audio industry has come up with its version of the wired listening hardware. This may pose an advantage on the one hand because of the sheer number of options available. But on the other hand, having so many options can dampen your ability to choose, and you can easily end up with buyer’s regret. It’s always a good idea to look into the crucial aspects of the products you are planning to buy, including build quality, sound quality, and ergonomics. Additionally, take advantage of opportunities to try out different models before handing over your hard-earned money for a pair.

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