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Are CreativeLive Courses Worth It? (Review + Guide)


If you’re looking for a way to improve your skills or learn something new, then you might want to check out CreativeLive. There are so many other online platforms that offer various courses, promising to provide you with a comprehensive education that will allow you to master anything overnight. Nevertheless, practicality asserts that learning isn’t always an instant achievement—you need to spend time and effort before you get to be adept at something.

This article aims to provide you with an in-depth review of CreativeLive, one of these online learning websites that provide students with many courses that range from cooking to music recording. Read on and find out why CreativeLive is currently one of the most popular educational websites online.


What Is CreativeLive?

Photo from CreativeLive Facebook Page


CreativeLive’s team started with producing a few Photoshop tutorials. These lessons became famous online, and the creators expanded the platform’s repertoire to include a vast library of courses ranging from cooking to video creation.

While the internet offers a multitude of learning sites and channels that you can easily access via your browser or favorite media app, not all of them provide you with comprehensive and concise information that genuinely permits you to learn what you aim for. A lot of these resources are even offered for free, although some are wrought with massive ads that turn you off after a few minutes of browsing time.

CreativeLive is a smaller and newer version of these learning websites. However, they offer a vast number of courses that are truly worth your time. The platform can be a treasure trove, especially for those seeking to discover practical courses relevant to the times.

If you’re interested in checking out other online learning platforms, we have review articles for MasterClass, Skillshare, and Udemy.


What Courses Does CreativeLive Offer?

Screenshot from CreativeLive


CreativeLive offers more than 1500 courses that cover a considerable quantity of subjects. Moreover, the developers provide live podcasts or broadcasts for some of their courses, permitting visitors and would-be learners to overview what these courses contain.

The platform differs from so many other sites specifically because the CreativeLive team keeps their site up-to-date, maintaining the kind of quality service that makes the educational learning website one-of-a-kind. Indeed, the CreativeLive team values creativity. So, learners are provided with course suggestions that are relevant to them. For instance, if you’re a photographer, you get to be suggested with courses that are in line with your pursuit. Unless you want to discover new topics unrelated to photography, you won’t have to spend too much time finding the classes you might love to have.

To provide you with a more specific overview of CreativeLive’s list of offerings, below is a list of some of the courses they provide.


Photo and Video:

  • Nikon and Sony Tutorials
  • Adventure Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Speedlights
  • Videography
  • Camera Guides
  • Canon Tutorials
  • iPhone Photography
  • Fine Art Photography
  • Newborn Photography
  • Wedding Photography
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut X
  • Outdoor Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Filmmaking
  • Street Photography
  • Drone Video / Photography


Money and Life

  • Wellness
  • Management
  • Podcasting
  • Self-Improvement
  • Money and Finance
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Media
  • Leadership


Art and Design

  • Coloring
  • Lettering
  • Illustration
  • Branding
  • Drawing
  • Typography



  • Hand Lettering
  • Pattern Design
  • Upcycling
  • Mixed Media Art
  • Calligraphy
  • Knitting and Crochet
  • Paper Craft
  • Fashion Design
  • Fabric Crafts
  • Sewing


Music and Audio

  • Studio Pass
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Ableton Live
  • Audio Engineering
  • Songwriting
  • Avid Pro
  • Sound Mixing
  • Logic Pro
  • Music Business
  • Cubase
  • Fl Studio


Browsing through CreativeLive’s courses, you might think that the options are too few, although you’d be quite surprised to find out that each of these courses is made up of over a hundred video modules. What’s more, these modules cover more than 24 hours of relevant content.

Courses that are considered lighter or smaller are comprehensive, as well. For instance, topography and scrapbooking are courses that have about 27 modules each. They provide learners with around six hours of learning time.


How to Create a CreativeLive Account

Signing Up
Screenshot from CreativeLive

To make a CreativeLive account, you can do so by providing one of the following:

  • Facebook account
  • Google account
  • Email address (If you are using another email other than Google)


Once you sign into the CreativeLive website, you will be asked to provide details like your name and course preferences. The site offers several free live classes, but you will, of course, be asked to enter your payment details when you opt to access their paid courses.

CreativeLive’s monthly pass costs US$39. If you decide to pay annually, however, the fee is US$149. Their creator pass costs US$39 per month, as well.


CreativeLive Features and How to Use Them

Screenshot from CreativeLive


Aside from the different courses offered at CreativeLive, you can also check out the site’s dedicated developers’ additional features.


Live Streaming

If you are simply browsing the site and would like to know more about what the platform has to offer, you can look into the live streams provided for each course or topic. CreativeLive differs from other learning websites because they offer live free streams that may be accessed without committing to a full-blown subscription. Watch some of them and find out why a lot of clients prefer CreativeLive.


CreativeLive for Teams

If you own a company and would like to use CreativeLive as a learning platform for your team, you can also opt for the “For Teams” subscription. This option allows you to train your employees, providing them with modules that are entirely in line with your company’s forte. With CreativeLive, you get to help your team develop additional skills via a virtual platform that offers specific and gradient modules relevant to the job.



CreativeLive believes in the spirit of community. Via this button, you can access the list of instructors. You can choose which instructor to have, review their profile, and even check out the reviews provided for each. You can even browse the stories and testimonials given by CreativeLive learners. Also, you can listen to podcasts or even read the CreativeLive blog.


Affiliate Marketing

If you are a website owner, you can also opt to be an affiliate of CreativeLive. By doing so, you get a percentage of earnings from every enrollee or subscriber that accesses CreativeLive via your site. This feature can be an excellent way to earn some money while enjoying the different courses and live streams generously collated by the CreativeLive team.


Creator Application

CreativeLive also encourages people to share their creativity via the site. Aside from learning valuable skills at CreativeLive, you can also become a Creator for the platform. Because the developers handpick instructors, you can apply to become one of the site’s instructions and have your learning videos posted there.


CreativeLive vs. Other Learning Platforms

Nevertheless, this article wouldn’t be complete without a brief comparison between CreativeLive and other learning platforms available online. Below are some of the popular learning sites used by some.



Screenshot from MasterClass


Like CreativeLive, MasterClass is another learning platform that may be easily accessed online. Created by Aaron Rasmussen and David Rogier, this educational website is an American-based one. MasterClass offers interactive learning. Students get to interact with other students via live video calls over Skype.

Known for their roster of instructors who are considered experts in their corresponding fields, MasterClass courses are complete with workbooks, exercises, video lessons, and one-on-one interviews with instructors. Live demonstrations are provided by the instructors, as well. Classes are around 10 to 25 lessons each and a complete course is about 2 to 5 hours long.

MasterClass courses, however, do not offer step-by-step instructions on the topics presented. Hence, students should not expect to be taught the skills needed for each chosen subject. Instead, instructors provide their students with insights on how skills can be further developed or improved. Unlike CreativeLive, MasterClass stresses interactive education.

Nonetheless, a premium subscription to MasterClass is a bit expensive. Annual paid membership costs US$180. If you simply want to browse the site, you can have trial access for one day. However, you cannot enter their premium classes without signing up for a MasterClass premium account.



Photo from Play Store


Udemy is also a popular educational website that you might like to visit. Covering more than 130,000 courses, Udemy has a huge database. At present, it has more extensive courses all over the web. You can find classes on various subjects, including Dog Training, Cosmetology, Video Editing, and Makeup Application.

Preferred by over 35 million students, you can choose to subscribe to Udemy Pro. The said version provides you with a seven-day trial. If you decide to continue after your free trial ends, full access to Udemy’s premium courses requires you a monthly fee of US$19.99 per month. You can also revert to a free subscription. However, you won’t be given access to the site’s premium offerings.



Photo by Skillshare


Developed by Malcolm Ong and Michael Karnjanaprakorn, Skillshare was launched in November 2010. Based in New York City, the educational platform’s mantra is to provide learning to anyone who wants to learn. Thus, Skillshare encourages entrepreneurs, academicians, coaches, and other field experts to offer others their knowledge through creating their channels via the site. Anyone who can share can create a channel dedicated to learning videos that students may subscribe to.

Aside from the free courses offered by the site, a premium subscription is also available. A 14-day trial is provided as soon as you create an account. You get to check out the 27,000+ courses offered on the website and zoom into the topics that interest you. After your 14-day trial ends, you can opt to have a free membership or subscribe to their premium membership. Premium subscription costs US$16 per month. If you wish to save a bit, you can also opt to pay an annual fee of US$96, which allows you to save 42%.

Premium subscription can be hugely beneficial because you get to watch classes offline—a perfect capability, especially when you do not have continuous access to the internet. You get to eradicate the annoying ads, as well.

Like CreativeLive, you can also opt to become a Skillshare instructor and develop your channel via the site. This can be an excellent opportunity for you to earn a few dollars when students subscribe to your classes. Hence, you can enjoy both learning and teaching via the platform.


Advantages of Enrolling to Online Learning Sites


Enrolling in online learning sites is highly advantageous, especially when many people become increasingly dependent on the web for various things. Multiple educational platforms are popping all over the web, offering various courses that cover specialized topics.


Learning at Your Own Pace

Traditional schools require strict observance of schedules. On the other hand, online learning sites allow their students to learn various courses at their own pace. Hence, you can opt to do your courses during your free time.


Added Capabilities in Premium Subscription

Learners are, of course, offered trial memberships. You can choose to browse these online educational platforms’ different offerings and decide to either continue or cancel membership at the end of the trial period.

Bear in mind, however, that premium memberships cost a minimal fee but that it also offers you the opportunity to view uninterrupted video presentations. This is because premium membership removes the appearance of annoying ads that may cause lagging and such. Also, a premium subscription may permit you to download content so that you do not have to be connected to the internet each time you want to watch provided videos.


A Community of Learners and Teachers

Community interaction is an added benefit of subscribing to these online learning sites. Not only do you get to learn various subjects at your own pace conveniently, but you get to converse with your fellow students, as well. You can even have one-on-one discussions with your chosen instructors, allowing you a more practical way of learning various skills that may help you further develop your craft.


Practical Skills Development

Learning platforms like CreativeLive stress the significance of educating willing members about the different skills needed for various jobs. Because these schools are non-traditional, they do not subscribe to strict protocols associated with offline universities and colleges. Through these platforms, you get to learn valuable and practical techniques that are entirely applicable to your line of work. Thus, you are fully rewarded with added know-how that will eventually aid you in your pursuit. Of course, you should bear in mind that learning doesn’t come overnight. You need to provide ample time and effort so that you eventually master the skill you want to have.


Opportunities for Earning

Also, most of these sites provided earning opportunities, as well. If you are an established creator or expert in your field, you can apply to be an instructor. By doing so, you get to earn additional income while thoroughly enjoying the different courses offered by your chosen educational website. If you are a website or blog owner, you can even opt to be an affiliate of these sites. Affiliate marketing provides you with a percentage of each successful subscription that gets accomplished via your website. Contact your chosen site’s customer service for this.


Dynamic and Fresh Insights

Most of these sites are populated by instructors who are also field experts and professionals. Instead of relying on textbook solutions to your issues, you get to listen to people who are thoroughly knowledgeable on your chosen topic. Likewise, these sites typically offer new content each day, and you can take advantage of these by opting for a premium subscription that enables you full access to the courses.


A Variety of Topics

Like CreativeLive, these educational websites are peppered with various topics that range from the most basic to the most complicated ones. Hence, you get to find lighter topics such as Dog Training, Makeup Application, and Cosmetology. You get to discover heavier ones that delve into Video Editing, Music Arrangement, and Computer Programming. Depending on your preference, subscribing to these sites guarantees you are learning something that you can apply in life.


Flexible Cancellation

These learning platforms are pretty straightforward. You do not have to worry about being chained to nasty subscriptions that do not provide you with added training. The site doesn’t hold you to any contract, as well. If, for instance, you decide to cancel your subscription to CreativeLive, you can do so, and you’re good to go.

Are CreativeLive Courses Worth It? (Review + Guide)

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