Ultrahuman Unveils Ultrahuman Home: A Smart Home Health Tracker


Indian wearable startup Ultrahuman is venturing into the smart home market with the introduction of its new connected hardware designed to monitor the “health” of your home. The company recently announced the upcoming launch of the Ultrahuman Home, which is set to debut at CES this week and is expected to be available for shipping starting in July with a retail price of US$349.

Key Takeaway

Ultrahuman introduces the Ultrahuman Home, a smart home health tracker designed to monitor environmental factors and provide actionable insights to improve the overall wellness of its users. The device is set to launch in July with a retail price of US$349, and it does not require a subscription for its services.

The Ultrahuman Home: What It Does

The Ultrahuman Home, visually resembling a sleek metallic Wi-Fi router or Apple TV, is equipped with sensors that can monitor levels of natural and artificial light, air pollution, noise, humidity, and smoke in the room where it’s installed. The data collected by the device will be translated into space “scores” and actionable insights, accessible through a new “home” tab in the Ultrahuman app.

Integration with Ultrahuman’s Wearables

Ultrahuman’s existing wearables are known for their focus on the quantified self trend, providing personalized lifestyle advice based on user data to promote fitness and wellness. The Ultrahuman Home is designed to complement this by factoring in data on the indoor environment, offering users an assessment of their home environment’s healthiness and providing advice on how to improve areas such as sleep space.

Future Integration with Home Automation

CEO and founder Mohit Kumar envisions the Ultrahuman Home integrating with home automation in the future, allowing it to power automated decisions such as adjusting devices like air conditioning to promote better sleep. The device could potentially offer personalized humidity levels and lighting suggestions in the room, contributing to the mission of enhancing users’ wellness.

No Subscription Required

Similar to Ultrahuman’s smart ring, the Ultrahuman Home does not require a subscription for its services; users only need to make a one-time hardware purchase. This approach has been successful for the company, driving sales through gifting and expanding offline sales of its smart ring via retail partners.

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