TikTok Enhances App Experience For Tablets And Foldables


TikTok has announced an update aimed at enhancing the app experience for users on tablets and foldable devices. The update is designed to optimize the app for larger screens, providing a clearer video feed, streamlined navigation bars, and orientation support.

Key Takeaway

TikTok has introduced an update to improve the app experience for users on tablets and foldable devices, offering a clearer video feed, streamlined navigation, and support for multiple orientations. This strategic move allows TikTok to cater to a wider audience and stay ahead of competitors in the evolving digital landscape.

Improved Video Feed

With the latest update, users can expect a refined video feed that showcases content with enhanced clarity. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for viewing long-form content such as cooking demos and beauty tutorials on tablets.

Streamlined Navigation

Users will now have access to navigation bars at the top and bottom of the screen, making it easier to navigate through the app’s features and tabs. This update aims to provide a more seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals using TikTok on larger devices.

Orientation Support

TikTok’s app will now be compatible with both landscape and portrait orientations, offering flexibility for users to choose their preferred viewing mode. This update aligns with TikTok’s efforts to cater to a diverse range of devices and user preferences.

Competition and Market Expansion

By optimizing the app for tablets and foldable devices, TikTok is expanding its reach beyond the mobile-first approach. This move comes at a time when competitors like Instagram are still lacking an iPad app, positioning TikTok as a forward-thinking platform that adapts to evolving technology trends.

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