The Hilarious And Addictive Trombone Champ Is Coming To Nintendo Switch


The wildly popular and meme-worthy game, Trombone Champ, is making its way to the Nintendo Switch, following its successful launch on Steam last year. Players can look forward to a delightfully amusing and challenging experience as they attempt to master the unforgiving brass instrument and showcase their trombone skills.

Key Takeaway:

Trombone Champ, the popular rhythm game featuring the brassy trombone, is set to debut on Nintendo Switch. With its unique joy-con motion controls and a community of fanatics and modders, this addictive game promises hours of hilarity and challenges for players of all skill levels.

A Joy-Con Experience Like No Other

In an exciting new trailer revealed during the Nintendo Direct livestream, it was announced that Trombone Champ for the Switch will feature two different methods of joy-con motion controls. Players can either mimic the movement of a real trombone by using their joy-con in conjunction with their hand or simply move the joy-con up and down. These innovative control options are reminiscent of the motion-controlled games popularized by the Wii, adding an extra layer of fun and interactivity.

A Community of Enthusiasts and Modders

Trombone Champ has already gained a dedicated following of fans who have taken the game to new heights. Some enthusiasts have even modded the game to include notoriously challenging songs, such as “Megalovania” from the beloved game Undertale. This creative and passionate community continues to push the boundaries of Trombone Champ and showcase their skills in captivating and hilarious ways.

A Contender for Game of the Year

While Trombone Champ may have initially seemed like a lighthearted and entertaining game, it has also garnered critical acclaim. A reviewer from PC Gamer even hailed it as a potential game of the year contender, stating, “It’s not often I share a video of me playing a game with my colleagues and see them immediately purchasing it on Steam.” This recognition speaks to the game’s addictive nature and its ability to captivate players across different platforms.

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