SEVA, A New Growth Equity Fund, Raises $85M For Debut Fund In Four Months


Shalin Mehta’s SEVA Fund Exceeds Expectations

SEVA, a new growth equity fund founded by Shalin Mehta, has successfully secured $85 million in capital commitments for its debut fund. Mehta, previously an investor at Susquehanna Growth Equity, led investments in notable companies such as NoRedInk and MuckRack. With SEVA, Mehta aims to invest in customer-centric founders of fast-growing, bootstrapped companies, helping them scale through profitable growth.

Key Takeaway

SEVA, a new growth equity fund led by Shalin Mehta, exceeded expectations by securing $85 million in capital commitments for its debut fund in just four months. The fund’s customer-centric approach and focus on profitable, founder-led companies set it apart from others in the industry.

Customer-Centric Approach Sparks Success

Inspired by the Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service,” SEVA reflects Mehta’s dedication to serving customer-centric founders and companies. The fund was able to raise $85 million in just four months, surpassing its initial target of $50 million. It garnered support from institutional investors, university endowments, charitable foundations, family offices, and the very founders Mehta previously invested in.

Strategic Investments and Expertise

SEVA’s strategy for its debut fund is to invest in eight to ten profitable, founder-led companies over the next three to five years. With check sizes ranging from $5 million to $15 million, the fund will focus on internet, software, data, marketplace, and technology-enabled services companies. Additionally, Mehta has built a network of founders and growth-stage technology executives who will provide strategic planning, executive hiring, and go-to-market support. This approach ensures long-term growth and profitability, as well as effective exit planning for portfolio companies.

The SEVA Difference

Mehta believes that SEVA occupies a unique space between private equity and venture capital. He is committed to investing in bootstrapped or founder-led companies that are already profitable and fast-growing, and who do not necessarily require venture capital or growth-stage funding. Instead, these companies seek guidance and support from experienced investors like SEVA. By positioning themselves as consiglieres rather than billion-dollar growth equity firms, SEVA can cater to the specific needs and aspirations of the founders and companies they work with.

Emerging Pre-Seed Funds Making a Mark

SEVA is part of the emerging trend of debut fund managers making their mark in the industry. Several other emerging funds have debuted this year, including Avra, Faction Ventures, Yellow, Garuda Ventures, Ovni Capital, Oversubscribed Ventures, Emblem, Venture Guides, The Family Fund, and Phenomenal Ventures. This growing group of fund managers is attracting attention and capital, providing new opportunities for startups looking for early-stage funding.

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