Phasio Helps Local Manufacturers Streamline Customer Relationships


Phasio, a Singapore-based startup, is revolutionizing how local manufacturers manage their customer relationships. The company has developed an innovative platform that automates communication between manufacturers and their customers, simplifying tasks such as generating quotes, design requests, and pricing calculations.

Key Takeaway

Phasio’s AI chatbot, ManufacturingGPT, streamlines customer communication by channeling messages from WhatsApp, SMS, and email into its manufacturing interface. By automating these processes, Phasio aims to free up resources for local manufacturers, allowing them to expand their businesses globally.

Revolutionizing Customer Relationship Management for Local Manufacturers

For small- to medium-sized local manufacturers, maintaining strong customer relationships is crucial for growth. However, managing these relationships often involves a multitude of tasks that can quickly become overwhelming. Traditional methods of communication, such as WhatsApp, SMS, and email, only add to the complexity.

This is where Phasio steps in. Founded in 2021 by Harry Conor Lucas and Sudharshan Raman, Phasio has developed a platform that integrates these various communication channels into one manufacturing interface. Their AI chatbot, ManufacturingGPT, engages with customers, assists with design requests, and provides instant quotes using Phasio’s automated pricing system.

The startup’s ultimate goal is to make managing customer relationships easier for local manufacturers, enabling them to focus on expanding their businesses globally. By automating tasks such as generating quotes and design requests, Phasio aims to streamline processes and free up valuable resources.

Seed Funding and Expansion

Phasio recently announced a successful seed funding round, raising $2.5 million. The funding was led by Airtree Ventures, with participation from prominent investors such as 500 Global and Entrepreneur First. This financial boost will fuel Phasio’s go-to-market strategy and support their expansion into new markets.

Currently, Phasio is being used by over 50 local manufacturers in various markets, including Singapore, Australia, Germany, India, the United Kingdom, Greece, and the Netherlands. The platform primarily caters to small and medium-sized manufacturers in the additive, vacuum casting, molding, and computer numerical control segments.

Empowering Local Manufacturers to Scale and Innovate

The founders of Phasio, Lucas and Raman, both bring mechanical engineering backgrounds to the table. Through their experiences, they recognized the challenges faced by manufacturers in the prototyping and production processes. They also noticed the discrepancy in velocity between software and hardware development.

Manufacturing is a relationship-oriented business, and Phasio aims to alleviate the burden of managing various communication tasks. From design changes and invoices to bookkeeping and shipping management, these additional responsibilities pile up, leaving manufacturers with less time for the actual production process.

Phasio’s platform not only facilitates communication between manufacturers and customers but also integrates with CAD software, accounting software, and shipping providers. This seamless integration allows for instant quotations, real-time status updates, design collaboration, and simplified order management.

By empowering local manufacturers to scale and innovate within their economies, Phasio aims to create a more diverse and robust supply chain. The startup believes that onshoring should be an accessible manufacturing option for all, ultimately contributing to the growth of the global manufacturing industry.

Competing in a Crowded Market

Phasio faces competition in the additive manufacturing space from companies like Digifabster, AMFG, 3yourmind, and Oqton. Additionally, they indirectly compete with legacy ERP systems such as Netsuite and SAP, as well as newer ones like Fulcrum, Katana, and Odoo.

However, Phasio differentiates itself by offering a comprehensive design collaboration platform. Manufacturers and customers can interact directly on the platform, viewing and discussing designs in 3D. This level of real-time collaboration increases efficiency and allows engineers to handle more projects without compromising customer communication.

Overall, Phasio’s innovative approach to customer relationship management in the manufacturing industry is gaining traction. With its recent funding and expanding customer base, the startup is poised to disrupt and revolutionize the way local manufacturers streamline their operations.

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