Introducing Recs: The Social ‘Wallet’ For Stashing And Sharing Your Favorite Places


Have you ever found yourself scrolling mindlessly through popular apps, craving a more meaningful connection with the world beyond your smartphone? Well, the creators of Recs have heard your appeal and developed an app that aims to bring people together in real-life experiences. Jesse Berns, a data scientist, and Sean Conrad, a consumer app developer, launched Recs as the successor to their previous app, Go Disco.

Key Takeaway

Recs is a social app that prioritizes connecting people within physical spaces, focusing on recommendations from trusted friends. Its streamlined interface and absence of negativity make it a refreshing alternative to other review platforms.

A Move Towards Physical Spaces

Recs acknowledges that physical spaces hold a special place in people’s lives compared to fleeting events. While Go Disco focused on curating local events, Recs shifts its focus to static hotspots like favorite restaurants and music venues. Berns explains, “Places are really intimate and special — and you go to them all the time.”

Power of Personal Recommendations

Recs operates under the belief that the best recommendations come from trusted friends and acquaintances. The app aims to guide users in discovering coffee shops, Thai places, gyms, art museums, and much more based on recommendations from their network. Users can easily access a list of tried and liked places from their friends, enabling them to make informed decisions about where to go and what to experience.

No Room for Negativity

One unique aspect of Recs is its focus on positivity. There are no negative reviews, star ratings, or trolling allowed. Users can only recommend places or choose not to recommend them. The absence of anonymity on the app promotes a sense of trust and authenticity among users and discourages influencer culture.

A Solution to Information Overload

We are constantly bombarded with countless reviews and recommendations on various platforms, making it challenging to make a decision. Recs simplifies the process by providing users with one solid recommendation from a trusted friend. Instead of sifting through numerous disgruntled Yelp reviews, users can rely on a single endorsement from someone they trust.

A Utility for Managing Places

Recs aims to be more than just a social network. The app presents itself as a utility specifically designed to manage and store favorite places. Its user-friendly interface, reminiscent of Google Maps, enables users to quickly access and glean useful information about different locations. The app does not overwhelm users with unnecessary complexity, making it easy to find valuable insights for unfamiliar areas.

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