Instagram Testing Feature To Highlight Comments In Stories


Instagram is currently conducting a test that allows creators to showcase noteworthy comments to their Stories. The new feature enables creators to highlight interesting comments from fans or fellow creators on their posts or Reels. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, stated that the goal is to make it easier for creators to spotlight important or engaging comments.

In this experiment, participating creators can select the comment they wish to highlight and tap the “Add to story” icon, represented by a plus sign encircled with dots. The highlighted comment will then be displayed alongside the original post in the Stories feed.

This move is one of Instagram’s efforts to enhance the interaction between creators and their fans. In a previous update, the social network introduced a feature that allows creators to showcase Reels created by their fans through the “Add Yours” sticker challenge. As part of this functionality, creators can choose up to 10 fan-made Reels to emphasize, specifically related to a certain topic.

Key Takeaway

Instagram is testing a new feature that enables creators to highlight comments in their Stories. This functionality grants creators the ability to showcase interesting comments from fans and fellow creators on their posts or Reels, facilitating more engaging conversations on the platform.

Instagram’s Dedication to Empowering Creators

Instagram has long recognized the value of creators and their impact on the platform. By introducing various features and updates, the social media giant aims to provide enhanced tools for creators to connect with their fans effectively and build a thriving community.

Streamlining the Process for Creators

The ability to highlight comments in Stories alleviates the burden of creators having to manually search for engaging fan interactions and makes it easier for their followers to stay updated on relevant conversations. By bringing attention to noteworthy comments, creators can cultivate a more dynamic and interactive experience on their profiles.

Broadening Reach and Engagement

This new feature also contributes to the broader goal of increasing engagement on the platform. By giving fans the opportunity to have their comments highlighted, Instagram fosters a sense of belonging and encourages active participation within the community. This, in turn, can lead to higher levels of interaction and a wider reach for creators.

The Future of Creator-Fan Interaction

As Instagram continues to explore and refine features that enhance the creator-fan dynamic, the platform is likely to evolve into an even more valuable tool for creators looking to connect with their audience. By prioritizing the needs of creators, Instagram solidifies its position as a leading platform for fostering creativity, collaboration, and meaningful interactions.

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