How Tokenization Of Assets Can Drive Growth In The Crypto Industry


Startups in the web3 space are required to go beyond finding product-market fit and identify real use cases for the emerging technology. According to Staci Warden, CEO of Algorand Foundation, the focus on real use cases, such as asset tokenization, is expected to drive growth, especially as the crypto industry aims to recover from the bear market. The recent years have seen a decline in activity as the market turned, but Warden believes that protocols with a strong sense of product-market fit and a focus on real use cases have remained resilient.

Key Takeaway

The tokenization of assets is expected to be a key driver of growth in the crypto industry, as startups focus on real use cases and the integration of crypto into the traditional real world.

The Shift Towards Regulation and Real-World Integration

Warden highlights that many protocols and companies have dedicated efforts to become regulated and bridge the gap between the traditional real world and the crypto space. She emphasizes the increasing engagement in areas that were previously non-tradable and sees the tokenization of assets as one of the most significant avenues for real-world use cases, pointing towards untapped potential in this space.

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