Facebook Introduces Multiple Personal Profiles To Enhance User Experience


Facebook has announced a new feature that allows users to create multiple personal profiles, providing them with greater control and flexibility on the platform. This feature aims to address the need for users to maintain separate personal and professional lives on social media.

Key Takeaway

Facebook now allows users to create multiple personal profiles, enabling them to share content with specific audiences and organize their social connections based on different aspects of their lives.

Greater Control and Flexibility

Many Facebook users have expressed the desire to keep their personal and professional lives separate. The introduction of multiple personal profiles caters to this need by allowing users to selectively share updates and posts with different groups or communities without sacrificing privacy and control over their online presence.

Customizing Connections and Content

This new feature also enables users to create profiles dedicated to specific interests or groups of friends. For instance, users can have one profile for close friends and another for acquaintances, ensuring that they can comfortably share content that resonates with each group. Moreover, individuals with specific hobbies or interests, such as bookworms, can create a profile solely dedicated to book-related discussions and connections.

Smooth Navigation and Accessibility

Switching between different profiles is seamless and hassle-free, as users can transition without the need to log in and out repeatedly. Each personal profile has its own unique feed, displaying content relevant to that specific profile. Initially, certain features like dating, marketplace, professional mode, and payments will not be available for additional personal profiles.

A spokesperson from Facebook revealed that the option to create multiple personal profiles has been tested over the past year. The positive response received during this testing phase prompted the global rollout of the feature. Facebook aims to provide users with more control over their social graphs and profile organization based on interests.

As of the latest quarterly report, Facebook boasts over 3 billion monthly active users. The addition of multiple personal profiles is expected to enhance the user experience and appeal to a broader range of individuals. This feature comes at a crucial time for Facebook, as it continues to recover from the decline in daily active users observed in the previous quarter.

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