Espresso Displays Unveils Ultra-Portable 4K Monitor: The Espresso 17 Pro


Sydney-based company, Espresso Displays, has made waves once again in the tech industry with its latest product, the Espresso 17 Pro. Building on the success of its predecessor, the Espresso Display, the new model offers professionals across various sectors a high-end portable monitor that combines impressive tech specs with a touchscreen interface.

Key Takeaway

Sydney-based company Espresso Displays has unveiled its latest creation, the Espresso 17 Pro. This ultra-portable 4K monitor offers professionals exceptional visuals, versatility in connectivity, and innovative software. With its precision design and range of custom accessories, it is set to become a game-changer in the portable monitor market. Pre-orders are now open, with shipping to begin in November.

Astonishing Visuals and Connectivity

With a 4K resolution and a remarkable 1 billion colors displayed through its 10-bit spectrum, the Espresso 17 Pro delivers stunning visuals. Add to that its impressive brightness of 450 nits, and you have a monitor that’s perfect for professionals who demand nothing less than exceptional image quality.

What sets the Espresso 17 Pro apart from other portable monitors is its compatibility with anything that has a USB-C connection. Yes, that includes the latest iPhone models, making it a versatile and future-proof device.

Precision Design for Portability

Espresso Displays CEO, Will Scuderi, and his team have put meticulous attention to detail in designing the 17 Pro. Its aerospace aluminum construction strikes the perfect balance between robust aesthetics and lightweight design. This makes it an ideal companion for professionals on the go.

Innovative Software and Custom Accessories

In addition to the impressive hardware, Espresso Displays offers an innovative software called “Jot, by Espresso.” This software revolutionizes how users can interact with touchscreens, enabling seamless note-taking, drawing, and compatibility with various apps. Jot can be downloaded for free, making it an enticing feature for users of the Espresso 17 Pro.

Espresso Displays also introduces a range of custom accessories to enhance the user experience. These include the magnetic espressoStand Pro, which offers flexibility in working angles, the espressoCreator protective layer for a smoother drawing experience, and Case 17, a magnetic folio-style protector.

To provide users with uninterrupted productivity, Espresso Displays introduces its first-ever battery pack, the espressoCharge. With a capacity of 27,000mAh / 99wH, this travel-friendly power source can keep the 17 Pro running all day long, complying with global aviation standards.

Availability and Pricing

The Espresso 17 Pro is available for pre-sale starting today, with shipping scheduled to begin in November. To celebrate the launch, Espresso Displays offers enticing bundles. The Studio Bundle includes an espressoCharge, while the Essentials Bundle includes a Stand Pro for free. Pricing for the Espresso 17 Pro starts at $1,000.

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