EQ Tickets: The Social Ticket-Buying Experience


A new player in the ticket-buying market is making waves with its unique approach to event discovery and ticket purchasing. EQ Tickets, a startup founded by brothers Aaron and Ryan Caradonna and hip-hop artist Matt Raposo, is combining the convenience of online ticket buying with the social networking experience. The company is not only offering competitive ticket prices but also introducing a social layer to the ticket-buying process, aiming to make attending live events a more interactive and engaging experience.

Key Takeaway

EQ Tickets is redefining the ticket-buying experience by combining competitive pricing with social networking features, aiming to make event discovery and attendance a more interactive and engaging experience for users.

Revolutionizing Ticket Buying

EQ Tickets initially focused on developing a secondary ticket marketplace, similar to well-known platforms like StubHub and Vivid Seats. However, what sets EQ Tickets apart is its commitment to offering tickets at prices that undercut its competitors, with a promise of up to 20-30% lower prices. This competitive pricing strategy has garnered attention and positioned EQ Tickets as a cost-effective option for event-goers.

The Social Networking Experience

Going beyond the transactional nature of ticket buying, EQ Tickets has integrated social networking features into its platform. Users can now bookmark events and follow other users, creating a social layer that allows fans with similar interests to connect. Whether it’s finding a fellow fan to attend a local sports game or signaling interest in upcoming events, EQ Tickets aims to facilitate connections and enhance the overall event experience.

Primary Ticketing Marketplace

EQ Tickets has expanded its offerings with the introduction of a primary ticketing marketplace, positioning itself as a one-stop shop for event-goers. In addition to purchasing event tickets, users can also buy tickets to related events such as fan tailgating or afterparties, further enriching the event experience.

Early Success and Future Plans

Despite operating in stealth until now, EQ Tickets has already generated six figures in gross ticket sales, indicating early traction in the market. The company’s primary ticketing platform has also shown promise, with a significant $30,000 in ticket sales generated for a single event in a single night. With plans to expand its offerings and launch a native mobile app, EQ Tickets is poised to further disrupt the ticket-buying landscape.

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