Dusty Unveils FieldPrinter 2 And FieldPrint Platform For Construction Automation


Construction automation just got a major upgrade with the introduction of Dusty’s FieldPrinter 2 and FieldPrint Platform. The Bay Area-based startup has taken its innovative construction layout robot to the next level, offering enhanced features and capabilities for the industry.

Key Takeaway

Dusty’s latest offerings, FieldPrinter 2 and FieldPrint Platform, signal a significant advancement in construction automation, catering to the industry’s growing demand for precision, efficiency, and seamless data integration.

FieldPrinter 2: The Next Generation

Building upon the success of its predecessor, FieldPrinter 2 brings a host of new features to the table. The autonomous mobile robot, equipped with a pair of friendly eyes, is now smaller and more agile, allowing it to navigate around obstacles with ease. With a wider print head and advanced on-board sensors, the 23-pound robot can now print closer to edges and even perform “shadow printing” behind columns. Additionally, it can be controlled via iPad, providing users with greater flexibility and control.

Introducing FieldPrint Platform

Accompanying the launch of FieldPrinter 2 is the debut of FieldPrint Platform, a comprehensive solution that focuses on BIM-to-field integration. This platform seamlessly bridges the gap between digital design information and real-world construction sites, enabling a smooth flow of data throughout the entire construction process. Dusty’s cofounder and CEO, Tessa Lau, emphasizes the platform’s role in providing architects, designers, and field operators with unparalleled accuracy, communication, and efficiency.

The Growing Landscape of Construction Robotics

With the construction industry representing a $2 trillion market in the U.S. alone, robotics is increasingly making its mark in this space. The demand for automation in construction, particularly amidst staffing shortages, has paved the way for innovative solutions like Dusty’s FieldPrinter 2 and FieldPrint Platform. While Dusty faces competition from other players, such as HP’s SitePrint, its integrated software+hardware approach sets it apart as a leading force in construction automation.

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