Connectly Revolutionizes Ecommerce Marketing With Automation


Connectly, a robust platform for businesses to streamline messaging campaigns and automate customer conversations across messaging apps, has secured $7.85 million in its latest Series A funding round. Led by Volpe Capital, with participation from RX Ventures and DST Global, the funding brings the company’s total raised capital to $17.25 million. Founded by Stefanos Loukakos and Yandong Liu, Connectly aims to leverage algorithms and automation to provide personalized marketing experiences that drive customer engagement and boost sales.

Key Takeaway

Connectly revolutionizes ecommerce marketing by leveraging automation and artificial intelligence to drive personalized customer interactions. With a focus on conversations and a comprehensive platform that connects messaging efforts with sales, Connectly empowers brands to enhance customer experience, gain valuable insights, and recover potential lost sales.

Driving personalization through automation

In today’s digital landscape, brands struggle to capture consumer attention and drive meaningful engagement. Gartner reports that poor marketing personalization efforts can result in a 38% loss of customers. Recognizing the need for targeted marketing at the right time and to the right person, former head of Meta’s business-focused Messenger division, Stefanos Loukakos, founded Connectly.

Connectly allows brands to create effective messaging campaigns and automate text message conversations with customers. By utilizing artificial intelligence and chatbots, Connectly offers a solution to address the gap and recover potential lost sales.

Enhancing customer experience and understanding

Connectly’s platform empowers brands to tailor suggestions and guide customers to discover products they will love. This level of personalization not only enhances the customer experience but also enables companies to gain a deeper understanding of their target audience. Traditional automation players focus on one-way messages, but Connectly differentiates itself by specializing in conversations with current and potential buyers, offering both outbound and inbound solutions.

If a customer abandons their cart on a brand’s website, Connectly’s AI-powered system can recognize this behavior and trigger a personalized message, inquiring about the reason behind the customer’s decision not to complete the purchase. For customers deemed “high value,” Connectly can even extend exclusive discounts or lower-cost shipping options. Furthermore, Connectly’s AI analyzes customer preferences to build audience segments, providing brands with valuable insights through a centralized dashboard.

Ensuring seamless customer interactions

Connectly acts as a real-time pane of glass that connects messaging efforts with sales, aligning marketing efforts with tangible results. The platform utilizes natural language processing to understand customer messages and deliver accurate recommendations for improvement. Additionally, Connectly’s machine learning capabilities decode and prioritize inbound messages, assigning appropriate agents and tasks to maximize efficiency.

The future of Connectly

Connectly has already made significant strides in the market, collaborating with approximately 200 brands and achieving an annual recurring revenue of over $1 million. Despite competition from established players like Twilio, as well as emerging startups such as MessageBird and Attentive, Connectly remains well-positioned for future growth. With plans to expand its workforce from 35 to nearly 40 employees by the end of 2023, Connectly aims to solidify its position as a leader in ecommerce marketing automation.

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