Cleaner Power Solution For Mobile Businesses – Joule Case’s Crowdfunding Journey


Welcome to Found, where we uncover the inspiring stories behind startups. In this edition, we delve into the journey of Joule Case, a startup revolutionizing the energy industry with its cleaner alternative to diesel generators. Join Becca and Dom as they sit down with James Wagoner, the co-founder and CEO of Joule Case, to explore the company’s crowdfunding venture and its mission to power mobile businesses sustainably.

Key Takeaway

Joule Case, led by co-founder and CEO James Wagoner, is spearheading a crowdfunding initiative to support its mission of providing cleaner power solutions for mobile businesses. The company’s foray into equity crowdfunding and its commitment to driving sustainable innovation underscore its pivotal role in the evolving landscape of clean technology.

Equity Crowdfunding: Empowering Joule Case’s Vision

James Wagoner, the co-founder and CEO of Joule Case, sat down with Becca and Dom to discuss the company’s decision to pursue equity crowdfunding as a means of raising capital. Wagoner shed light on the challenges and triumphs associated with this innovative approach to fundraising, providing valuable insights into the process and its impact on Joule Case’s trajectory.

Pioneering CleanTech: Navigating a New Landscape

Amid the evolving landscape of clean technology, Joule Case has been at the forefront of driving sustainable solutions for mobile businesses. Wagoner shared the company’s experiences in navigating this burgeoning industry, offering a glimpse into the opportunities and obstacles encountered along the way.

Founders’ Journey: From College Cohorts to Collaborators

Delving into the personal dynamics of entrepreneurship, Wagoner reflected on his enduring partnership with his co-founder, tracing their journey from college acquaintances to collaborative leaders of Joule Case. Their unwavering teamwork and shared vision have been integral to the company’s success, underscoring the power of enduring partnerships in the startup realm.

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