Apple Abandons Lightning Connector In Favor Of USB-C After 11 Years


In a move that marks the end of an era, Apple has bid farewell to its iconic Lightning connector after 11 years. The Lightning plug, lauded for its versatility and compact design, has been a staple across Apple’s portable devices. However, as technology advanced and devices became more power-hungry, Apple recognized the need for a more universal solution.

Key Takeaway

Apple has finally replaced its Lightning connector with USB-C after 11 years. This move towards standardization and wireless technology aligns with the industry trend and provides users with more convenience and compatibility.

The Rise of USB-C

Apple first embraced USB-C with its iPad Pro models in 2018, followed by the iPad Air in 2020 and the 10th generation iPad in 2022. The transition gained momentum when the European Parliament passed a law requiring devices to be equipped with a USB-C port to reduce electronic waste and simplify charging. As the world began to embrace USB-C, Apple could no longer ignore its advantages.

An Expected Yet Overdue Change

With the release of the iPhone 15, Apple officially announced the retirement of the Lightning connector. However, some critics argue that Apple was late to the USB-C party. The signs were there for years, and many expected Apple to make the switch earlier. Nonetheless, the Lightning connector had been an integral part of Apple’s ecosystem, and the company may have been hesitant to relinquish its hold on the proprietary technology.

The Benefits of USB-C

While Apple is striving towards a future that is entirely wireless, there are still practical benefits to having a physical connection. Wireless charging and accessories have become increasingly common, but having the option to securely plug in and quickly charge your device is still valuable, particularly when on the go. Additionally, the adoption of USB-C means users can borrow chargers from friends or find compatible chargers more easily when needed.

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