Allianz Direct Acquires Luko’s French Home Insurance Business


Allianz Direct, a digital-first subsidiary of the insurance giant Allianz, has successfully acquired the French home insurance business of Luko for €4.3 million. This acquisition comes after Luko’s parent company faced judicial reorganization, necessitating an urgent search for a buyer that would meet the court’s requirements.

Key Takeaway

Allianz Direct’s acquisition of Luko’s French home insurance business provides a lifeline for the ailing insurtech, ensuring the continuity of its operations amidst financial challenges.

Unexpected Turn of Events

The acquisition by Allianz Direct was a mix of expected and unexpected developments. While the two companies had initially aimed for a deal in November, the process was delayed due to various reasons. Luko’s parent company’s financial situation added complexity to the situation, leading to uncertainty about the insurtech’s future.

Relief and Ambitions

Despite Luko’s aspirations to become a European insurtech unicorn, the acquisition by Allianz Direct marks a shift from its independent growth trajectory. However, the acquisition ensures that Luko’s business unit will continue to operate, providing relief to stakeholders who were concerned about the company’s fate.

Challenges and Expansion

Luko, known for its digital home insurance offerings in France, faced challenges as it expanded into other markets and made acquisitions, including German startup Coya and French startup Unkle in 2022. The complexities arising from this expansion contributed to the company’s financial difficulties.

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