A New Groovebox From Teenage Engineering That Combines Style And Functionality


Teenage Engineering, the renowned audio gear manufacturer, has recently unveiled its latest creation – the EP-133 K.O.II, affectionately dubbed the Knock Out II. This innovative device serves as a powerful drum machine, synthesizer, and sampler all in one. Priced at $300, this groovebox offers a significant upgrade from the popular pocket-sized PO-33 K.O, albeit at a higher price point.

Key Takeaway

Teenage Engineering’s EP-133 K.O.II, or Knock Out II, brings together style and functionality in a nostalgic yet modern groovebox. With its retro design and accessible appeal, this latest offering from Teenage Engineering is sure to catch the attention of music enthusiasts.

A Nostalgic Design with a Modern Twist

The Knock Out II exudes a charming retro vibe reminiscent of 1980s drum computers. With its oversized buttons, knobs, and solitary fader, this sleek device stands out as a visual delight. While its functionality may initially seem daunting, its allure is hard to resist, beckoning enthusiasts to dive into its creative potential.

What sets Teenage Engineering apart from other hardware companies is its willingness to experiment and push boundaries. In an industry often driven by minimalistic designs, the Swedish firm embraces an idiosyncratic approach, combining elements of cassette futurism, brutalism, and even childhood nostalgia.

A Range for Every Budget

Teenage Engineering first captured attention with their affordable and compact Pocket Operator sequencers. As they ventured into higher-end gear, some fans found themselves priced out of the experience. The Knock Out II, however, strikes a balance by occupying the middle ground. While not as affordable as its predecessors, it remains an enticing option for those seeking a high-quality groovebox without breaking the bank.

The Approachable Appeal of the Knock Out II

One common concern with complex music production tools is their steep learning curve. Fortunately, the Knock Out II aims to be approachable, showcasing a design that appears almost encouraging, as if to say, “You can master this!” While truly understanding its capabilities may require time and effort, the device’s user-friendly aesthetics provide a welcoming starting point.

In a market saturated with homogeneous designs, the Knock Out II stands out as a refreshing and unconventional choice. Teenage Engineering’s commitment to creating unique audio gear with a distinct visual language is a testament to their dedication to innovation. While it’s easy to fall under the spell of the latest gear, the Knock Out II offers a compelling option that marries style with substance.

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