Why Is Brazil Not In FIFA 22

Why Is Brazil Not In FIFA 22

What Happened to Brazil in FIFA 22?

Football fans around the world eagerly anticipate the release of FIFA 22 every year. The popular video game allows players to control their favorite teams, showcasing their skills on virtual pitches. However, fans of the Brazilian national team were disappointed to discover that Brazil is not included in FIFA 22. This absence has left many wondering why one of the most successful football nations in history is missing from the game. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Brazil’s omission from FIFA 22.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brazil is not included in FIFA 22 due to licensing issues with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).
  • EA Sports, the publisher of FIFA 22, failed to renew their licensing agreement with CBF, resulting in Brazil’s exclusion from the game.

One of the main reasons Brazil is not in FIFA 22 revolves around licensing issues. EA Sports, the publisher of the game, needs to secure licensing agreements with various football associations around the world to include national teams in the game. Unfortunately, the publisher failed to renew its licensing agreement with the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), leading to the exclusion of Brazil in this edition of FIFA.

So, why couldn’t EA Sports reach an agreement with the CBF? While specific details behind the failed negotiation are not publicly known, licensing agreements between game developers and football associations can be complex. It involves several factors, including financial terms, image rights, player likeness, and other legal considerations. Negotiating such agreements can be challenging, and sometimes, deals cannot be reached before the release date of the game.

It’s important to note that the absence of Brazil in FIFA 22 does not mean that Brazilian players are not available in the game. Club teams from Brazil’s domestic league, such as Flamengo and Palmeiras, are still included, and players like Neymar and Roberto Firmino can be found playing for their respective clubs. However, the absence of the national team means that players cannot choose Brazil when competing against other national sides in the game’s popular mode, FIFA Ultimate Team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brazilian players can be found in FIFA 22 but only as members of domestic club teams, not the national team.
  • The absence of Brazil in the game impacts the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, where players cannot select Brazil as their national team.

While it is indeed disheartening for fans not to see Brazil in FIFA 22, it’s worth mentioning that licensing agreements are complex and can sometimes fall through. These issues are not exclusive to Brazil but can affect other national teams or leagues as well. FIFA, being a global game, tries its best to include as many teams and players as possible, but negotiations and licensing challenges can create obstacles.

Ultimately, the exclusion of Brazil from FIFA 22 is a temporary setback. As the game evolves and new licensing agreements are negotiated, there is hope that Brazil will make its return in future editions of the game, allowing fans to experience the thrill of controlling one of the most iconic football teams in history.

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