What Is My League Of Legends Account Worth

What Is My League Of Legends Account Worth

Welcome to the World of League of Legends Account Valuation!

Gaming enthusiasts and League of Legends players often find themselves wondering, “What is my League of Legends account worth?” As dedicated gamers, we invest countless hours honing our skills and building our accounts, so it’s only natural to be curious about their value. In this blog post, we will explore the factors that determine the worth of a League of Legends account and guide you through the process of assessing your account’s value.

Key Takeaways:

  • League of Legends account worth is influenced by factors such as level, rank, skins, champions, and overall account progression.
  • Online account valuation tools can provide estimates, but the true value of your account may vary based on buyer demand and other market factors.

Factors Affecting Account Worth

When determining the worth of a League of Legends account, several factors come into play. These include:

  1. Account Level: A higher account level indicates more time invested in the game, granting access to a wider range of game modes and features.
  2. Ranks and MMR: Achieving a high rank or having a high Matchmaking Rating (MMR) can significantly increase the value of your account.
  3. Skins: Rare and exclusive skins are highly sought after by players, often making them valuable additions to an account.
  4. Champions and Runes: A wide variety of unlocked champions and a selection of valuable runes can add considerable value to your account.
  5. Progression and Achievements: Completing in-game achievements and advancing through different tiers can showcase your skill and dedication, positively impacting your account’s worth.

Keep in mind that each of these factors contributes to the overall value of your League of Legends account. However, the weight given to each factor can vary depending on individual preferences and market demand.

Assessing Account Value

While there are online tools available that claim to provide account valuations, it’s important to remember that these estimates may not always reflect the true market value of your account. Market demand, rarity of certain account features, and other external factors can influence the actual selling price.

That said, if you are interested in getting an idea of your account’s worth, there are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Evaluate Your Account: Take note of your account’s level, rank, skin collection, champion pool, and achievements.
  2. Research Marketplaces: Explore online platforms and forums where players buy and sell League of Legends accounts to get an understanding of the current market prices.
  3. Consider Professional Valuation Services: Some companies offer professional account valuation services, which may provide a more accurate estimation of your account’s worth.
  4. Talk to Experienced Players: Engage with experienced players or members of gaming communities who have prior experience in buying or selling accounts. They may offer valuable insights into account worth.

Remember, the worth of your League of Legends account is ultimately determined by potential buyers in the market, so be prepared for variations in the final selling price.


As a League of Legends player, it’s natural to be curious about the value of your account, given the time and effort you’ve invested. While various factors influence the account’s worth, remember that the value is ultimately determined by market demand and personal preferences.

Take the time to assess your account’s value using the factors mentioned in this blog post, research the market, and consider seeking professional account valuation services if needed. Remember, the worth of your League of Legends account goes beyond monetary value; it’s a reflection of your skill, achievements, and dedication in the game.

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