Is ‘Friday the 13th’ Crossplay Compatible? (Answered)

is friday the 13th crossplay

Friday the 13th was one of the most influential horror movie series to ever come out in the 1980s. Amazingly, Friday the 13th was able to horrify millions when it came out. However, the main antagonist Jason Vorhees wasn’t the sheer menace that he was until the second movie. But that’s all for another discussion. We’re not here to talk about the movie but rather the most recent game adaptation, Friday the 13th: The Game. And a lot of fans have been asking: is Friday the 13th crossplay compatible?


What Is ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’?

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Friday the 13th: The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game created by IllFonic and released by Gun Media. The game is based on the Friday the 13th film franchise starring Jason Vorhees. The game was released on May 26, 2017, for PS4 and Xbox One. A PC release was done on a later date as well, with a Nintendo Switch version releasing on August 13, 2019.

The game pits seven players acting as Camp Crystal Lake Counselors against one player that’s using Jason Vorhees. The game allows players to go around the area of Camp Crystal Lake, exploring the area, finding hidden references and various tools in their attempt to escape. Jason, on the other hand, will be hell-bent on trying to kill all of the Camp Counselors as he goes around with his machete. It is pretty terrifying. Combine this with the fact that Jason now has various supernatural powers and — those Camp Counselors better know how to run because Jason’s not in the mood for mercy.

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Is Friday the 13th: The Game Crossplay Compatible?

is friday the 13th crossplay
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Now, for the moment of truth: Is Friday the 13th: The Game Crossplay compatible? Well, unfortunately for everyone, the answer is a resounding no. Players on different platforms cannot play together. The game can only be played with players on the same platforms.


Is There a Chance for Friday the 13th: The Game to Have Crossplay?

There has been some talk of a cross-platform and crossplay update ever since the game was released back in 2017. Hell, the developers said previously that having Cross-platform and Crossplay capabilities is the main goal of the game in general. However, due to several unfortunate circumstances, this hasn’t happened yet, and it’s pretty unlikely that it’ll happen in the foreseeable future. The game is still playable though, which is a blessing in and of itself, but for those features? Well, fans can only wait and hope.


Alternatives to Friday the 13th: The Game

Now that we’ve talked about Friday the 13th: The Game, let’s talk about games that have Crossplay in them. We’ll start with Among Us. Followed by Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead: The Game, Dauntless, Chivalry 2, and lastly, Destiny 2.


Among Us

The first game on this list is Among Us, one of the sneakier hits of 2021. Even if the game’s popularity has taken a hit over the years, Among Us is still wildly popular, with hundreds of thousands of players playing the game not only on Steam, but on Epic Games Store and other consoles as well. It helps that the game now releases new maps arriving on a pretty regular interval, and various streamers continue their support. Honestly, likely, the game wouldn’t be dead anytime soon, especially since Innersloth has a lot of plans for the game in the future.

The moment that Among Us was released on consoles, Innersloth immediately added Crossplay functionality for all platforms. This encompasses not only previous gen but also next-gen consoles as well. There’s also a planned VR version of the game that’s going to be released at a later date as well. However, we don’t know if that game will also have Crossplay Support. But given that Innersloth is doing a banger of a job in supporting their game, it’s pretty possible that Among Us VR will have that as well.


Dead by Daylight

The next game on this list is Dead by Daylight, another Asymmetrical multiplayer game but with a bit of a twist. In Dead by Daylight, four players work together to escape from a supernatural killer. To do this, they need to fix generators scattered throughout the map. The killer does have several special abilities that help them catch and kill survivors. Meanwhile, survivors have their unique skills, and the ability to revive each other when they get incapacitated, within reason. After all, if it’s the third time in a row that a survivor’s impaled in a spike, they’re pretty much dead.

The continued popularity of Dead by Daylight is helped by the fact that it’s one of the forerunners of the Asymmetrical Multiplayer game. It’s very fun, if a bit horrifying, and a lot of clutch plays can happen from both Survivors and the killer. It also helps that the game is updated regularly, with new killers and survivors coming out at a decent rate. Hell, there are even crossovers of other horror franchises on Dead by Daylight. A few notable ones include Pyramid Head and Leatherface for the killers, while Ash Williams and Cheryl Manson are there for Survivors.

Combine this with the game being cross-platform, and you have a very accessible multiplayer game, indeed. It doesn’t take long for a group of five to have a lot of fun, even when all of them are inexperienced. Seriously, just try this game. You and your friends won’t regret it.


Evil Dead: The Game

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series doesn’t need any introduction to any fan of the horror genre. Even if you’re not familiar with the series, certainly, you’ll at least know about the protagonist Ash Williams. Still, even if you don’t know Evil Dead in general, you can at least try and play Evil Dead: The Game.

Evil Dead: The Game is another entry in the Asymmetrical Multiplayer horror games list. In Evil Dead: The Game, players play as 4 Heroes against 1 Kandarian Demon. The hero’s job is to stop the forces of hell from opening a portal to our world. The Kandarian Demon is the complete opposite: Kill the hero party through the use of their powers and several mooks.  

Several big names make their way back in Evil Dead: The Game as well. Bruce Campbell is here, reprising his role as Ash Williams, and other big-name stars lend their voices for the game as well. Overall, Evil Dead: The Game is pretty star-studded and a well-crafted experience that can be played cross-platform. Overall, a very good pickup not only for fans of the series but other horror enthusiasts as well.



The next game on this list isn’t an asymmetrical multiplayer game. It has more in common with Monster Hunter than Friday the 13th: The Game. The game was first released back in 2019, and even if the hype around it faded a bit, it’s still a very enjoyable experience. It’s best to think of this game as a cartooney version of Monster Hunter, if we’re being honest, but don’t let that fool you. Dauntless is a daunting game for the unprepared. The various beasties that the game has can and will kick your ass if you don’t stock up on weapons, armor, and other gear.

Overall though, Dauntless is still a great game, even if it took a lot of things from Monster Hunter. It helps that the game is still adding in new expansions, monsters, weapons, and story content. But you can fully expect a great game to be here. Crossplay-wise, the game is playable on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch, and players can play with players on other consoles as well. There’s even Cross-Save on this game, which adds to its appeal.


Chivalry 2

The next game on this list is Chivalry 2, and if we’re being honest here, it’s deserving of its position. After all, this game is just awesome when it comes to its gameplay. Its hack and slash combat is incredible and has a lot of depth to it, players can join in whenever they want in a bout, and its crossplay is impeccable. Chivalry 2’s Crossplay allows you to play with players from PlayStation and Xbox. Lastly, the game’s multiplayer is also pretty robust and, amazingly, the game holds out with over 100 players at a minimum on one server.

All in all, if you want a medieval hack and slash game with knights, Chivalry 2 is the game to get. It’s fun, easy to get into, yet rewarding to master, and you wouldn’t regret getting this game at all.


Destiny 2

Last but not least is Destiny 2, one of the biggest multiplayer games that came out in 2017. Ever since its release, Bungie has been killing it, and the game hasn’t slept on its laurels ever since. Destiny 2 continues to get updates and expansions all the time, and these expansions are in rotation, which keeps the game fresh. The best part, however, is the fact that Destiny 2 isn’t done yet. With two additional expansions coming out in the next few years. Combine this with the ability to Crossplay with players on PlayStation and Xbox, and you have a banger of a game to play.


Conclusion: Friday the 13th Is Not Crossplay Compatible

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Sadly, Friday the 13th: The Game doesn’t have any Crossplay or Cross-Save and it’s doubtful that we’ll get those features anytime soon. However, the game is still operational and very playable, and it’s pretty easy to have a few friends grouped up to play a game or three. Just make sure they’re all on the same console/on PC though, or else it’s no dice.

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