How To Play Pbe On League Of Legends

How To Play Pbe On League Of Legends

Welcome to the world of PBE on League of Legends!

Gaming enthusiasts rejoice! If you’re a League of Legends fan, you’ve probably heard about the Public Beta Environment (PBE). This exciting feature allows players to test out new champions, skins, and gameplay changes before they are officially released. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of accessing and playing on the PBE server. So, sit tight, grab your gaming gear, and let’s dive into the wonderful world of PBE!

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessing the Public Beta Environment is a privilege available only to a select number of players.
  • PBE provides an exciting opportunity to test new content and provide feedback to improve the game.

What is PBE and why should you care?

Before we jump into the how-to’s, let’s first understand what PBE is all about. The Public Beta Environment is an exclusive server where players can get a sneak peek at upcoming changes and content in League of Legends. It provides a platform for testing balance adjustments, new champions, skins, and exciting features that are under development before they are released to the wider player base.

Playing on PBE gives you a chance to be on the cutting edge of League of Legends, and your feedback can contribute to fine-tuning the game. It’s like being part of an elite group of gamers who have access to behind-the-scenes awesomeness!

How to get PBE access

Getting access to the PBE server is not as simple as creating an account on the regular League of Legends servers. Riot Games, the creator of League of Legends, only grants PBE access to a limited number of players. But worry not, fellow summoners, as we have some tips to increase your chances of getting that coveted PBE access:

  1. Have an active and honorable League of Legends account: Riot Games typically looks for players who have a good track record in the game when selecting PBE testers.
  2. Stay updated on official announcements: Riot Games often announces PBE sign-up opportunities on their official channels, such as the League of Legends website, social media platforms, and the game client. Keep an eye out for these announcements to maximize your chances.
  3. Participate in the community: Show your dedication to the game by actively engaging with the League of Legends community. Participate in forums, contribute to discussions, and share your insights and ideas. Riot Games appreciates players who are passionate about the game.
  4. Be patient: PBE access is not guaranteed, even if you meet all the criteria. Riot Games often receives a large number of requests for access. So, if you don’t get in immediately, don’t lose hope. Keep trying and stay positive.

What to expect on PBE

Congratulations! You’ve gained access to the PBE server. Now it’s time to experience the excitement of testing new content. Here’s what you can expect:

  • New Champions and Skins: PBE is the hub for trying out upcoming champions and skins before they hit the live servers. Play with these new additions and give your feedback to help Riot Games make them even better.
  • Game Adjustments: PBE is an excellent platform for testing potential balance adjustments and gameplay changes. Get a sneak peek at what Riot Games has in store for the future of League of Legends and share your thoughts on these changes.
  • Reporting Bugs: Since PBE features content still in development, there’s a chance you may encounter bugs or unexpected issues. Your job as a PBE player is to report these bugs to help Riot Games identify and fix them before the content is released to the masses.
  • Providing Feedback: Your feedback matters! Share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns about the tested content on the PBE forums. Your insights can contribute to enhancing the overall gameplay experience for League of Legends players worldwide.

In conclusion

Playing on the PBE server is an exciting privilege for any League of Legends enthusiast. It allows you to witness the game’s future and have a direct impact on its development. Remember, though, that PBE access is limited, and not everyone will be granted access immediately. Patience and persistence are key in your journey to become a PBE player. So keep exploring, testing, and providing valuable feedback to help shape the future of League of Legends!

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