How To Make Rails In Minecraft

How To Make Rails In Minecraft

How to Make Rails in Minecraft: A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to our Gaming category, where we explore the exciting world of Minecraft. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the intriguing realm of rail transportation and guide you on how to make rails in Minecraft. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your Minecraft journey, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the world of rails and elevate your gaming experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating rails in Minecraft can enhance your transportation system, allowing you to swiftly travel across vast landscapes or transport items with ease.
  • Combining rails with other redstone contraptions and minecarts can lead to exciting and efficient automated systems, adding a new dimension to your Minecraft world.

Materials Needed:

To embark on your rail-building adventure, you’ll need a few key materials:

  1. Iron Ingots: Gather plenty of iron ore and smelt it in a furnace to obtain iron ingots. You’ll need at least six iron ingots to create a set of 16 rails.
  2. Sticks: Craft sticks by placing two wooden planks vertically in a crafting table. Collect a stack of sticks to facilitate your rail-making process.
  3. Redstone Dust: Mine redstone ore using an iron pickaxe to obtain redstone dust. Redstone is a crucial component in creating powered rails, which we’ll explore further in a bit.

The Crafting Process:

Now that we have our materials ready, let’s delve into the steps required to create rails:

  1. Open your crafting table by right-clicking on it. If you don’t have a crafting table, craft one by arranging four wooden planks in a square shape in your inventory crafting grid.
  2. Place three iron ingots horizontally across the middle row of the crafting table.
  3. Fill the top row with sticks, placing one stick in each space.
  4. Once the pattern is complete, drag the 16 rails into your inventory.

Voilà! You’ve successfully crafted a set of 16 rails. Repeat the process to create as many rails as you desire for your transportation network. Now, let’s explore some ways to make your rails even more exciting and efficient.

Powered Rails: The Next Level

Powered rails provide an extra boost to your minecart’s speed or can be used to stop minecarts on their tracks. To craft powered rails, follow these steps:

  1. Place six gold ingots in the top and bottom rows of the crafting table.
  2. Fill the middle row with a stick in the center space and redstone dust on either side of it.
  3. Drag the six powered rails into your inventory once the recipe is complete.

To activate your powered rails, you’ll need to use a redstone torch or redstone block to provide power. Experiment with redstone contraptions and minecarts to create automated systems that can transport you or items across your Minecraft world effortlessly.


By following this guide, you’ve learned how to make rails in Minecraft and discovered the potential for creating vast transportation networks and automated systems. Put your rail-building skills to the test and unleash your creativity as you explore new ways to enhance your Minecraft experience. Happy crafting!

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