How To Get Imposter Every Time In Among Us 2022

How To Get Imposter Every Time In Among Us 2022

You Can Be the Imposter Every Time in Among Us 2022

Have you ever played Among Us and wished you could be the Imposter every time? Being the Imposter adds excitement and a unique gameplay experience that many players crave. In this blog post, we will reveal some expert tips and strategies to increase your chances of being chosen as the Imposter in every game. So, get ready to outsmart your crewmates and become the ultimate Imposter in Among Us!

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the game mechanics and probabilities to increase your chances.
  • Use psychological tactics and strategic gameplay to manipulate your crewmates.

1. Understanding the Game Mechanics

Before we dive into the strategies, it’s essential to understand the game mechanics of Among Us. Among Us is a social deduction game where players work together to complete tasks on a spaceship. However, there are a few impostors among the crew whose goal is to eliminate the other players without getting caught. Here’s how you can increase your chances of being the Imposter:

  1. Manipulate the settings: If you have control over the game settings, ensure the number of impostors is set to a higher value. This increases your chances of being assigned as an Imposter.
  2. Join a smaller lobby: Playing in a smaller lobby with fewer players increases the probability of becoming the Imposter. The more crewmates there are, the less likely you’ll be chosen as the Imposter.
  3. Timing matters: Joining a game when it’s just starting or about to start may give you a higher chance of being selected as the Imposter.

2. Psychological Tactics and Strategic Gameplay

Now that you understand the game mechanics, let’s explore some psychological tactics and strategic gameplay techniques that can increase your chances of being the Imposter:

  • Build trust: Gain the trust of your crewmates by completing tasks and pretending to be innocent. This will make it easier to deceive them when you finally become the Imposter.
  • Use the buddy system: Stick close to other crewmates and establish an alibi. This will make it harder for them to suspect you when you make your move as the Imposter.
  • Create chaos: Cause disruptions around the spaceship, such as sabotaging systems or creating distractions, to divert attention from yourself. This confusion can make it easier for you to strike as the Imposter.
  • Blame others: If you suspect another player of being the Imposter, manipulate the situation by accusing them and convincing your crewmates to vote them out. This will create further chaos and make it easier for you to eliminate the remaining crewmates.

Remember, being the Imposter every time in Among Us is not guaranteed, as randomness plays a significant role in the game. However, by implementing these tips and strategies, you can significantly increase your chances and enjoy the thrill of being the Imposter more frequently.

So, the next time you play Among Us, remember to employ these tactics and create chaos among your crewmates. Who knows, you might just become the master Imposter in your gaming circle. Good luck and happy “impostering”!

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