Elden Ring How To Respec Guide For Beginners

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You just got Elden Ring, you’re enjoying the game, having a grand old time killing things, dying, and jumping back into the game again. You already spent a few hundred thousand runes to level up, and then you fight Radahn. After a long and grueling fight, you kill him and get his Remembrance which you cashed in for his sick Starscourge Twin Greatswords. But, It requires a certain level of Intelligence to use. Then you remember that you can simply Respec and get the levels! But how to respec in Elden Ring you may ask?

That’s where we come in. In this article, we’ll talk about the Respec system, how to use it, and what players need to do and to get to do so. Let’s dive in.


What Is Respec/Rebirth In Elden Ring?

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Rebirth is the name of the ability to Respec in Elden Ring. The basic gist is that it allows players to put all of their attributes back to their base level. And then, take all their accumulated levels and place them in the attributes that they want.

In Elden Ring, there are 8 different Attributes for players to place levels in and these Attributes have their scalings. These are the stats in question with some description as well as their soft cap:



More Vigor = More HP, as well as Fire Resistance and Immunity. As an aside, Immunity is a defensive stat that shows how resistant the player is to poisons and Scarlet Rot. Has a 40 and 60 soft cap.



More Mind = More Focus Point AKA more Spell and Weapon Art casts. In addition, Mind also adds to Focus, a defensive stat that increases resistance to Madness and Sleep. Has a soft cap of 50, 57, and 60.



More Endurance = More stamina meaning more attacks and dodges. Also adds to Robustness, a defensive stat that increases resistance to frostbite and hemorrhage. Has a soft cap of 50.



Needed to use heavy weapons like greatswords and the like as well as boost the damage of certain weapons with Strength Attribute scaling. It also affects a player’s physical defense. Has a soft cap of 20, 55, and 80. Do note that the damage gained by both Strength-scaling weapons and Incantations differs per weapon’s scaling.



Needed to use weapons like katanas and whips as well as boost the damage of weapons with Dexterity Attribute scaling. In addition to this, it also helps in reducing spell cast time, reducing fall damage, and ensuring that you don’t get knocked off of Torrent. Has a soft cap of 20, 55, and 80, just like Strength. Do note that the damage gained by both Dexterity-scaling weapons and Incantations differs per weapon’s scaling.



Next is Intelligence, which is needed to cast Glintstone Sorceries as well as improve their scaling and damage. In addition, the stat improves a player’s magic resistance. The attack scaling is soft capped at 20, 55, and 80, while Sorcery Damage is soft capped at 60 and 80. Do note that the damage gained by both Intelligence-scaling weapons and Incantations differs per weapon’s /Sorcery’s scaling.



Next is Faith, which is needed to cast Sacred Incantations and also boost their damage. The attack rating’s soft capped at 20, 55, and 80, while Incantation damage is soft capped at 60 and 80. Do note that the damage gained by both Faith-scaling weapons and Incantations differs per the weapon’s/Incantation’s scaling.



Last but not the least is Arcane, which boosts discovery chance, as well as boosting, Holy Defense and Vitality. Holy Defense is exactly what it says on the tin, it boosts resistance against Holy Damage done by Faith incantations and weapons. Meanwhile, Vitality increases Resistance to the Death Blight debuff, which is inflicted by a few enemies in the game. Last but not the least, it affects the damage of certain Incantations and Sorceries.

Arcane is soft capped at 20, 55, and 80, while Incantations and Sorceries are soft capped at 30 and 45. Do note that the damage gained by both Arcane-scaling weapons, Sorceries, and Incantations differs per weapon’s/Incantation’s/Sorcery’s scaling.


How Do You Unlock Rebirth In Elden Ring?

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Unlocking Rebirth is a pretty simple task. Simply go to Liurnia of the Lakes and into Raya Lucaria Academy. After that, the player needs to defeat Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon. We’re not going to talk about how to beat her though, just know that after beating her, the player unlocks the ability to Rebirth.

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Elden Ring How To Respec Guide

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Now that we know how to unlock Rebirthing, let’s talk about how to Respec in Elden Ring.


What Item Do You Need to Respec in Elden Ring?

To Respec using Renalla’s power, players need to obtain an item called Larval Tear. The item is stated to be a core of a creature that can mimic objects and even other people. This is the item needed by Renalla to give players the ability to Respec, and birth anew. However, using Respec costs a Larval Tear, and each playthrough only has a limited amount of Larval Tears for players to use in Single Player. But first, we need to talk about where to find Larval Tears in the first place.


Where Do You Get the Larval Tear Item?

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As of the making of this article, there’s a total of 22 Larval Tears available in a new playthrough. Once all 22 are taken, there’s no other place to get Larval Tears again. Players can go to New Game Plus and get an additional 22 Larval Tears from the locations mentioned here though. Without further ado, here are the places to get Larval Tears in Elden Ring:


Larval Tear Locations:

  1. Can be purchased from 2 merchants for 3000 Runes. These merchants are Pidia, Carian Servant in Liurnia of the Lakes, and a Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River.
  2. Agheel’s Lake South Site of Grace: Go east after the Site of Grace and you’ll find Wandering Noble enemy. Do note that it’s a Lesser Runebear in disguise. Defeat it to get a Larval Tear.
  3.  Village of Albinaurics: Found in the graveyard in the Village of Albinaurics
  4. Between Boilprawn Shack and Rose Church: Between these locales is a gazebo with 4 Giant Crayfish. 3 of them are sleeping, and one is awake and patrolling. Kill the patrolling Giant Crayfish, which is a Grafted Scion in disguise, to get a Larval Tear.
  5. Caelid Highway South Site of Grace: Go South and to the Stone coffins and look for a cliff. There’s a Wandering Noble there, that’s a Troll. Kill the Troll for a Larval Tear.
  6. Inner Consecrated Snowfield Sight of Grace: Southeast from this Site of Grace is a half-buried group of 3 pilgrims. One of them is a disguised Lesser Runebear. Kill it to get a Larval Tear.
  7. Windmill Village: Southeast of Windmill Village is an unnamed ruin with a cowering Wandering Noble. This is a Lion Guardian in disguise. Kill it to get a Larval Tear. Easily accessed by using the Rampartside Path Site of Grace and going north.
  8. Road of Iniquity Site of Grace: Go due east into a ruined camp. There’s a Wormface there disguised as a corpse. Kill it to get a Larval Tear.
  9. Dropped by 3 Silver Spheres in Nokstella.
  10. 9 are located in Nokron, Eternal City. 6 are scattered throughout the area, 2 are gained after killing the Mimic Tear, and one is dropped by a Silver Sphere located in Night’s Sacred Ground.


The Last Larval Tear

The 22nd Larval Tear has a pretty long process to get. To do so, players need to obtain the Resurrection Painting and then go to a graveyard east of Caria Manor. Do note though that this area can only be accessed after killing Royal Knight Loretta.

Once there, look for a ghost sitting in the graveyard and interact with it. After doing this, the ghost will vanish, leaving a Larval Tear, and the Juvenile Scholar Robe and Cap items.


Pros and Cons Of Respec


There are several advantages to going to Renalla and Respeccing your stats. We already talked about reassigning levels based on player preference, but we have to hammer this point home.

In Elden Ring, there are times when the player completely and utterly regrets their choices in levels. In that case, they can simply go to Renalla and, provided they have a Larval Tear, reassign their stats to the attributes they want. Maybe they spent too many levels on Dexterity and need to get their Vigor and Endurance up. Perhaps they want to try that cool weapon but they’re a few levels short on a certain attribute. With Rebirth, they can do so, and pretty much flip their whole playstyle whenever they wish.

Of course, when they run out of Larval Tears, the fun will end. This is pretty much the one drawback in using Rebirth: The fact that there are only 22 Larval Tears to use this system. Once there are no more Larval Tears to farm, the player is stuck on the last Attribute Spread they had after they use their 22nd Larval Tear. Once that happens, they need to go on New Game Plus to reset the Larval Tears so they can get on the map again. Doing this, however, makes the game harder, as enemies and bosses now have more HP and deal more damage.

In short, the Rebirth System is a powerful tool for players to tweak their playstyles according to what they want to do. However, the fact that Larval Tears are a limited resource is going to rear its ugly head eventually. Once that happens, players need to go to New Game Plus to get more Larval Tears.


Use The Power Of Rebirth Today

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Rebirth is a powerful tool that can be used by players to tweak their stats and change up their playstyles. However, careful usage of the Larval Tears necessary for this system is needed due to the limited supply players get in one playthrough. Overall though, it’s a good idea to use these Larval Tears to tweak out the player’s character to get the playstyle they want. Best to make use of a resource for the player’s advantage after all.

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