How Much Did Lab Zero Games Raise For “Indivisible” On Indiegogo?



Indiegogo has become a popular crowdfunding platform for independent game developers to bring their visions to life. One such developer, Lab Zero Games, embarked on a crowdfunding campaign for their highly anticipated game, “Indivisible.” The campaign not only aimed to secure financial support but also to build a passionate community around the project.

“Indivisible” is a unique role-playing game that combines elements of platforming, action, and strategy. Developed by Lab Zero Games, the creators of the critically acclaimed fighting game “Skullgirls,” this new venture promised a captivating storyline, immersive gameplay mechanics, and stunning visuals.

The Indiegogo campaign for “Indivisible” set out with ambitious goals to raise funds and bring the game to life. With a dedicated team and a loyal following of fans, Lab Zero Games hoped to achieve both financial success and a strong community engagement.

Over the course of the campaign, Lab Zero Games revealed exciting stretch goals and reward tiers, enticing backers to pledge their support in exchange for exclusive content and perks. The team also made a concerted effort to promote the campaign through various channels, leveraging social media, gaming conventions, and community outreach.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the details of the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign and discover how much Lab Zero Games raised to make their gaming dreams a reality.


What is “Indivisible”?

“Indivisible” is an ambitious and innovative role-playing game developed by Lab Zero Games. Set in a beautifully crafted fantasy world inspired by various cultures and mythologies, the game offers a unique blend of platforming, action, and turn-based combat.

The game follows the journey of Ajna, a fierce and determined young girl with a mysterious power residing within her. As she embarks on a quest to uncover the truth about her abilities and save the world from imminent destruction, players will guide her through a vast and interconnected universe filled with diverse characters and captivating stories.

What sets “Indivisible” apart from other RPGs is its dynamic combat system, which seamlessly integrates real-time action with strategic turn-based elements. Players can assemble a team of memorable characters, each with their own abilities and playstyles, and strategically command them in battle to gain an advantage over enemies.

The game’s platforming mechanics add an extra dimension to the gameplay, allowing players to explore intricate environments, solve puzzles, and unlock hidden secrets. With its stunning hand-drawn artwork, vibrant animations, and a compelling soundtrack composed by Hiroki Kikuta, the game offers a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Lab Zero Games’ dedication to creating a rich and engaging world for players to explore is evident in the attention to detail put into every aspect of “Indivisible”. The characters, inspired by various cultures, not only bring diversity to the game but also provide unique perspectives and stories that add depth to the overall narrative.

With its captivating storyline, innovative gameplay mechanics, and beautiful art style, “Indivisible” has garnered significant attention and anticipation from gamers around the world. The Indiegogo campaign aimed to not only raise funds to bring this extraordinary game to life but also to build a community of passionate players who would embark on this epic adventure alongside Ajna.


Indiegogo Campaign Details

The Indiegogo campaign for “Indivisible” was launched by Lab Zero Games with the aim of raising funds to support the game’s development and production. The campaign provided an opportunity for fans and supporters to contribute financially and become a part of bringing this exciting project to life.

The campaign ran for a specified period, during which backers could pledge their support at various levels, each with its own set of rewards and perks. Lab Zero Games meticulously planned and structured the campaign, ensuring transparency and accountability to their backers.

To create buzz and excitement, the crowdfunding campaign offered stretch goals that would unlock additional content and features. These stretch goals incentivized backers to increase their funding, contributing to the overall success of the campaign.

Lab Zero Games utilized the Indiegogo platform to showcase the project, providing detailed information about the game, its mechanics, story, and characters. Backers were able to browse through different pledge tiers and choose the one that suited their budget and desired rewards.

The campaign also included a dedicated FAQ section, addressing common queries and concerns that potential backers might have had. This ensured clear communication and provided a level of transparency that inspired trust among the backers.

Furthermore, Lab Zero Games leveraged social media platforms, gaming forums, and their existing fan base to spread the word about the campaign. They actively engaged with supporters, answering questions, and providing updates on the progress of the project to keep the community involved and eager to support the campaign.

Overall, the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign was a well-planned and executed endeavor by Lab Zero Games. It not only sought financial support but also aimed to create a strong community of backers who shared the passion for the game and believed in the vision of the developers.


Initial Funding Goal

Lab Zero Games set an initial funding goal for the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign, which represented the minimum amount needed to bring the game to fruition. This funding goal was carefully calculated, taking into account various aspects of the game’s development, including art assets, programming, sound design, and marketing.

Lab Zero Games aimed to raise enough funds to ensure a high-quality gaming experience while also covering the necessary expenses that come with game development, such as licensing fees, equipment, and software costs. They were transparent about the breakdown of the funding goal, providing backers with a clear understanding of where their support would be allocated.

The initial funding goal acted as a milestone for the campaign. It was a crucial benchmark that needed to be achieved to secure the financial viability of the project. Meeting this goal would have guaranteed that “Indivisible” would be developed and released, fulfilling the dreams of both the developers and the eager community of fans.

Lab Zero Games understood the importance of setting a realistic funding goal that was achievable within the given timeframe of the campaign. They conducted meticulous planning and analysis to ensure that the goal was not only attainable but also reflected the scope and magnitude of the game they aspired to create.

The initial funding goal served as a rallying point for the campaign, rallying backers to support the project and help bring “Indivisible” to life. It represented the starting point from which Lab Zero Games could build upon and fulfill their vision.

While the initial funding goal was crucial, the ultimate success of the campaign would ultimately be determined by the amount raised beyond that threshold. Stretch goals provided an avenue for additional funding that would enhance the game with more content, features, and optimizations.

Lab Zero Games set their sights high, but it was the support of the community that would ultimately determine the success of the campaign and whether the initial funding goal would be surpassed, enabling the game to reach new heights.


Stretch Goals

Lab Zero Games introduced stretch goals as a way to incentivize backers to contribute more to the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign. These goals represented funding milestones beyond the initial funding goal, with each milestone unlocking new features, content, and enhancements for the game.

The stretch goals were carefully planned and designed to enhance the overall gaming experience, providing additional value to both the backers and future players. Lab Zero Games crafted exciting and enticing features that would deepen the gameplay, expand the world, and introduce new characters and storylines.

As the campaign progressed, Lab Zero Games shared details about the stretch goals through regular campaign updates. This generated anticipation and excitement within the community, motivating backers to increase their pledges and help unlock these desirable additions to the game.

Some of the stretch goals included enhanced voice acting, additional playable characters, new areas to explore, and expanded cinematics. Each goal was thoughtfully chosen to complement the core vision of “Indivisible” and provide players with an enriched and immersive experience.

The stretch goals not only served as a way to entice existing backers to increase their pledges but also acted as a means to attract new backers who were enticed by the prospect of receiving additional features. The allure of extra content incentivized both new and existing supporters to spread the word about the campaign, contributing to its overall success.

Stretch goals, by nature, provided a tangible representation of the community’s support and the campaign’s momentum. As each goal was reached, it showcased the collective enthusiasm of backers and demonstrated the growing popularity and potential of “Indivisible”. This, in turn, further encouraged others to join the campaign and contribute.

Lab Zero Games carefully considered the balance between stretch goals and the additional workload they would entail. They aimed to deliver on these promises without compromising the quality and timeline of the game’s development. By setting achievable goals that added value to the game while maintaining a realistic scope, they ensured a positive experience for both the developers and the future players.

The stretch goals played a significant role in the success of the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign, driving increased support, engagement, and excitement within the community. They exemplified Lab Zero Games’ commitment to delivering a game that exceeded expectations and would be cherished by players around the world.


Pledges and Backers

The success of the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign relied heavily on the support and generosity of backers who pledged their hard-earned money to bring the game to life. The campaign featured a range of pledge tiers, each offering unique rewards and perks, enticing backers to contribute at various levels.

Lab Zero Games carefully crafted the pledge tiers to cater to different budgets and interests. Backers could choose from options that ranged from basic digital copies of the game to exclusive physical merchandise, artbooks, soundtracks, and even opportunities to have their names featured in the game’s credits.

The campaign’s pledge tiers didn’t just offer material rewards – they also provided backers with the chance to be involved in the game’s development. Some tiers granted access to early builds and beta testing, enabling backers to provide feedback and shape the final product.

Lab Zero Games recognized the importance of community engagement and ensured that backers were kept informed and involved throughout the campaign. They regularly communicated updates on the game’s progress, shared concept art, and responded to questions and feedback from the community.

Backers were crucial advocates for the campaign, using social media platforms, gaming forums, and word-of-mouth to spread awareness and encourage others to support “Indivisible”. Their dedication and enthusiasm played a significant role in expanding the campaign’s reach and attracting new backers.

The number of backers not only represented the financial success of the campaign but also served as a testament to the game’s appeal and the trust the community had in Lab Zero Games. The larger the number of backers, the greater the validation for the developers’ vision and the excitement surrounding “Indivisible”.

The campaign’s success in attracting a wide range of backers demonstrated the game’s broad appeal. Fans of Lab Zero Games’ previous work, supporters of indie games, and those captivated by the unique blend of gameplay styles and captivating visuals all came together to support the campaign.

The diversity of backers also emphasized the community’s shared passion for gaming, storytelling, and supporting independent developers. Their collective support not only helped fund the game’s production but also served as a source of motivation and inspiration for the Lab Zero Games team.

The pledges from backers were more than just financial contributions; they were a show of trust, belief, and investment in the success and potential of “Indivisible”. The gratitude and appreciation expressed by Lab Zero Games towards their backers were genuine and heartfelt, acknowledging the instrumental role they played in bringing “Indivisible” to life.


Publicity and Promotion

Lab Zero Games understood the importance of effective publicity and promotion in maximizing the success of the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign. They utilized various marketing strategies and channels to raise awareness about the game and generate excitement within the gaming community.

One of the key promotional tactics was leveraging social media platforms. Lab Zero Games actively engaged with their audience on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, sharing updates, concept art, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the game’s development process. This not only built anticipation but also fostered a sense of community among fans.

In addition to social media, Lab Zero Games attended major gaming conventions and events, such as E3 and PAX, to showcase “Indivisible”. These events provided an opportunity to demonstrate the game’s unique features, garner media coverage, and interact directly with potential backers and players.

The campaign also benefited from the support of gaming influencers and content creators. Lab Zero Games collaborated with popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers who played early builds of “Indivisible” and shared their experiences with their audiences. This influencer marketing helped increase exposure and reach new potential backers.

Lab Zero Games recognized the power of word-of-mouth marketing and encouraged backers and supporters to spread the word about the campaign. They provided easy-to-share social media assets, campaign links, and updates that backers could easily share with their networks, amplifying the campaign’s reach and impact.

An integral part of the campaign’s promotion was the creation of compelling and visually appealing campaign videos. These videos effectively communicated the unique aspects of “Indivisible”, the goals of the campaign, and the benefits of backing the project. The videos were shared on the campaign page, social media platforms, and gaming websites.

Lab Zero Games also fostered a sense of transparency and trust by keeping backers and supporters regularly updated throughout the campaign. They provided detailed progress reports, development insights, and addressed any concerns or questions raised by the community. This open communication helped build a strong bond between the developers and their backers.

Through a combination of social media engagement, participation in gaming events, influencer partnerships, and transparent communication, Lab Zero Games executed a comprehensive and effective publicity and promotion strategy. These efforts played a crucial role in generating awareness, engaging the gaming community, and ultimately driving the success of the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign.


Final Amount Raised

After weeks of anticipation and support from the gaming community, the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign by Lab Zero Games came to a close, leaving behind an impressive final amount raised that surpassed even the initial funding goal.

The campaign’s achievements were a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of both Lab Zero Games and the passionate community of backers who believed in the vision of “Indivisible”. Through their generous contributions and support, the campaign not only reached but exceeded its funding target.

The final amount raised was a reflection of the collective excitement and desire for “Indivisible” to become a reality. The supporters, ranging from avid fans of Lab Zero Games’ previous work to newcomers captivated by the game’s concept and the team’s dedication, came together to contribute and make the dream a reality.

The surpassing of the initial funding goal enabled Lab Zero Games to not only develop and release the game but also to incorporate additional features, content, and improvements that the stretch goals promised. Backers’ pledges helped unlock these stretch goals, enhancing the overall gaming experience for the entire community.

The final amount raised was not just a monetary achievement; it represented the validation and support that Lab Zero Games received from their backers and the gaming community at large. It showcased the trust and confidence invested in the project and affirmed the team’s ability to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Lab Zero Games expressed their gratitude and appreciation to each and every backer, recognizing their vital role in the success of the campaign. It was the collective effort of the backers that made it possible for “Indivisible” to become a reality, and their support would forever be ingrained in the game’s journey.

With the final amount raised, Lab Zero Games would be able to continue the development process, refining the game, and bringing every element to its full potential. It was a culmination of months of hard work, community engagement, and unwavering dedication to creating a game that would resonate with players around the world.

The final amount raised was a significant milestone for Lab Zero Games, but it was merely the beginning of the journey for “Indivisible”. The development team would now shift their focus towards fulfilling their promises, delivering on stretch goals, and ultimately releasing a game that would captivate and delight their supporters.



The “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign by Lab Zero Games was a resounding success, thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of the passionate gaming community. From its humble beginnings to surpassing its initial funding goal, the campaign exemplified the power of crowdfunding and the connection between developers and players.

The campaign showcased the immense enthusiasm surrounding “Indivisible” and the trust that backers placed in Lab Zero Games to deliver a unique, captivating, and high-quality gaming experience. It was a testament to the game’s innovative combination of genres, compelling narrative, and visually stunning art style.

Through effective publicity and promotion, Lab Zero Games successfully spread the word about the campaign and engaged with the gaming community. Social media, gaming conventions, influencer partnerships, and transparent communication were pivotal in garnering support and expanding the reach of “Indivisible”.

The pledge tiers and stretch goals offered backers enticing rewards and incentives, creating a sense of community and shared investment in the project. The generosity of backers not only provided the financial means to develop and enhance the game but also reinforced the belief that independent developers can create extraordinary experiences.

The final amount raised surpassed expectations, enabling Lab Zero Games to go beyond their initial goals and deliver an even more polished and feature-rich game. The success of the campaign was a testament to the dedication of the development team and the unwavering support of the backers.

As Lab Zero Games carries the momentum of the campaign forward, the final amount raised serves as a reminder of the shared passion for “Indivisible” and the anticipation for the game’s release. The journey may have started through crowdfunding, but it will continue through the dedication of the developers and the enjoyment and appreciation of the players.

“Indivisible” is not just a game; it represents the power of dreams, community, and the belief that independent projects can have a lasting impact on the gaming industry. The success of the “Indivisible” Indiegogo campaign is a testament to the strength of collaboration between developers and passionate players.

Lab Zero Games’ journey with “Indivisible” continues beyond the campaign, as they work towards bringing the game to life and delivering an unforgettable experience. The support, trust, and enthusiasm of the backers will forever be ingrained in the legacy of “Indivisible” as it becomes a reality for gamers around the world.

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