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How To Set Up The Mic On A Bengoo Gaming Headset On A PC



So, you've just purchased a brand new Bengoo gaming headset, and you're excited to dive into the immersive world of gaming. One of the key features of this headset is its high-quality microphone, which allows you to communicate with your fellow gamers or record your voice with crystal-clear clarity. However, before you can start using the microphone, you need to set it up properly on your PC.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up the microphone on your Bengoo gaming headset to ensure that you can start chatting, strategizing, and recording without any hassle. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a newbie to the gaming world, this guide will provide you with the essential knowledge to make the most of your Bengoo gaming headset's microphone capabilities.

By following these simple instructions, you'll be able to unleash the full potential of your Bengoo gaming headset and enjoy seamless communication and recording experiences. So, let's dive in and get your Bengoo gaming headset mic set up on your PC!


Step 1: Unboxing the Bengoo Gaming Headset

Before you can set up the microphone on your Bengoo gaming headset, you need to unbox the headset itself. The unboxing process is straightforward and should only take a few minutes. Here’s what you can expect when unboxing your Bengoo gaming headset:

  • Contents: Upon opening the packaging, you’ll find the Bengoo gaming headset neatly nestled inside. In addition to the headset, you may also find an instruction manual, warranty information, and any additional accessories that come with the headset.
  • Inspect the Headset: Take a moment to inspect the headset for any visible damage or defects. This is an important step to ensure that your headset is in perfect condition before proceeding with the setup process.
  • Detangling Cables: Carefully unwind and detangle any cables connected to the headset. This includes the audio and microphone cables, which will be essential for connecting the headset to your PC.
  • Adjusting the Headset: Before you put on the headset, adjust the headband and ear cups to fit comfortably over your head and ears. Proper adjustment ensures a snug and comfortable fit during your gaming sessions.

By unboxing your Bengoo gaming headset and preparing it for setup, you’re laying the foundation for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Once you’ve completed this step, you’re ready to move on to the next phase of the setup process: connecting the headset to your PC.


Step 2: Connecting the Headset to Your PC

Now that you’ve unboxed your Bengoo gaming headset, it’s time to connect it to your PC. Properly connecting the headset is crucial to ensure that both the audio and microphone functions work seamlessly. Here’s how you can connect your Bengoo gaming headset to your PC:

  • Locate the Audio and Mic Jacks: Identify the audio and microphone jacks on your PC. These are typically color-coded, with the audio jack being green and the microphone jack being pink. If your PC has separate audio and mic jacks, you may need to use a splitter provided with the headset.
  • Plug in the Audio Cable: Take the audio cable from the Bengoo gaming headset and plug it into the audio jack on your PC. Ensure that the connection is secure to avoid any audio disruptions during use.
  • Connect the Mic Cable: Similarly, take the microphone cable from the headset and plug it into the microphone jack on your PC. Just like the audio cable, make sure the connection is snug to enable clear communication.
  • Use a USB Adapter (if applicable): Some Bengoo gaming headsets come with a USB adapter for audio and mic connectivity. If your headset includes a USB adapter, simply plug it into an available USB port on your PC for an alternative connection method.

Once you’ve successfully connected the Bengoo gaming headset to your PC, you’re one step closer to harnessing its full potential. The secure and proper connection ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality audio and seamless microphone functionality during your gaming sessions or voice recordings.


Step 3: Adjusting Mic Settings on Your PC

After connecting your Bengoo gaming headset to your PC, it’s essential to adjust the microphone settings to optimize its performance. Proper mic settings not only ensure clear communication with fellow gamers but also enhance the quality of voice recordings. Here’s how you can adjust the mic settings on your PC:

  • Access Sound Settings: Navigate to the sound settings on your PC. You can usually find this in the system settings or by right-clicking the sound icon in the taskbar and selecting “Sounds” or “Recording devices.”
  • Select the Microphone: Once in the sound settings, locate the Bengoo gaming headset microphone in the list of recording devices. It should be identified by the headset’s name or model number.
  • Adjust Microphone Levels: Open the properties of the Bengoo gaming headset microphone and navigate to the “Levels” tab. Here, you can adjust the microphone levels to ensure that your voice is captured at an optimal volume without distortion or background noise.
  • Enable Enhancements (if desired): Depending on your PC’s sound settings, you may have the option to enable microphone enhancements such as noise suppression or echo cancellation. Experiment with these enhancements to find the settings that best suit your preferences.
  • Test the Microphone: Use the “Test” or “Listen” feature in the sound settings to ensure that the microphone is capturing your voice accurately. Speak into the microphone and listen for clear and natural audio playback.

By adjusting the mic settings on your PC, you’re customizing the microphone’s performance to align with your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re engaging in intense gaming sessions or creating voice recordings, these adjustments ensure that the Bengoo gaming headset microphone delivers exceptional clarity and accuracy.


Step 4: Testing the Mic

Once you’ve adjusted the mic settings on your PC, it’s time to put the Bengoo gaming headset microphone to the test. Testing the microphone allows you to confirm that it’s functioning as expected and that your voice is being captured clearly. Here’s how you can effectively test the mic:

  • Open a Voice Recorder: Launch a voice recording application on your PC. This can be a built-in app or a third-party software that allows you to record audio. Ensure that the recording settings are configured to use the Bengoo gaming headset microphone as the input device.
  • Speak into the Mic: Position the microphone at an appropriate distance from your mouth and speak clearly into it. You can recite a few sentences or simply engage in casual conversation to gauge the microphone’s performance.
  • Listen to the Recording: After recording your voice, play back the audio to assess the quality. Pay attention to the clarity of your voice, the absence of background noise, and the overall fidelity of the recording.
  • Test in a Game or Voice Chat: If you’re primarily using the Bengoo gaming headset for gaming purposes, join a game or voice chat session to test the microphone in a real-world scenario. Communicate with other players and solicit feedback on the clarity and volume of your voice.

By thoroughly testing the Bengoo gaming headset microphone, you can ensure that it meets your expectations and delivers the performance you need for gaming, voice recording, or online communication. If any issues arise during testing, revisit the mic settings and make further adjustments to achieve the desired results.



Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up the microphone on your Bengoo gaming headset, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of gaming, voice recording, and online communication. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you’ve ensured that your Bengoo gaming headset microphone is ready to deliver exceptional performance.

From unboxing the headset to adjusting mic settings and conducting thorough testing, you’ve taken the necessary measures to optimize the microphone’s functionality on your PC. The clear and crisp audio captured by the Bengoo gaming headset microphone will enhance your gaming experience, facilitate seamless communication with fellow players, and enable high-quality voice recordings.

As you embark on your gaming adventures or engage in voice-based activities, remember that the Bengoo gaming headset microphone is a powerful tool that empowers you to express yourself with clarity and precision. Whether you’re strategizing with teammates, engaging in virtual conversations, or creating content, the reliable performance of the Bengoo gaming headset microphone is at your disposal.

With your Bengoo gaming headset microphone set up and ready to go, you can confidently dive into the immersive realms of gaming, content creation, and online interaction, knowing that your voice will be heard with remarkable clarity and fidelity.

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