Video: My Heart is Von Neumann

Nanogirl writes, “I released anew animated music video ‘My Heart is Von Neumann’.

The star of the video is a digital robot singing the words of the trans humanist/extropian style pro technology song.”

Nanogirl is also known as Gina Miller, artist, trans humanist and futurist. You can check out more of her artistic creations in the “museum of the future”. Nanogirl has also created a cute”We can do it” t-shirt featuring Rosie the robot riveter.

Just the thing for that woman in your life who loves robots and the future as much as Nanogirl.

Nat examines the fat Turkey butt, posted 4 Dec 2009 at 17:36 UTC by spirit»(Journeyer)

Grandmother Louise remarked about Nat conversing with Von Neumann once.Can you spot Nat Rochester examining the Turkey butt this year in his old house at Duxbury?

Nat Rochester Summarises the 701 and his career – Transcript “It was like catching a wave — riding it in. That’s the way I look at my career. I was really very lucky.”

my favorite music video, posted 4 Dec 2009 at 18:13 UTC by spirit»(Journeyer)

My favorite music video is by Tujiko_Noriko

Details bring tears to my eyes. If it wasn’t for that sacrificial cow, the mission would be a total failure. Yet what sort of Heavenly departure are we aiming at?

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