6 Tips to Utilize Fintech and AI to Improve Your Small Business

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The current trend in fintech has made so many transactions more effortless, as it takes a few clicks to do the things you need. Technology helps businesses grow and prosper. It makes operations as convenient as possible. For example, AI has grown over the past few years – from minimal assistance to creating outputs like visual art and essays.

If you’re working on a small business or currently planning to start one, you can incorporate fintech services and AI for your business operations in many ways. Here are some ways you can utilize the two for your business.


Use Idea Generators

If you’re stuck with creating concepts for your business or ideas to help your operations grow, you can always use AI to help provide you with ideas. If you’re starting, you can use topic or idea generators to help your ideas grow and turn them into reality.

For example, you can do something as simple as talking to an AI chatbot and asking for ideas about your business, including the business name, the products or services you can sell, or even concepts and logos.

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Create an Online Presence

One way that businesses can easily thrive nowadays is to go to the internet. When you are on the internet, more people will see and interact with you.

The same especially applies to businesses. Social media is the simplest way of doing so. Creating an account for your business can attract people who, in turn, can share it with others.

In the case of incorporating fintech and AI, it would help to use a social media site that incorporates e-commerce, like Facebook. You can also hop on an e-commerce site like Amazon and share links to your account with your social media ones.

Creating a website also helps. You can use AI to help create a website for your small business. You can present your products and services and contact information there.


Seek Funding Online

Where do you get the money to fund your business? You can do so in many ways, but if you are looking at financing options, you can seek online lending services. It can be hectic having to manage even small businesses, and you’ll need all the time you get. Getting a loan from a registered online lender can save you time borrowing funds.

There are a lot of available online lenders you can approach. You can look for websites and mobile applications that offer loans to help you with your business. Even banks and e-wallets offer loans suitable for your situation, whether it’s a quick cash loan, long-term business loan, etc.

You just have to look for a suitable online lender, check the loans they offer, and see that your credit qualifies for a good deal.


Use More Than One Payment Method

Having multiple payment methods is a great way to get more people to transact with you. Not everyone has the right amount of cash with them anymore, and it would be best to cater to more people if possible.

Besides only accepting cash, it would help to accept other forms of payment like bank transfers and e-wallets. This makes it more accessible to people who like your establishment and want to purchase from you.

If you are still starting out in managing a business, one of the first things you must do is create a bank and e-wallet account. This is so you can organize your finances for your establishment and set it apart from your own money.

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Use Bots to Assist in Customer Service

When you own a business, you must ensure that you can accommodate your customers and clients to the best of your ability.

One such way is to see that they are satisfied with your products and services and allow them to contact you for inquiries, feedback, or even business deals. Be as available as possible by having a contact number, an email address, and a social media account they can chat with.

You may not have enough time to communicate with everyone trying to contact you. For convenience, a bot can help cater to your customers. Chatbots are one of the most popular ones nowadays.

If your business is on a social media site like Facebook, you can use a bot to manage and answer inquiries based on a series of questions and answers relating to your business. You can let the bot handle the frequently asked questions, and you or your employee can respond to the more specific questions.


Use Bots for Personalized Updates

An engaging way to keep your regular customers is to keep them updated with your products. One way to do so is to be updated on your social media. Another way is to let them follow your socials or website for updates. You can have a bot work on providing them updates or even personalized notifications.

If you have a website, you can give its visitors the option to allow you to give them personalized notifications. They can either click a button or give their email, depending on how you design this option. Should they consent, the bot can regularly send them emails on new products, updates, promos, and more.



Incorporating technological innovations into your business gives you a more effective and convenient way to run your establishment. Check out options for fintech and AI that suit you the most.

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