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I am in the process of making a small independent tri-wheeled robot for my own entertianment and sekf education. At the moment I have the basic frame of the bot' completed. The frame consists of 2 independently driven wheels mounted on perforated board, with a swiveling tail wheel. It's a very simple design and i felt that it was the best for my purposes. Mostly work in a indoors enviorment, and to be used for experimentation in what kind of behaviors i could get the robot to produce. So a cheap, small, light, and manuverable frame was the best choice. The electronics package i've built so far includes a 9v power supply for my motors and a 5v supply for my electronics, a heartbeat module using a 555 timer for a sense of time, a h-bridge controller circuit i made, and a variable speed circuit i made. At the moment i am working on the logic controlls for my feeler switches and light and sound sensors. At first i plan to hardwire responses into it, but i do have a atmel mcu chip that i plan to build into a basic stamp board so i can program behaviors into it. Also planned for my bot's future are some IR sensors, a triangulation system using either wires or crystals and possibly some sonar equipment. I haven't made a site for my robot yet, but i plan to have one soon, i just got a digital camera and i think i'll put that to use!

Description: assembly/fuzbol, sensors: feelers, sound, light

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