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24 Jan 2004 (updated 24 Jan 2004 at 06:01 UTC) »

I uploaded a bunch of pictures of my robot I built last year and one of our US First Regional champion robot... ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0011.jpg ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0012.jpg ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0018.jpg

< ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0078.jpg

< ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0088.jpg ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/ASIIMG_0032.jpg ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/robot_assy1.jpg ums/v31/theymightberudy/robots/Robot1_assy.jpg /theymightberudy/robots/2003.jpg

all are of the robot I made to be a cheap robot platform. This incarnation was designed to drive down an airvent and take an air sample. meanwhile doing an assortment of things, like using stepper motors to track distances which is logged in the software, use the camera to look around. And the software had an assortment of autonomous modes where you could input a sieries of moves and have the bot perform them, also I had sharp gpd12 (not pictured) infrared rangers for avoidance detection and room mapping. I had plans for an array of other attachments but never got around to building them.

The last picture is the robot we made to win the UCF regional championship last year.

18 Aug 2003 (updated 18 Aug 2003 at 17:25 UTC) »

Yeah i think its been a while since ive posted....yea it has. Well since my last posts lots of stuff has happened. Firstly im attending UCF school of engineering next week :-)

As far as robots go ive done Alot, I never got to build the GPS robot that was planned in the last post. I built a bunch of little things that i cant think of right now. At the end of 2001 i built an onager, which is a type of seige engine(catapult). Then last summer i went to North Carolina State University and built a small robot with custom electronics that made the robot able to follow lines and play music. Ill post it in the gallery its called The Funk so look it up. Then last year i made a small robot designed to drive through airvents, it was for a science project, the title kind of explains it "Value Engineering a Multi-Purpose computer controlled robotic platform" Ill post pics of that its call it "VERP"

All the while i Was competitng in FIRST robotics. In 2002 we came in 9th place in our division at the national level. In 2003 we won our regional competition. Ive learned alot building thoes bots. Goto to look at bots, my team number was 212. And go to to see what the games were.


Well i have started working on next years scienc project and I'm still trying to figure out if i want to use a GPS and just move to waypoints or to get sonar and go fully autonomous. I also am not secure in my controller, either stamp or a laptop.

8 Jul 2001 (updated 8 Jul 2001 at 23:26 UTC) »

wow this is a cool site. another thing i built was a little walking robot that used a basic stamp board and 2 servos. it was really hard to make but it worked and searched for light usung a 2 photo electric cells. i uploaded a pic of the care bot( the last prototype of the science project)


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