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The machine is as you all know the future in 2005 onwards,we are on the verge of the greatest changes in favour of robotics now and as you can see they are everything,let me give you a brief example. 1.robot west world armies 2.robot production of all needs now happening 3.robot medical answers,surgeons,fully robotic hospitals and health care for disadvanteged people. 4.robot controlled satellite navigated cars for the roads. 5.Fully robotic flown planes that are safe taking up over 50% of some west countries skys within a few years. 6.robot house workers,vaccumm and laundrey and home help for older people already happening and good products. 7.robot receptionists to give extra information at any place that needs bookings or customer information. 8.robot bar staff (fairly soon,maybe!,they already have the robots but not used quite yet) that provide the drinks for less cost for the bars/pubs and as a result drinks cheaper and with the latest robot designs talk to you for hours also. Anyway enough for now,speak soon,embrace the future please because it does look very good now in the robotics front.Cheers.

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