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can anyone help me find a motor with an attached gearbox that operates at 6 volts at 65 RPM. i have looked everywhere.i have find some that operate at 24 volts,some that only rotate at 6 RPM, and some that could make me go broke. I'd really appreciate anyone's help. My project will not move on without those motors!

Yesterday i ordered my stuff for my driving mechanism on my robot. The rest of the stuff i will go get at stores instead of ordering. I still have to get plywood for my base. I'll eithier buy that or get it from my uncle. I'm still looking for some 5 to 7 inch wheels. If anybody knows a place that i could get some wheels please tell me as soon as possible. I hope my first project comes out good. I was also wondering how i can fet my robot on the roboomenu. If someone can please tell me how I'd really appreciate.See you later

I've actually decided to change my first robot.I am not going to make a lightseeking robot after all .i am still not sure what i'm going to do wit my robot,but i know i will be using some wood as my base and my base will be a T-shape. I will be using two 3 volt motors for my drive mechanism. Maybe I'll have a robot that uses touch sensors to find it's way around. I still don't know,but I'l have lots of time to figure it ot over summer vacation.

I just got to this website and i think it is great! i am going to start building some simple lightseeking robots. then i will start with the more harder ones.i am very new to robotics and i hope this community can help me to make some robots

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