Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network

Posted 29 Mar 2011 at 16:38 UTC by John_RobotsPodcast Share This

artist's depiction of aerial swarm showing communications links

The Swarming Micro Air Vehicle Network (SMAVNET) Project, of the EPFL Laboratory of Intelligent Systems,

aims at developing swarms of flying robots that can be deployed in disaster areas to rapidly create communication networks for rescuers. Flying robots are interesting for such applications because they are fast, can easily overcome difficult terrain, and benefit from line-of-sight communication.

SMAVNET recently crossed the threshold to a higher public profile through coverage on CNN Labs. While it is just one of a dozen current projects being conducted at LIS, it's one with easily understood real-world applicability, emergency communications and a bird's-eye view of the scene in an emergency situation. (See video)

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