Photos from the 2009 Texas Robot Build Off

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After the success of last year's B9 Build Off Day, Jerry Chevailer held a new Robot Build Off day for 2009. The even was held at Jerry's house in Rowlett, Texas. Builders of movie and TV robot replicas from all over the US gathered there for a few days of fun, food, and robot building. The two most heavily represented robots were Star Wars Astromechs like R2-D2 and the Lost in Space B9 robots. Member of several robot groups attended including the Dallas Personal Robotics Group, the B9 Builders Club, and the R2-D2 Builders Group. I was able to stop by for a few hours and shoot some photos. Unfortunately, it rained that day so most of the robots were squeezed into the house and garage. It was sunny the next day and I heard that I missed Astromech street racing as well as some pretty amazing dancing by Jerry's B9. Read on for more photos of the event. And for even more photos check out my full Texas Build Off photo gallery and the gallery on Jerry's Build Off website.

It was raining when I arrived and the Astromechs and B9s were packed into the garage like sardines. There were also robots hiding out in the house or in travel trailers outside to keep out of the rain.

img_5565 img_5566 img_5575
Glenn Pipe's R2-D2, Jerry's B9, and Jerry's Robby

One of the R2s braves light rain under an awning in a drive way so its maker, from Spring, TX, can explain its unique front foot assembly (see next photo).

This R2 had two heavy duty balls in its front foot instead of the usual wheels, allowing the foot to easily move in any direction.

Inside the house, B9 builders used Jerry's kitchen oven to heat plastic and shape it in wooden forms to create B9 collars.

img_5616 img_5617 img_5612
Two other Astromechs (maybe an R5 and ?? - sorry I don't know my droids!). DPRG president Ron Grant points out a plasma cut metal B9 decorating Jerry's garage wall, one of several provided by Mike Dodson of the DPRG.

One of the highlights of this years Build Off was a live chat via webcam with Dick Tufeld, the voice of the Lost in Space B9 robot.

Identifications of the astromechs, posted 16 Jun 2009 at 01:04 UTC by dougemes » (Journeyer)

Those would be an R5 head and an R4 head design on the same row as the DPRG President.

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