Prototyping Hints from David Cook

Posted 1 Jan 2009 at 17:51 UTC by steve Share This

David Cook has provided a handy document full of tips for electronics and robotics hobbyists who are building their own boards. "Unlike off-the-shelf circuits and kits, most hobbyist-created projects are unique and unproven. Therefore, considerable time is devoted to testing, fine-tuning, and perfecting them." The document goes on to describe simple and inexpensive ways of creating test probe attachment points on PCBs, DIY inline resistors to save space on solderless breadboards, an inline LED w/resistor, and a handy shunt you can use when soldering Molex connectors to PCBs to prevent your fingers from getting burned or poked by the pins. Anyone else want to share some similar DIY prototyping tips you've come up with?

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