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5 Amazing Electric Skateboard For Kids For 2024


Are you searching for the perfect electric skateboard for your kids in 2023? Look no further! We have curated a list of five amazing electric skateboards that are bound to provide your kids with an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. From advanced features to top-notch safety measures, these skateboards are designed to guarantee both enjoyment and peace of mind. Whether your children are beginners or experienced skaters, our selection caters to all skill levels. Get ready to explore the world of electric skateboarding with these five exceptional options in 2023!

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The Electric Skateboard is a perfect gift for children, teenagers, or adults. It features a 350W brushless motor with 3 speed modes, allowing both beginners and advanced skaters to enjoy the ride. The skateboard has a 7-ply maple deck that offers better flex, stability, and durability. It also comes with a wireless remote control for easy control of forward, backward, accelerate and brake functions. The skateboard has an ergonomic design and can be fully charged within 2 hours. With a maximum range of 5 miles and a maximum speed of 12.4 mph, it provides an exciting and enjoyable riding experience for users of all ages.

Key Features

  • Ul certification & Diy stickers
  • 3 Speed levels adjustment
  • Auto boot when gliding
  • 7-Ply maple deck
  • Ergonomic wireless remote


  • Color: Blue
  • Dimension: 26.70Lx7.50Wx4.52H
  • Size: 26.7" fish board


  • UL certified for safety
  • Customizable with DIY stickers
  • Multiple speed modes for different skill levels
  • Convenient auto boot when gliding
  • Durable 7-ply maple deck
  • Ergonomic wireless remote control
  • Quick charging time


  • Fragile remote control
  • Some issues with battery

The Electric Skateboard is a fantastic choice for beginners and experienced riders alike. It offers a safe and enjoyable riding experience with its UL certification and multiple speed modes. The customizable design with DIY stickers adds a touch of personalization. The auto boot feature saves time and effort, while the durable maple deck ensures long-lasting performance. The ergonomic wireless remote control allows for easy control and the quick charging time is a convenient feature. Although there have been some complaints about the remote control and battery, the excellent customer service provided by the brand resolves these issues effectively. Overall, this electric skateboard provides great value for its price and is highly recommended.

Overall Score: 8/10

The WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard is a high-quality and durable skateboard designed for adults, teens, and kids. With its 7-ply maple deck and stable construction, it can withstand all kinds of stunts and collisions without deformation. The skateboard comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to control the speed and direction easily. It has three speed levels for beginners and advanced skaters, and the lithium battery can be fully charged within 2 hours. The skateboard features PU wheels and kick tail for smooth gliding on the street. Overall, the WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard is a fun and user-friendly product for skateboarding enthusiasts of all skill levels.

Key Features

  • 7-PLY MAPLE DECK for better flex and stability
  • ERGONOMIC WIRELESS REMOTE for easy control
  • 3 SPEED LEVELS for beginners and advanced skaters
  • Durable dia.7cm PU wheels for smooth gliding
  • Easy-to-use design with kick tail and concave


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 25.59Lx7.09Wx5.51H


  • Durable and stable construction
  • Wireless remote control for easy operation
  • Multiple speed levels for different skill levels
  • Quick charging time
  • Smooth gliding experience


  • Battery life could be longer
  • Some issues with charging reported by customers

The WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard is a great choice for skateboard enthusiasts who want a reliable and user-friendly ride. With its durable construction, wireless remote control, and multiple speed levels, it offers an enjoyable experience for both beginners and advanced skaters. The skateboard’s quick charging time and smooth gliding performance are also noteworthy. However, some customers have reported issues with battery life and charging. Overall, if you’re looking for a high-quality electric skateboard that provides hours of fun, the WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard is worth considering.

Overall Score: 9/10

The Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens is a fantastic option for students and beginners looking to enjoy the thrill of skateboarding. With its kick-assist and remote modes, this e-board offers a safe and easy riding experience. The upgraded version comes with a remote control for effortless braking while riding at high speeds, ensuring optimal safety. The skateboard features LED tail lights, providing visibility and warning to people behind. The powerful motor and new truck design enhance durability and performance. With a maximum range of 5 miles and a top speed of 12.4 mph, this electric skateboard is perfect for young riders. It is UL certified and backed by a 6-month warranty. Overall, it is a great gift option for kids and beginners.

Key Features

  • Safety brake and acceleration
  • Kick-assist and remote mode
  • LED system indicators
  • New truck and powerful motor
  • UL certification and warranty


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 23.60Lx8.60Wx5.10H


  • Safe and easy to ride
  • Remote control for braking
  • LED tail lights for visibility
  • Durable new truck design
  • Powerful motor for speed
  • UL certified for safety
  • 6-month warranty for peace of mind


    The Electric Skateboard for Kids & Teens is a highly recommended option for young riders and beginners. With its kick-assist and remote modes, it provides a safe and enjoyable skateboarding experience. The LED tail lights and new truck design enhance visibility and durability respectively. Its powerful motor ensures a thrilling speed of up to 12.4 mph. The board is UL certified, guaranteeing safety, and comes with a 6-month warranty for added peace of mind. Whether it’s for Christmas or a birthday, this skateboard is an excellent gift choice for children and teenagers. Get ready to cruise with style and excitement!

    Overall Score: 8.2/10

    The Caroma 350W Electric Skateboard is a powerful and sleek longboard perfect for both teenagers and adults. With its 7 layers maple deck and kick tail, it provides stability and control even at higher speeds. Equipped with a 350W motor and 70mm tires, this electric skateboard offers a top speed of 12.4 mph and a range of 6-8 miles. It features 3 speed modes and can also be used as a regular skateboard when the battery is depleted. With fast charging capabilities, the skateboard can be fully charged in just 2 hours. The Caroma skateboard comes with a wireless remote control for easy speed adjustment. It is a durable and fun way to get around town.

    Key Features

    • 7 layers maple deck for stability
    • Powerful 350W motor with 70mm tires
    • 3 speed modes for different riding preferences
    • Fast charging in 2 hours
    • Can be used as a regular skateboard


    • Color: Black


    • Sturdy construction and good grip
    • Fast charging and decent range
    • Easy to use remote control
    • Can be used as a regular skateboard


    • Battery issues reported by some users
    • Limited color options

    The Caroma 350W Electric Skateboard is a great choice for riders who want a powerful and reliable mode of transportation. With its sturdy construction, fast charging capabilities, and versatile speed modes, it offers a fun and convenient way to commute or simply have some outdoor fun. While there have been some reports of battery issues, overall the skateboard has received positive reviews for its performance and durability. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Caroma 350W Electric Skateboard is definitely worth considering.

    Overall Score: 8/10

    The Caroma Electric Skateboard is a powerful and versatile electric skateboard designed for adult teens. With a 350W hub motor, it can reach a top speed of 12.4 mph and has a range of 8 miles, making it perfect for college commuting and city rides. The skateboard comes with a 2.4Ghz wireless remote control that allows for easy control of the board's speed and direction. It has three adjustable speeds, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels. The skateboard also features a BMSI Battery Management System for enhanced safety and a 180-day warranty for peace of mind. Made of 8-ply maple wood, it can support a maximum load of 220 pounds. Overall, the Caroma Electric Skateboard offers a fun and reliable way to get around.

    Key Features

    • 350W hub motor for a top speed of 12.4 mph
    • Range of 8 miles for versatile commuting
    • 3 adjustable speeds for riders of all levels
    • BMSI Battery Management System for enhanced safety
    • 180-day warranty for peace of mind
    • Maximum load of 220 pounds


    • Color: 350W Black
    • Size: 27.5*9*4.7inch


    • Powerful and versatile electric skateboard
    • Comes with a wireless remote control
    • Suitable for riders of all skill levels
    • Enhanced safety features
    • Durable construction with 8-ply maple wood
    • Maximum load of 220 pounds


    • Some users reported battery and charging issues
    • Lack of long-term reliability
    • Limited customer support

    The Caroma Electric Skateboard is a great option for adult teens looking for a reliable and fun way to commute or explore the city. With its powerful motor, adjustable speeds, and enhanced safety features, it provides a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. While there have been some reports of battery and charging issues, overall, the skateboard offers good value for its price. It is important to note that long-term reliability might be a concern, but the 180-day warranty provides some assurance. If you’re in the market for an electric skateboard, the Caroma Electric Skateboard is definitely worth considering.

    Buyer's Guide: Electric Skateboard for Kids

    Whether your child is a budding skateboarder or simply loves exploring new means of transportation, an electric skateboard for kids can bring a whole new level of fun and excitement. With numerous options available in the market, finding the right one can be a daunting task. Fear not! This buyer's guide will equip you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision for your little rider.

    Important Considerations

    Before diving into the world of electric skateboards for kids, there are several key factors to keep in mind to ensure the best choice:

    • Age Limit: Determine the recommended age range for the electric skateboard to ensure it is suitable for your child's age and skill level.
    • Weight Capacity: Check the maximum weight limit of the skateboard to ensure it can safely support your child's weight.
    • Speed Settings: Look for skateboards that offer adjustable speed settings, enabling you to control the speed according to your child's skill level.
    • Safety Features: Prioritize electric skateboards with safety features such as non-slip decks, braking systems, and a low center of gravity to minimize the risk of accidents.
    • Battery Life: Consider the battery life and charging time of the skateboard to ensure your child can enjoy a satisfactory riding experience without significant downtime for recharging.
    • Remote Control: Look for skateboards that come with a user-friendly remote control system, allowing you to easily and safely control the skateboard's speed and direction.

    Electric Skateboard Types

    When it comes to electric skateboards for kids, different types are available, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are the key types to consider:

    1. All-in-One Electric Skateboards: These are compact skateboards with built-in electric motors and batteries. They provide a convenient and portable riding experience suitable for younger children.
    2. Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits: With these kits, you can transform a regular skateboard into an electric one by attaching a motor, battery, and controller. They offer the advantage of versatility and customization.
    3. Off-Road Electric Skateboards: Designed with larger wheels and sturdy construction, these skateboards are perfect for adventurous kids who enjoy off-road riding on various terrains.

    Safety First

    Safety should always be a top priority when choosing an electric skateboard for kids. Here are some safety considerations to keep in mind:

    • Protective Gear: Ensure your child wears a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and appropriate footwear while riding the electric skateboard to minimize the risk of injuries.
    • Training and Supervision: Prioritize teaching your child how to ride a skateboard safely and provide supervision until they are familiar with operating the electric skateboard.
    • Riding Locations: Determine suitable riding areas for your child, such as parks, empty parking lots, or residential areas with minimal traffic.

    Features to Look for

    To provide the best riding experience for your child, consider these features while choosing an electric skateboard:

    • Deck Material: Opt for skateboards constructed with durable and flexible materials like bamboo or fiberglass, ensuring a comfortable and smooth ride.
    • Wheel Size: The size and hardness of the wheels affect the skateboard's stability and maneuverability. Softer wheels provide a smoother ride on rough surfaces, while harder wheels offer better control on smooth pavements.
    • Weight and Portability: Consider the weight of the skateboard, especially if your child needs to carry it around. Lightweight and portable options are ideal for younger riders.
    • Charging Compatibility: Check if the skateboard's battery can be easily charged using a standard power outlet or if it requires additional adapters or charging stations.
    • Water Resistance: If your child may encounter wet or rainy conditions, choose an electric skateboard that is water-resistant to prevent damage.

    Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Amazing Electric Skateboard For Kids For 2023

    Can an electric skateboard for kids be used by adults as well?\

    While electric skateboards for kids are generally designed for younger riders, some models may have weight and size capacities suitable for adults. Always check the product specifications before purchasing.

    Are electric skateboards safe for kids?\

    Electric skateboards can be safe for kids if proper safety precautions are taken. Ensuring the use of protective gear, adequate training, and supervision will help minimize the risks associated with riding.

    How fast can electric skateboards for kids go?\

    The speed of electric skateboards for kids can vary, typically ranging from 5 to 15 miles per hour. It is essential to choose a skateboard with adjustable speed settings to match your child’s skill level.

    How long does the battery last on an electric skateboard for kids?\

    Battery life varies among different electric skateboards. On average, battery life can range from 30 minutes to over an hour, depending on factors such as speed, terrain, and weight.

    Can electric skateboards for kids be used on all terrains?\

    Most electric skateboards for kids are designed for smooth surfaces such as pavements and sidewalks. However, some off-road electric skateboards are suitable for various terrains, including dirt, grass, and gravel.

    Is it possible to replace the battery of an electric skateboard for kids?\

    The battery replacement option varies from model to model. Some electric skateboards offer replaceable batteries, while others may require professional assistance. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions for battery replacement guidelines.

    Are electric skateboards legal for kids to ride on public roads?\

    The legality of using electric skateboards on public roads varies depending on local regulations. Before allowing your child to ride on public roads, familiarize yourself with the specific laws and restrictions in your area.

    How long does it take to charge an electric skateboard for kids?\

    Charging time depends on the skateboard’s battery capacity and the charger’s power output. On average, it can range from 1 to 4 hours. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific charging guidelines.

    Can an electric skateboard for kids be ridden in the rain?\

    Most electric skateboards are not designed for wet conditions and should be kept away from water to prevent damage. Always refer to the skateboard’s specifications regarding water resistance before use.

    How do I maintain an electric skateboard for kids?\

    Regularly clean the skateboard, inspect for any loose or damaged parts, and ensure proper storage. Refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines for specific instructions.