New Solution To Combat Bots: Proton Introduces Its Own CAPTCHA Service


Proton, the Swiss-based company known for its privacy-centric online services, has developed its very own CAPTCHA service. CAPTCHA, short for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart,” is a widely used tool to prevent bots from accessing or manipulating online platforms.

Key Takeaway

Proton, known for its privacy-centric services, has developed Proton CAPTCHA, the world’s first censorship-resistant CAPTCHA service. The new system prioritizes privacy, usability, and accessibility while introducing innovative features like mixed challenges and adjustable difficulty levels. Proton CAPTCHA not only enhances user experience but also enables users in restricted countries to access Proton’s services.

A Privacy-Focused Solution

Unlike existing CAPTCHA services, Proton’s captcha technology prioritizes privacy, usability, accessibility, and security. Eamonn Maguire, the head of Proton’s machine learning team, explained in a blog post that the company was not satisfied with the available options in the market and decided to develop its own solution. This move aligns with Proton’s commitment to protecting user privacy, especially considering that some CAPTCHA services collect hardware and software data.

The Challenges with CAPTCHAs

While CAPTCHAs are effective in differentiating humans from bots, they come with trade-offs. They can sometimes be cumbersome, pose usability challenges, and introduce cultural biases. Proton aims to address these limitations and provide a more user-friendly and inclusive CAPTCHA experience.

Introducing Proton CAPTCHA

Proton’s new CAPTCHA service, named Proton CAPTCHA, introduces several innovative features to enhance user experience and resistance to censorship:

  • Mixed Challenges: Proton CAPTCHA combines computational and visual challenges, selecting the appropriate one depending on the user’s device.
  • Adjustable Difficulty: The service dynamically adjusts the difficulty level of CAPTCHAs based on user interactions, making it more challenging for botnets while remaining accessible for genuine users.
  • Interactive Puzzles: Proton CAPTCHA incorporates interactive and animated puzzles, adding an element of gamification to the process.

A Strong Focus On Privacy and Accessibility

Proton’s new CAPTCHA system not only prioritizes privacy but also enables accessibility in countries where internet censorship is prevalent, such as Iran and Russia. Proton achieves this through its “alternative routing” technology, which allows users in restricted countries to access Proton’s services by finding alternative paths to its servers.

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