IRobot Launches High-End Roomba Combo Vacuum/Mop And Dock


Introducing the latest addition to iRobot’s lineup of robot vacuum and mop combo systems – the Roomba Combo j9+! Priced at $899 for the Roomba alone and $1,399 for the Roomba and dock, this advanced cleaning solution brings unparalleled convenience and performance to your home.

Key Takeaway

iRobot introduces the Roomba Combo j9+ robot vacuum and mop, offering an unmatched cleaning experience with its powerful suction, pressurized scrubbing action, and intelligent software features. The Roomba Combo j9+ aims to redefine the standards of convenience and performance in the industry.

A Powerful Cleaning Experience

The Roomba Combo j9+ boasts a 4-Stage Cleaning System and unique Dual Rubber Brushes that provide 100% more powerful suction and pressurized scrubbing action. It is designed to tackle dirt, pet fur, and debris with unmatched precision. Unlike its competitors, this 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop lifts mop pads effectively, including high-pile rugs, thanks to iRobot’s Dry Rug Intelligence (D.R.I.) feature.

Superior Software for Optimal Cleaning Results

While hardware is essential, iRobot believes that software is the key to long-term success in the robot industry. CEO Colin Angle emphasizes the importance of excellent software and highlights some exciting features of iRobot’s latest operating system, iRobot OS 7.0.

The centerpiece of the new software is “Dirt Detective,” a feature that enables the Roomba to detect dirt as it cleans and create a map of your home that is resistant to disruptions. This mapping technology allows the Roomba to determine how quickly each room gets dirty and prioritize cleaning accordingly. With the historical perspective it maintains, the robot also knows how long it has been since a particular room was last cleaned.

Another notable feature is “SmartScrub,” which allows the Roomba to deliver a deep clean whenever necessary. It employs double the scrubbing action to ensure a thorough and comprehensive cleaning performance.

Availability and Future Prospects

The Roomba Combo j9+ is currently available for pre-sale in Europe. Canadian and U.S. customers can also look forward to its availability starting tomorrow. With its advanced features and enhanced software, this premium cleaning solution from iRobot sets a new standard in the industry and aims to provide users with a convenient and effective approach to maintaining a clean home.

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