EngFlow And Launch Remote CMake Build Execution Service For C And C++ Code


EngFlow, a well-funded build acceleration startup, has announced its collaboration with to provide a remote build service for CMake, the widely used build system for C++ code. This partnership will enable developers to accelerate their build processes, ultimately saving time and enhancing productivity.

Key Takeaway

EngFlow and have joined forces to provide developers with a remote build execution service for CMake, enabling faster and more efficient compilation of C and C++ code. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in improving build speed, enhancing productivity, and empowering development teams working on large-scale projects.

Investment and Collaboration

In a recent announcement, EngFlow revealed that it has invested in, an innovative company based in Switzerland. The specific details of the investment have not been disclosed. EngFlow’s co-founder and CEO, Helen Altshuler, explained that the decision to collaborate with arose after a series of meetings and discussions between the two teams.

Altshuler stated, “We quickly realized that our companies could complement each other in a meaningful way. Our teams mutually shared our goals, products, and technologies. We even had the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Zurich together.”

The Need for Speed

One of the main challenges for developers working with large codebases is the excessive time taken for compiling on individual laptops. This delays the development process and hampers efficiency. With the introduction of CMake RE, a remote build execution service, EngFlow and aim to address this issue.

CMake RE integrates’s advanced caching, code parsing service, and automated dependency analysis with EngFlow’s cloud-based distributed builds. The result is a significant improvement in build speed of up to 10 times faster than traditional methods.

Positive Reception

The announcement of this collaboration has been met with enthusiasm from the developer community. Hursh Agrawal, co-founder of The Browser Company, expressed his admiration for the EngFlow and’s beta launch of CMake RE. He believes that this innovation has the potential to dramatically enhance the productivity of teams working with C and C++ code.

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