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Monster Hunter Now is an action role-playing game created by Niantic. It allows players to take on the role of hunters and embark on quests to locate giant monsters in diverse, vibrant settings.

This game is similar to Niantic’s popular Pokémon Go, as it relies on the player’s physical location via their mobile device. Monster Hunter Now has gained immense popularity, and its enjoyment level relies heavily on having a high character level.

To accelerate leveling progress, you must spend considerable time outdoors hunting monsters, which may not be feasible for many players. However, with a fake GPS location spoofing tool, you can easily simulate your in-game actions, allowing you to play from the comfort of your home.

This article guides altering your GPS location within Monster Hunter Now, regardless of your physical whereabouts.


Things You Need to Know Before Using Monster Hunter Now Spoofing Tool

Spoofing in Monster Hunter Now introduces several compelling advantages that enhance the overall gaming experience. These advantages include allowing players to enjoy the game at their convenience, accelerating resource acquisition, and simplifying gameplay.

However, even though Monster Hunter Now Fake GPS may seem like a shortcut to rewards, actual risks are involved.

You may wonder, are location spoofers safe? Despite the potential risk of account bans, many MH Now GPS spoofing tools now integrate anti-detection features.

Users should conduct thorough research on spoofing methods, opt for trusted applications, and assess the potential for account suspensions or security vulnerabilities before proceeding.

Moreover, MH Now rolled out a game update on October 2, 2023, introducing an anti-cheating system similar to Pokemon Go’s cooldown mechanism. Consequently, some players have encountered issues with Monster Hunter Now spoofing, finding it non-functional or disabled.

Quickly altering the in-game distance can result in the inability to hunt and collect items, and making distance changes that are too substantial may trigger a [Connection Error 6-4]. Hence, selecting a spoofing tool with a cooling timer function is also a prudent choice.


How to Fake GPS Location on Monster Hunter Now on iOS & Android

Considering the above-mentioned risks, use a dependable Monster Hunter Now spoofer that can effectively manipulate your GPS location within the game. Generally, the same GPS spoofing tools used for Pokémon GO can also be employed for Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing.

When utilizing a spoofing application to enhance your Monster Hunter Now Niantic gaming experience, you should ensure its reliability, as unreliable methods may lead to a permanent account ban.


Monster Hunter Now Spoofing iOS

The Most Professional Fake GPS App For Monster Hunter Now [Free Download]

This is the method for spoofing in Monster Hunter using the top spoofing application for the game.

1. Begin by downloading and launching the Tenorshare iAnyGo application on your computer. Then, connect your iPhone and PC using a USB cable or a WiFi connection.

monster hunter spoof

2. Within the iAnyGo MH Now Fake GPS interface, choose the GPS location you wish to teleport to in Monster Hunter Now, then select ‘Start to modify’. Once this process is complete, you can explore the new in-game location in Monster Hunter Now and commence your battles against exclusive monsters.

monster hunter spoof map

3. Moreover, iAnyGo also provides access to a Monster Hunter Now Joystick feature, allowing the game to detect your character’s movement without needing physical travel. Now, you can start enjoying the game to the fullest!

monster hunter spoof

Use Fake GPS Location App

With iAnyGo, the premier Monster Hunter Now Spoofing tool, this concern is no longer an issue, primarily due to the app’s unwavering reliability. Here are some features that distinguish it as the best of the best:

  • Easily change the location on your iPhone without needing to jailbreak your device.
  • Precise control over your movement’s direction by using a GPS joystick.
  • Seamlessly integrates with all location-based apps, including Monster Hunter Now, Pokémon GO, Tinder, Facebook, and more.
  • Compatible with the latest operating systems, including iOS 17 and Android 14.
  • Switch your current location with just one click.
  • Effortlessly simulate GPS movement along a custom-designed route.
  • Start a pre-planned route by importing a GPX file.


Monster Hunter Now Spoofing Android


A VPN can assist in altering your location by directing your internet traffic through a server in a different geographic area. A trustworthy VPN tool permits you to select a server from any location globally. Let’s illustrate the process using ExpressVPN as an example:

Step 1. Download the ExpressVPN application on your respective device.

Step 2. Download a GPS spoofing app and configure it correctly for your needs.

Step 3. Open the ExpressVPN app and opt for a secure VPN server location that aligns with the location you’ve specified in the location spoofing app. This alteration in server location can significantly mitigate the risk of detection or bans while engaging in Monster Hunter Now.

Step 4. Initiate Monster Hunter Now and commence your gaming session.

PGSharp for Monster Hunter Now Spoofing

Many players of location-based games are well-acquainted with PGSharp. This widely recognized location spoofing tool enables Android users to manipulate their location while enjoying Monster Hunter Now effortlessly. The steps to do so are straightforward:

Step 1. Begin by downloading and installing the PGSharp APK, which can be obtained from the official website or other reputable sources online.

Step 2. Install the PGSharp application on your device, ensuring that you grant permission to install apps from unknown sources when prompted by the system.

Step 3. Launch the PGSharp application and proceed to locate your desired destination. You can do this by either entering the coordinates or the name of the location. Once identified, set the new location.

Step 4. Finally, initiate the Monster Hunter Now game, and PGSharp will seamlessly replace your current location with the chosen one.



How to Resolve Monster Hunter Now Error 6-4?

Our top recommendation is to utilize Tenorshare iAnyGo, a swift and efficient solution to address this issue.

Is Location Spoofing in Monster Hunter Now Illegal?

Although the official stance of Monster Hunter does not endorse location spoofing, it is not considered illegal to modify your position. However, it’s advisable to avoid frequent location changes in Monster Hunter Now to reduce the risk of an account ban.

How to Enable Joystick in Monster Hunter Now?

To use a joystick in Monster Hunter Now, you’ll need to download a location spoofing tool like Tenorshare iAnyGo Location Changer and activate its “Joystick” feature.



To conclude, users must consider the potential risks and ethical considerations associated with GPS spoofing in games such as Monster Hunter Now.

Safer spoofing practices can be achieved by using trustworthy tools like iAnyGo, and it’s essential to exercise caution by adhering to cooldown periods and refraining from frequent location changes.

Moreover, Tenorshare iAnyGo shines as an app that offers flawless functionality and robust security. We recommend exploring it as you start your Monster Hunter Now quests.

For Android users, both PGsharp and VPN are noteworthy alternatives that cater to a range of requirements.

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