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Kaguya Probe Shoots HD Moon Video

Posted 6 Jun 2009 at 14:45 UTC (updated 6 Jun 2009 at 14:47 UTC) by steve Share This

The Japanese Kaguya probe, a robot craft currently orbiting the Moon, has some sensors not found on previous space-faring robots, HD video cameras. The amazing video returned is so clear it's easy to mistake for a computer simulation. Kaguya will be ending its Moon mission at 18:30 UTC on June 10 with an impact on the lunar surface. The primary task of Kaguya is to further our scientific knowledge of the Moon's origin and evolution. Props to the excellent Discovery Bad Astronomy blog for bringing this cool video to our attention. In addition to the video above we have a couple more after the break.

Moon Video Wows, posted 8 Jun 2009 at 03:33 UTC by jmhenry » (Journeyer)

What incredible views of the lunar surface! I can only think back to the first video from the lunar surface by the crew of Apollo 11. Imagine what the broadcasts will look like when we finally get back to the Moon. I hope we go.

Wows and woes, posted 9 Jun 2009 at 01:58 UTC by steve » (Master)

I hope we make it back into space eventually too but I saw in today's news that NASA's budget has been cut again. The latest cuts seem to have hit the ISS and manned space exploration programs primarily. On the upside, the subcomittee said the cuts were temporary until the president could "establish a new vision for human space exploration" (whatever that means).

In the meantime let's hope we are at least able continue sending robots out there.

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